Free Clothes For FTM

If any of ya’ll trans boys are in need of some actual boy clothes because you can’t afford them or your family isn’t capable of buying them for you or isn’t accepting of your transition to do so, then I may have you covered! 

Jeans, shorts, flannels, button-ups, t-shirts, sweats, sweaters, work jackets, boxers and socks– I have plenty so feel free to hmu and I’ll send some pics. 

If you aren’t FTM and you’re just in need of some free clothes, that’s fine too!

HAPPY 2017!!!!!
To kick of this new year I have teamed up with some awesome people who want to give a few of you guys a great New Years gift! WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY (Unless Specified I purchased the product)
To enter you must be following me @fuckyesclairedearing and then all you have to do is like or reblog this as many times as you want (each is a new entry) and there will be a spot prize every week!!! Closes March 28th
As you can see there are some pretty rad things up there and I’m am so glad to be able to share this with you all! I’ve been promising a giveaway for a while and now that I’ve hit a real milestone here we are! The products are:
A HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit that was donated by HiSmile
Fjallraven Pink Bag donated by StandBags
Lush Space Girl bath bomb donated by LUSH Cosmetics
3 Mac Matte Lipsticks donated by Farmers NZ
20 meters of Copper Fairy Lights donated by Typo Aus
How Do You Like Them Apples blush set The Balm donated by Unichem
Nudes Palette the Balm donated by Unichem
USD$25 Starbucks Voucher from my mum
Because Cats phone case (winner to chose model)
Marble Phone Case
Activated Charcoal Mask
Benefit Give Me Brow Gel
NASA Shirt (winner to chose size)
Oversize Rugby Top from Lazy Oaf
A Kylie Lip Kit
Obama Mug from my friend @notsofictionalboys


Happy Sunday! I hit the 500+ followers mark the other day, and as thanks for loving on my blog, I spent several hours compiling a masterpost of everything in my #free stuff tag. (Why did it take several hours? Welllll, I tend to reblog every printable I see. I’m not sure how many are in this list, but I tried to briefly describe each one to make it easier for you.) 

Tysm <3


  • Calendars:

Minimal year overview

Year overview calendar (options to start on Monday or Sunday)

Year overview (2 options: black & white or with colored blobs)

Year overview (2 options: black & white or colorful)

  • Monthly Planners:

A5 monthly planner where you enter in the days, bee themed

Black and white monthly planners for 2017

  • Weekly Planners:

Black & white, Monday-Sunday, 10 items per day, section for notes

Weekly planner, Monday-Sunday, w. weekly goals

Minimalist weekly (two styles of printables)

Colorful weekly planner

(Multiple options) 12 hr clock or 24 hr clock or dues/to dos in peach, pink, lilac, blue, mint

Weekly planner (either blank, lined, graphed, or two columns) (also in Portuguese)

2 page printable (3 colors: blush, teal, gray)

Weekly planner (7 colors:  blue, green, pink, purple, teal, yellow, black and white)

“This week’s plan of attack”, Monday-Sunday

Weekly planners in horizontal or vertical style (colors: B&W, green, yellow, pink, blue)

Weekly planner either in pink deco or black (colors: green, blue, aqua, lavender, pink, red, yellow)

(All available in mint, blue, or lilac) 3 styles: with assignments, events, and goals; with times; with times, events, goals

  • Daily Planners:

Planner with time table, notes, to do list, tomorrow plans, and water tracker

Lemon-themed to do list, time to task tracker, and notes

A week’s worth of daily planners, each with time to task tracker, water tracker, goal, and motivational quote

Green-blue, w. to do, water trackers, notes, appointments, & quote sections

Minimalist daily

Time to task, goals, notes, water, food (3 options, in pink, blue, or gray)

Top three, to do, today’s goal, water tracker, happy thought, schedule (in pink or gray)

To do list, time to task, notes, reminders, top three, habit tracker (6 colors: plain, grey, green, blue, purple, pink)

Daily planner (7 colors: blue, green, pink, purple, teal, yellow, black and white)

Daily planners/agendas (10 different cutesy styles!)

