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Ok so I’ve been seeing a ton of those ‘we need more representation at hogwarts’ posts and I was like hell why not more Jewish representation at Hogwarts (and like everywhere else but that’s another story). No like imagine though
  • parents calling/or I guess writing the school to make sure that their kids get a kosher meal option and that there’s a good Jewish presence
  • having Friday night and Saturday morning and Holiday services in the room of requirement
  • bar and bat mitzvahs would be fuckin epic like imagine having your bar or bat mitzvah in the Great Hall like hot damn people would talk about that for centuries like what was your bar/bat mitzvah theme? oh just REAL LIFE WIZARDING MAGIC
  • on a more depressing note learning about how Voldemort tried to wipe out anyone who wasn’t pureblood brings up too many Holocaust parallels and is actually extremely upsetting to many students/ many of the Jewish kids teach their non-muggleborn friends about the Holocaust when they ask why they’re getting so distraught
  • but on a lighter note Hannukah at Hogwarts would be fuckin awesome. like Slytherin students charming their dreidels so they can win every time, Hufflepuffs making everyone homemade gifts and shit, EVERYONE fucking making latkes bc those rule, also the kitchen elves being like wtf is a latke and the students being like prepare to have your mind fuckin blown
  • giving the Jewish students the day off on Yom Kippur bc like how the frick are you supposed to function come on (that should apply to every school not just magical ones let’s be honest here)
  • accidentally saying spells in Hebrew because if you grew up learning Hebrew and English it’s gonna slip out when speaking another foreign language (happens to me all the time in Spanish)
  • getting howlers from concerned mothers who just want you to call back or write back because they love you and they want to make sure you’re warm and well fed (but they remind you that the cooking will never be as good as their own, and your mom is probably right, you miss her brisket and kugel) and if you’re dating anyone make sure it’s a nice jewish boy/girl!
  • religious kids arguing over what kind of magic is okay to use on Shabbat and holidays
  • religious kids getting kippot that match their respective houses
  • religious kids davening in their common rooms each morning
  • having a succah in the courtyard on Succot, but it does the bigger on the inside thing like the tents at the Quidditch world cup, so on the outside it looks pretty small and humble but you get inside and it’s like decked the fuck out and there’s candy from honeydukes everywhere and it’s just amazing
  • dressing up on Halloween and Purim and giving shalach manot to their friends and professors
  • WHY CANT YOU EAT BREAD FOR THE WHOLE WEEK? This question comes up whether you’re in the wizarding world or not let’s face it.
  • HOGWARTS SEDERS. The great hall decorated for the Seder. those long ass Hogwarts tables decorated with like ten Seder plates because they are so long. Students staying up way past their bedtime because it’s the Seder and that’s just what you do. all the kids who were at the Seder just wiped out in classes the next day.
  • Jewish wizards charming matzah into actually tasting decent (what a thought)
  • Jewish wizards inviting their non Jewish friends to Seders and Friday night dinners
  • Introducing friends to the magical bread that is Challah and kids being like 'damn son I do magic all day every day but this is true magic’
  • Jewish wizard couples just because
  • Celebrating Israeli Independence Day at Hogwarts (that would be a dream come true holy moly) like cooking falafel and stuff with the kitchen elves that would be amazing
  • basically just send me to Hogwarts already
sheith childhood friends au
  • imagine them as kids together, keith just followed shiro home like a stray cat one day and never left, shiro just shrugs and says ‘can we keep him?’ to his long-suffering grandma                        
  • so they spend a lot of time together, and one night shiro’s grandma says they can go and see fireflies at the park where they live                        
  • keith isn’t really excited at first, but he goes because shiro insists on it                        
  • ‘come on, keith. it’ll be fun!’ shiro says but then keith sees them, and he’s just awestruck
  • shiro is almost jealous at how captivated he is by the fireflies, before this keith only ever looked at him like that
  • but he can’t resent them, not when keith looks so happy                       
  • keith turns to shiro very seriously and asks, 'are you sure they aren’t stars?’ his voice full of wonder                        
  • shiro doesn’t laugh at him, he takes keith’s feelings Very seriously, you see, and says 'i guess i never thought of it like that before, but you’re right, they do look like stars’
  • keith, of course, feels extremely validated by this because shiro is Always Right, so if shiro thinks so then he must be right                        
  • 'grandma told me that we could catch them and keep them if we wanted to,’ he says, just to see keith’s eyes shine, ‘so let’s go catch some stars!’
  • imagine them in a field full of fireflies, just chasing the fireflies (and each other) around                       
  • keith is still a little younger than shiro and he’s not very good at catching them, but he’s having more fun, giggling to himself and having the time of his life
  • shiro however, takes his duties as keith’s personal star-catcher very seriously. he’s put his full concentration on catching fireflies For keith since it would obviously make keith happy                      
  • once he feels like he’s gotten enough fireflies in his jar, he makes his way to keith, who was having a very deep conversation with a firefly on his finger
  • he enjoys keith’s wide-eyed look and huge smile when shiro gives him the jar, and for a few moments they just look at them together                       
  • 'wow, they’re really pretty,’ keith is easily entertained                        
  • 'yeah, they are,’ shiro says, still looking at keith
  • the fireflies are still flying all around them, and at one point, they’re arranged like a crown of stars on keith’s head, and shiro says something about keith looking like a star prince  
  • teasing him about being an alien prince with stars for his crown until keith’s cheeks turn red and he’s laughing and shoving at shiro
  • shiro’s watching the fireflies fly around the jar when he starts feeling kind of guilty for trapping them when they should be free                     
  • because the fireflies are living creatures and keeping them for his own amusement when they might die soon seems unfair to him, even if it’s nice to see keith so overjoyed
  • also he lied about his grandma letting them keep the fireflies after seeing keith so captivated by them 
  • so he quietly suggests to keith that they should let them go   
  • keith is sad but he lets them go anyway because he is a Good Kid 
  • ‘It was like i had my own stars with me for once but i don’t want them to die’                  
  • 'it’s ok,’ shiro says. 'i’ll give you real stars one day, i promise’                        
  • shiro knows love when he sees it and right now it’s keith’s face illuminated by stars
  • they spend the rest of the night just walking around the park, watching the fireflies

