free syria

Winter in Aleppo

Flakes fall from the sky

the rubble

from beneath us

has settled.

All is quiet

the screaming has died down

the crying has ended.

We are in the final stage

of grief.


And we wait.

The people will come

I heard

our hashtag trended.

People know

and they will come.

The world is listening.

So we waited

and waited

and the flakes kept falling

And as I brushed the fallen ash out of my hair

I realized

the world was still silent.

Save Syria.


Dear Palestine, dear Syria, dear Burma, Dear Afghanistan, and dear every other oppressed country - do not think that Allah does not know what you are going through. Do not think that Allah cannot see what is happening. Do not think that Allah does not care. He does. He is just waiting to show them how He is far greater than all of their rockets, bombs, rifles. He’s giving them time to show their “strength” so that He can then show them how they are nothing, absolutely nothing compared to Him. Allah will recompense all that you’re going through. Have patience, victory is coming.


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“Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isnt happening”

All in one year. One birthday to the next.