  • Timetables:

“You are limitless” timetable, Monday-Sunday, lots of time slots

12 hour timetable, Monday-Friday, space for notes and color code key

12 hour timetable, Monday-Sunday, times already filled in

12 hour plan (in 4 colors)

Simple 24 hour timetable (you fill in the slots)

  • Checklists

To do lists (4 of them) in pastel w. lots of items

To do list (4 colors)

Task list (5 colors: pink, blue, green, purple, yellow) w. quotes

Weekly self care checklist

Simple to do list with arrows

Simple to do list with flowers, 11 items

Simple to do with progress tracker

Minimalist to do

Floral to do list (in pink or blue)

To do list (2 versions, multiple colors)

  • School-related:

Vocabulary & keywords tracker

Reading tracker printable (w. due date & pages)

Reading trackers & notes

Reading notes w. book info & follow up points and questions

Textbook notes (3 types: chapter summary, important people, keywords) (4 colors: yellow, blue, pink, green)

Revision plan

Prioritizing table

Grid for Cornell notes 

Note taking printables (5 styles: Cornell, grid, side margin, middle margin, plain)

Notes (2 styles: dotted and regular)

Grade tracker

Grade tracker (5 colors available: black, gray, blue, red, yellow) (two styles)

Assignment feedback (multiple colors)

Homework overview 

Study organizer and daily student planner (2 printables) 

Study schedule (4 colors)

4 printables: month planner, meal planner, weak planner, habit tracker

5 printables: study planner, topics to study, study techniques page, study schedule, motivation page

5 printables: Classes information, class information, assignment planner, revision planner, meal planner

12 printables: habit tracker, life planner, month planner w. productivity tracker, project management sheet, exam prep cheat sheet, book review page, book character review page, book tracker, glossary, task list, quotes sheet, formula sheet 

3 printables: weekly water log, pomodoro planner, habit tracker & info 

Exam study pack (8 options): IFTTT, exam schedule, monthly calendar, major topics, scoreboard & graph, d-day calendar, weekly calendar, self-evaluation

  • Other:

Habit tracker for one month

Habit tracker for one month (5 colors - pink, green, purple, yellow, dark gray - 8 options)

Habit chart for one month

Sleep tracker

Project tracker w. patterned sides (5 different patterns)

Goal planning w. marble theme

100 Days of Productivity printable

100 Days of Productivity printable

Motivational quotes

File dividers - nature inspired (green), a4 (two options)

Folder inserts (8 options)

Budget planner

Financial planner - colorful

Monthly finances

No spend challenge

Handwriting practice guide


  • Calendars - Desktop

Minimalist white calendar

White calendar with inspiring quotes

  • Wallpapers - Desktop

motivational quotes in shades of pink/rose/red

“Think positive” in pink

  • Wallpaper - phone

Motivational lockscreens

Free Stuff

4 minimalist icons


Anyone who likes this post will have a drawing based on what they reblog the most (if you reblogs lots of stuff about sailor moon  I’ll draw you a character from it !! ) If you reblog this post I’ll directly ask you about what you want me to draw.
I’m very bored and I’m trying to practice drawing stuff I,m not used to draw. I’m also trying to make up drawings for a future artblog and i really need to add content in it asdas

UPDATE: I’LL TEMPORALLY CLOSE REQUESTS FOR NOW ! I never thought it will get so many notes , thank you a lot !! I’ll do the first 100-ish ones until I open it again !
Free e books

Sorry for the lack of organization. It’s just annoying to do that on my phone :) just click the links :)–Comprehensive-Unlimited-Abundance-ebook/dp/B00VCEEMES/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1459782181&sr=1-9&keywords=divination&linkCode=sl1&tag=ist019-20&linkId=e0b98bb08ccbbd4bc9efa24b9bab7493


Here it is guys! I’m doing a giveaway of my mycology stickers. I’m giving away three packs with each of these stickers inside. The rules are simple.

1. like this photo

2. reblog this photo

3. follow my page poppypheelz

4. wait to hear the winners announced on June 9th!

Winners will be randomly selected through a number generator. Also for those who don’t win, but would still like some of my handmade stickers check them out on my etsy shop! Proceeds help an art student go on a few big adventures this summer!!