For post-canon sadness, just imagine this:

  • 'liar’, keith whispers, alone in the black lion after everyone has left. 'you said you’d give me the stars, but all you’ve done is taken mine away’

Main Styles

such as my personal styles and the matsu style


Bust: $2.30 ✩ Waist: $5✩ Full: $7.50

Line Art

Bust: $5 ✩ Waist: $7.50 ✩ Full: $10

Full Color

Bust: $7.50 ✩ Waist: $10 ✩ Full: $12.50

Simple Styles

Such as pokemon and simple variants of my style


Bust: $1 ✩ Waist: $2 ✩ Full: $3


Bust: $2 ✩ Waist: $3 ✩ Full: $4


Bust: $3 ✩ Waist: $4✩ Full: $5

Extra Character: 40% of the original pricing (ill calculate it for you)

Will Do : furry, animals, pokemon, ocs, self inserts, (some) gore, light nsfw, osomatsu san artstyle

Won’t Do : mechs, complicated perspectives, complicated backgrounds, realism, extremely muscular bodies, mlp art style, sonic art style

contact me via tumblr messenger if you have any questions

(if you want reasoning for this emergency offer pm me because i really don’t want this post to come off as a guilt trip in any way)

✩ check out my original commissions post for examples ✩

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Preview for a something that will hopefully be coming up in the next weeks โ๏∀๏ใ 

I’m not yet 100% sure in what direction this will go but I’ll finally try to get more into storytelling (⊃‿⊂)

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I love trans Link! The way you draw him is awesome, but I do gotta say he's binding really unsafely! Binders that only go around the chest area with no straps for support can actually cause harm! ;w; -your local trans boy

Thank you for the info! He’s safe and secure now!

I’m constantly amazed at how nice writers in this fandom are. Like seriously, every time I find the tumblr of one of my favorite writers they are either incredibly sweet & kind or turn out to be people that have reached a level of fame where they simply can’t answer all asks anymore (but still reblog stuff that I very much agree with). And no matter what level of fame they have reached they are never unnecessarily rude, despite sometimes having to be firm in their replies. I don’t have problems with unfollowing people if they post something that makes me uncomfortable but I’ve never had to do that with any of them.

Just. A huge shout out to all of my favorite writers. I’ve barely talked to any of you and I doubt you know I exist but you guys are seriously the best ;A;

(Also a huge shout out to writers in general. Thank you for being awesome and pouring so much time and effort into something that I can easily consume & enjoy when I’m dying for new ship content. You guys are a m a z i n g too T^T)

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Mom: “Hi dear, what are you doing?”

Me: “Drawing.”

Mom: “What are you drawing?”

Me: “………nnnaughty stuff…”“

Mom: “Oh. How long have you been drawing those by the way?”

Me: “Way too long…….”

Mom: “How long does that mean? I remember finding some of your naughty drawings when you were 14 and-”


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