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Cute? - Taehyung Smut

Words: 976

Warning: Smutty

@ariesm12 requested: Hello I would love if you made a story about Kim taehyung being bi polar and doing some kinky stuff feel free to add what you want please and thank you.

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  He was there, on your bed, you both smiling and playing some cards. His smile was driving you insane. He was doing so much aegyo that you were almost throwing up a rainbow.

 “Damn, you are so baby that I’ve no idea how someone can fuck you” you said. He smirked, touching his non-existents dimples.

 “That cute face makes everyone want to fuck me” he said and you laughed at him. You kept playing that game of teasing but then, you crossed the line, not even knowing you did.

 “Come on Tae, you don’t have to lie to me. You are such a baby, what can you do, huh?” you teased “Fuck someone with this baby-dick? You couldn’t be rougher even if you wanted to” you finished and his smile fell from his face. O-oh.

 “Excuse me?” he asked his voice too serious for your liking.  He started to get closer to you and you gave a step back onto the bed.

“I- I mean, you are so cute that I can’t even imagine you being rough” you whispered shyly. Why were you shy?

 “So you think I can’t be rough? That’s what you think?” he asked. You didn’t say anything before he leaned in and crashed his lips on yours. At first you couldn’t answer, you were in shock.  What should I do? This will ruin our relationship! Should I stop? You asked yourself as he licked your bottom lip. You opened your mouth to him unconsciously. He pushed you softly against the mattress, pulling away from the kiss and spreading your legs apart. You tried to close them, because you were wearing a skirt.

 “I’ll show you that I’m not just a cute face” he said and attacked your neck. Fuck. He gave you licks and bites, making you moan a little. His hands found the edge of your shirt, pulling it up slowly, his fingertips touching your skin as it was getting exposed. You shivered against his touch. He took off your shirt completely and lifted you long enough to take his.

 “No bra? You’re so nasty” he teased and you rolled your eyes. He took one of your nipples on his mouth and the other in his hands, massaging it. You moaned and felt his smile against you.

 “That’s it. Moan for me, baby girl” he groaned. Fucking hell, were you really doing that? And worst: did you like?

 He let his teeth brush against your nipple, making you scream and lift your back from the bed, but he forced you down. He traveled down to your stomach, living wet kisses till he found your skirt.

 “Hmm… Should I take it off?” he teased.

 “Fuck yes” you groaned and he chuckled.

“Yes what?” he asked.

You didnt know what to say. Did he want you to call him daddy? Sir? What?

“Please, sir” you said shyly.

 “So horny” he said and took off your skirt and panties, leaving you completely exposed. You shivered at the contact with the cold air. You watched as his head disappeared between your legs, kissing you inner thighs teasingly. You gasped when his delicious tongue found your pussy. Fuck.  His tongue was licking up and down your slit, occasionally entering your entrance agonizingly slow.

“Tae please…” you whimpered. You needed more.

“Are you already begging?” he teased. He introduced one finger inside you, then another, then another. They were sliding inside you easily, the sounds of your wet pussy filling the room.  He felt your walls clenching around his fingers and pulled away. You whimpered.

 He took off his pants and underwear, letting his erection breaks free. Fucking hell, that was big as fuck. He noticed your gaze and chuckled.

“You didn’t expect the cute boy to have a big dick, did you?” he teased. You licked your licks, wondering how would be his taste. He crawled over you and positioned his tip on your entrance. He teased, running it up and down but not entering.

 “I should not do it. I’m just too cute” he mimicked your voice. Asshole.

 “Just push in” you almost screamed.

“Beg for it”

Was he serious? Ah! You wanted him so badly, you just needed to fuck. Fine.

 “Please Tae, fuck me. Show me how rough you can be” you said and before you could finish your sentence he pushed in roughly, his skin slapping yours. You both groaned at the feeling. He started moving in and out in a fast and hard pace. He leaned in to suck your nipples, his thrusts hitting your g-spot so fucking well.

“I’m gonna fuck you like the little slut you are” he groaned.


  “Fuck, Tae!” you screamed, your walls clenching around his dick.

 “You like it, huh?” he groaned, “do you like to feel my dick in your tight little pussy?” Your skins were slapping against each other roughly, the sound turning you on even more. “I wanna make you scream my name” he said and pulled away, only to spin you around and fuck you from behind. He pushed in again, grabbing your hair and forcing your head back. He approached to your ear.

 “You’re such a dirty girl? Don’t you?” he groaned, his thrusts getting deeper and deeper.

