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Okay, since it’s now canon that percy is a swimmer, here’s some things to consider:
-he wakes up super early for morning practice and sleeps through his math class
-broad shoulders!
-eats constantly. constant snacking. lots of food in his bag. so much food.
-what’s that you say? cap tan? and goggles tan? gods, percy wear sunscreen during outdoor practice
-lots of chlorine means hair that won’t smooth down eVER
-back muscles. b a c k muscles
-don’t tell me percy would be anything but a sprinter. one time he swam the five hundred and got out after a two hundred. he’s all about that 50 life
-he’s got a big old speedo bag filled with a mix of mildewy towels, broken goggles, and old camp shirts
-annabeth timing at his highschool meets and showing up with big signs at club ones


Okay I know free! Is a long finished anime but as a swimmer I just want to talk about this for a bit.
Now, with Sosuke. This is a situation that is very close to me. I nearly cried watching this due to first and secondhand experience.
Swimming injuries are fatal.
One injury can change everything.
With me? I overstrained my muscles, depending on one side of my body to propel myself forward. It was damaging. But I was lucky. It was identified quickly, my coach immediately changing my training and allowing me to recover.
My friend? Not so lucky.
She injured her shoulder, almost exactly like Sosuke did. She wouldn’t complain, wouldn’t speak up, and she overworked herself. She overtrained herself just to make nationals… And her body couldn’t cope.
She spent (and still does spend) hours in rehabilitation. But she knows she’ll never recover. As sad as it is? That’s it for her. All so that she could make summer nationals and qualify for the Olympics.
She still swims, but she can’t keep up. Its been four years now.
This hit me hard at the struggles faced, ones so close to my own. Another thing I experienced? The expectations, like Haru. I was being pushed to win regionals and make nationals, alongside another boy at my club.
He made it. I couldn’t.
Similar to Haru, in the middle of my 200m backstroke at regionals, I choked on water at the beginning of the race. I was fine, but my head wasn’t in it. I couldn’t think straight, I felt like I was drowning. I couldn’t breathe through my thoughts.
I stopped after 150m and got out.
I couldn’t do it.
And it just makes it so much better, to be able to relate to these characters. I don’t even know why I’m writing this. Maybe to motivate myself to train harder and make nationals next year. Maybe to show how real these experiences are.
Maybe for sympathy.
Whatever it is, thanks for reading all of this, and reblog, like or even send me a message.
(Sorry its so long ;~;)

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Haikyuu or Free?

lolol here we go, I knew this one was coming. xD tbh I feel like these two are really hard to compare because they’re both so good for different reasons. In the end though, I can’t deny that Free was my “first love,” the first sports anime that I really got into when it came out before I discovered any others, and I am still so weak for my ultimate brotp. 

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Thanks for asking!! <3 

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