  • ah ro: what we love most about hotels?
  • ah ro, sun woo and han sung: FREE STUFF!
  • han sung: FREE BATHROOM STUFF!
  • ah ro: hell yeah!
  • sun woo: FREE STATIONARY!
  • ah ro: yes!
  • han sung: FREE CURTAINS!
  • ah ro: ...wait.
  • sun woo: *struggles getting the tv out of the door* FREE TV!
  • ah ro: wait! what? NO!

Alriiiiighty guys! It’s The Day! The first day of Libra’s intuition augmentation challenge, or as I’ll be abbreviating it - L.I.A.C!

The first challenge will be up shortly, but for now, here’s the prize info! You could win that pile up there!
- A copy of probably THE best book for intuitive tarot reading - 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card
- the infamous Celestial Journal
- a cedar smudge stick that I harvested & dried
- some incense (full disclosure, I totally stole one of the cones and discovered I’m allergic to them sooooooo sorry it’ll be a cone short…)
- and a pair of hand knit wool reading gloves (like you wanna think about wearing gloves it’s gonna hit 40C here this week but by the time I’m mailing the prize out it’ll be cooler!)
- ETA - I’m also throwing in a selenite tower & labradorite piece!

Ok, so how do you get your mittens on … um those mittens lol? You do my challenges! There’ll be 15 of them posted this month, on odd numbered days. If you complete 10 of them, you get 1 entry. You complete all 15, you get 2 entries! You make it easy for me to see you’ve competed 10 or 15, I’ll double your entries! Plus, there’ll be a couple of bonus things mid-month to earn extra chances! (And, if you do something I deem Cool, you might arbitrarily earn another entry…)

Soooo get ready! I’ll be posting the first challenge soon! For it to count for the prize,you’ll need to do the challenge, and make a post about it! Photos are nice, but not necessary. What IS necessary is tagging your post with “L.I.A.C.” To get your entries doubled, add “1/15 completed” “2/15 completed” “3/15 completed” until you get to the first milestone - being 10, remember? When you’ve completed 10, link me into the post - @resonance-of-libra. If you help me out this way, I’ve got less digging to do and you’re rewarded with 2 entries for completing 10 challenges, and 4 if you do all of them! And then, keep your eyes peeled for that bonus entry later on! You do NOT have to do the challenges the same day they are posted, you can play catch-up at any time! You could even do them all on the last day if you wanted to go beast-mode! Also, don’t need to be following me to win & I’ll ship anywhere!

Clear as mud? Awesome! Now let’s get to that first challenge!

The Challenges
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (Bonus Stars available until Aug 6, 6PM PST)
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13 (Bonus Stars available until Aug 26, 12pm PST)
Part 14
Part 15



I’m giving away one of these brand new adorable re-ment kitchens to anywhere in the world!

All you have to do is follow me and reblog or like the post and one winner will be announced on May 1st 2017!

Rules: Kitchen does not come with accessories as pictured on the box, is brand new and unopened and has the option of either tiles or a serving bar in the box. Winner is responsible for any custom fees. Must be following me and have reblogged or liked post. Winner must be willing to give me their address via Tumblr messaging.

Envelope technique

So i was thinking, you know if you get pulled over by a cop and you’ve got some illegal weed on you. Anyways mostly the cops are only allowed to search the frontseats etc, not the trunk or backseats. But alot of them do anyway. BUT it is completly illegal to go through your mail. So when your lifting. Get yourself a good old envelope or something, put marks on it and make it look real and shit then put your shit in that, and put the envelope in a bag or purse. Then if you beep and they wanna search yo ass, let em’ bc all they gonna find is yo 3 year old earphones, a tampon and mail that they are NOT ALLOWED to look through.
Reblog and save a bitch’s life ya’ll.

Hi everyone!! I’ll be attending Fanime 2017 on Sat and Sunday as Inko Midoriya (MAMA DEKU!) I haven’t been to a con in awhile so I wanted to give away some leftoer BNHA stickers I had from selling at AX last year! 

San Jose is my home city but I moved recently to LA for college so I rarely get to go home! SO I’M REALLY EXCITED TO BE BACK HOME! I really want to see you BNHA cosplayers so please come take a picture with mama!! If you see me and ask “HOW’S YOUR SON DOING?” I’ll give you a BNHA sticker!!! 

Also if you really want to see me, feel free to message me and I can exchange contacts so we can meet!! I’m also accepting art trades too!! YYIPPIIEEE!!!