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Real Gangsta
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“There’s a knock on his door, it’s his homeboy.
Your mom’s gone? He pulls out a chrome toy.
Where’d you get that from? The kid asked.
We broke into a house we got a bunch of shit stashed.
It was the first time he ever held a real gun.
To get one of these you gotta steal one.
We too young, they won’t let us buy a gat.
Now if they shoot at us, we can fire back.
Who is they and why would they blast at me?
Cause you from the hood foo this is family.”


For the people that keep talking down on Carlos Coy this is the real story behind the case that gave him 45 years in prison ,so i would suggest you watch this first and the run your mouth. 


So I saw a post of Misha Collins in a leather jacket (which you can find here x )

It was reblogged with the tags:

#I need an AU where Cas wears this coat and instead of the pimpmobile he rides a motorcycle#and he makes Dean ride on the back#arms around him#or Sam riding on the back#wind blowing through his fabulous moose mane#yeah someone should write this

so I took this as a prompt for a bit of drawing…