 “Fucking hell, tae” you mewled. His hand traveled down and played with your clit, adding pressure. You wouldn’t take it for too long, you felt your climax approaching.

 “Taehyung!” You screamed, your walls clenching again.

His teeth found your neck, sucking your skin harshly. Cute? That wasnt cute. That was rough and you liked it.

 “Cum for me, baby girl” he commanded.

After you were done, you got dressed, both panting. You looked at him as he grabbed your waist and pulled you closer.

 “So, do you still think I’m cute or I still have to prove you the opposite?” he asked.

formosusiniquis  asked:

Hey wasn't sure if you knew already, but when I was going through goodreads I saw your fic was on there and you had an author page. I thought I remembered you saying you didn't want it there so I thought I'd give you a heads up

Hope you don’t mind me publishing this because it’s actually been confusing me for a while! I noticed my fics on there some time ago but thought some random person had just made an entry for them to put on their personal shelf (I don’t use goodreads much, only to check reviews, so I’m not sure how it works)

Are there lots of fanfics on there? Who puts them up? WHAT IS GOING ON

I don’t mind my stories being on goodreads as much as I mind people bringing them up in spaces where lots of non-ragehappy RT fans are (like reddit or facebook groups) but it’s still very strange and not 100% my ideal situation haha…. would like to know if anyone has more information on fics on goodreads and if it’s a common thing or not aha

So, I’m actually behind on stuff I’m suppose to be doing, but my lazy ass keeps procrastinating and drawing whatever I want. So.. I’m gonna go ahead and start doin’ what I’m suppose to be doin’. Of course I do not intend to just like.. obliterate my effing wrist just getting these done. I’ll do some today and some tomorrow. So, I’ll keep updating this pic as I get some of these done by counting down the numbers and crossing them off my list if I finished that project. So, feel free to keep watch on how much stuff I’m getting done. 

Thank you all for being very patient with me. Now prepare for the ultimate art spam. :v

Aight! Y’alls favorite god(?)’s back to the gallery hell business!
 Hello again to all the old FW folks! And welcome to the new
 ones joining us in this artistic lil’ hellhole!
 Here is a link to my muse’s profile in this specific verse, so you
 don’t gotta spoil or confuse yourself with my main muse’s about.

 Anyways, I’ll probably drop all threads on this verse ‘till this point,
 but know that I’m more than happy to start something anew from
 any point in the story’s timeline (once I get some relief from a few
 asks and threads from other verses rip). I’ll be hopping around
 to like starter calls, or make my own soon.

 Hope we all continue having fun here. Feel free to shoot an ask
 if you wanna thread there. Mutuals or not, everyone’s welcome!

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[I’ve been meaning to do this for a while I’ve just been lazy. So I updated what Ophelia’s grimoire design. Don’t get me wrong I liked that design, but considering the kind of world, she lives in she needs something that’s a little less… “HEY, EVERYONE! I’M A WITCH!” At least in my opinion. Not to mention I wanted something that would like it could double as her diary. Gotta say I’m happy with how this came out. Plus, I got a few headcanon ideas as I was going along I’ll put those under the “read more” but I hope you guys like them~]

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The signs as Blink-182 lyrics
  • Aries: "I am as bright as the sun, I burn up all that I choose"
  • Taurus: "I laughed the loudest who'd have known"
  • Gemini: " I think I'm falling asleep but then all that means is I'll always be dreaming of you"
  • Cancer: "Cause good girls they like to sin"
  • Leo: "No one should take themselves so seriously"
  • Virgo: "The start was something good, but some good things must end"
  • Libra: "There is desire to fight, but I have nothing to prove"
  • Scorpio: "Buy some candy and cigarettes and we'll get in my car. We'll blast the stereo and we'll drive to Madagascar"
  • Sagittarius: "I'll never ask permission from you, fuck off I'm not listening to you"
  • Capricorn: "I reached for a shooting star, it burned a hole through my hand"
  • Aquarius: "I'm a little bit shy, a bit strange, a little bit manic"
  • Pisces: "My mind wanders as I'm trying not to fall in love with you"

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I absolutely love your cute art style! Please keep up the good work! (And maybe draw some Kingdom Hearts related art?) ( ̄▽ ̄) Have a nice day!

ahh, thank you so much lil’ anon! and perfect timing too! i’ve just finished my semester and cant wait to draw more stuff soon!

and sure! have this lil’ sea salt trio doodle that i just whipped up c: hope ya have a lovely day too!