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i know its four in the morning and no one is around but i need to get this off my chest

why did hollywood decide that every cop show and movie will collect evidence and put it into a plastic bag???? that’s not what they do??? anywhere?? it causes mold growth???? there is not a single piece of evidence that you could ever collect that would be good to put into a plastic bag??? they use paper???

and on top of that? why would these cop shows ignore forensic experts they probably hired for information about this? why are plastic bags more glamorous than paper bags? i don’t get it??? why make a deliberate choice to use plastic instead of paper??? its so aNNOYING

especially when i see bullshit fake posts about people saying they had things collected as evidence like their cellphones or some crap and trying to pass it off as real like bitch i see you. i know the truth. thats some fake ass story you got since nO POLICE AGENCY USES PLASTIC BAGS TO PACKAGE EVIDENCE EVER

bh6 character appreciation

hiro hamada

  • is ticklish
  • obviously is an actual genius
  • probably sucked his thumb as a kid
  • hobbies include kite-building
  • uses an snes controller to play computer games
  • hairstyle inspired by mugen of samurai champloo
  • shares 457+ secret rules with his brother
  • slight allergy to peanuts
  • loves gummy bears & hot wings

tadashi hamada

  • legit good guy
  • best big brother probably since the dawn of time of the century
  • was probably inspired to invent baymax because of numerous trips to the ER with hiro as kids
  • baseball nerd
  • also crazy intelligent
  • works for his aunt at the cafe
  • sewed trackers into all of his brothers’s hoodies so he could keep him safe

honey lemon

  • designs her own clothes and runs an online boutique
  • fluent in English, Spanish and Japanese
  • amazing baker- runner up on a national baking show
  • secretly loves explosions (once blew up her family’s shed)
  • loves onigiri, unadon & green tea
  • amazing chemist and alchemist

gogo tomago

  • triathelete
  • hobbies include kickboxing and ultimate frisbee
  • double major in mechanical engineering & industrial design
  • real name may or may not be ethel
  • favorite things include kale salad, rare steak, and punk rock


  • 6′4 bundle of organized precaution
  • won’t eat sandwiches with crust on them
  • but crust is ok on pie
  • two-time state fair award winner in the blue ribbon tomato growing competition
  • builds model trains
  • knits
  • likes sustainable gardening
  • fluent in English, Spanish, and Klingon
  • majoring in applied physics


  • considers himself a sign spinner-slash-“motivational dancer”
  • really really super duper rich
  • his family owns their own island
  • hobbies include tabletop gaming and live-action roleplaying
  • plays hacky-sack
  • favorite foods are tacos el pastor and espresso
  • has made a lifelong study of superheroics


  • aunt, guardian and mother-figure
  • entrepreneur/small business owner
  • bought and renovated her cafe herself
  • WHILE raising two young boys
  • positive and encouraging
  • amazing cook
  • source of comfort, stability and love

Believe in what you feel inside
And give your dreams the wings to fly

very merry christmas to @daxii​!!! you mentioned that you like songfics and i kinda just went with it haha. except this isn’t really a songfic. it’s a songpic!! i hope that you love it and that your christmas is spectacular!!


hey guys!!

i’ve done a lot of free art and stuff for everybody, and i think it’s time that i try to open up commissions!

i’m going to begin at two dollars for one character (it can be a mayor or a villager, if you want both then that counts as two!), i hope that’s a reasonable enough price for starting out with these

if you are interested, please send me a message in my submit box, and if not, it’d be really great if you could signal boost!

themagnificentmags  asked:

Hey, sorry if this is a bother, but I remember reading a story online that I think you reblogged. It was fantasy, about a boy who went into the magic world with the lady elf friend and the warrior boy friend, and it looked at the casual cruelty inherent in a lot of fantasy settings, among other things? Unfortunately that's not enough for google to help me, so if that sounds familiar and you have the link could you pass it on? Thank you either way!!


 It’s called “The Turn of the Story” and it’s by Sarah Rees Brennan, and you can find it here!