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Bilinguals overwhelmingly report that they feel like different people in different languages. It is often assumed that the mother tongue is the language of the true self. (…) But, it first languages are reservoirs of emotion, second languages can be rivers undammed, freeing their speakers to ride different currents.
—  Love in Translation by Lauren Collins from the New Yorker, August 8 & 15, 2016

Friendly reminder that Dean does NOT even have to be bisexual to date Cas, because:

  • Castiel literally isn’t male. It is canon that the angels in general are agender/nonbinary. I mean, obviously he’s not female either, but:

  • Dean is perfectly aware of the fact that angels are actually genderless/sexless celestial beings  (“You have been with a woman before? Or an angel, at least?”) and yet he’s slept with the angel Anna (note: the angel that was supposed to replace Cas). 

  • Even if Dean’s straight… and even if we take into consideration that Castiel’s vessel is male (which doesn’t really matter) or that he may actually identify as a male at this point or whatever: you do NOT have to be bisexual to fall in love with a person of the same gender. You can be a straight guy and still fall in love with another guy (or anyone that’s not a woman), because:

  • Love. Isn’t. About. Fucking. Yes, Castiel’s vessel is male, but it’s not like we fall in love with other people’s genitals, right? I’m terribly sorry to break it to some of you, but not everything is about dick, so like… How about we stop making everything about sex (in every sense of the word)? I’ve seen people accusing Destiel shippers of sexualizing their relationship (yes, it’s true that there are people who just desperately want them to fuck while completely ignoring the emotional aspects of their relationship, but what can we do about it), but really – if saying “Destiel would never work because Dean is straight” (meaning: “because Dean wouldn’t want to have sex with Cas”) isn’t sexualization, than I don’t know what it is. They don’t have to bang, since their relationship is about so much more than sexual tension. You don’t have to have sex for your relationship to be valid, so seriously, this is such an ignorant thing to say, guys. It’s the fact that these two support, protect, need, love and care about each other unconditionally that makes their relationship so beautiful. The fact that they would never give up on each other. That they can communicate without saying a single word. That Cas makes Dean a better person and vice versa. That they would literally die for each other. That they care and are unable to kill one another even when they’re brainwashed or corrupted. That they would shake up Heaven and Hell for each other (and Earth, and Purgatory, and all those alternative universes, too). The way they gaze at each other. Their chemistry, loyalty, tenderness, trust, the slow burn and this damn “profound bond” – so unique, I’ve honestly never seen any canon couple share this kind of connection before. I could go on for centuries, but you get the point.

What I’m trying to say is that their relationship doesn’t have to be sexual. It’s romantic - and that’s what is special about it. It isn’t about two dudes looking hot while making out - which is actually what a lot of other show and movie makers think a queer romance mainly is, no shade. That’s why Destiel going canon would be an amazing revolution in terms of the portrayal of LBGTQA+ relationships. And I honestly don’t understand what’s so wrong with it or why anyone would be against it.

I’m sorry, that’s just the way I see it, please don’t start drama. The “Destiel can’t happen because Dean is straight” argument is just so invalid to me.


I’ll leave the context to your imaginations (Chicon 2016)


Hello! You can just watch the video if you’d like too. I watched this video one year ago to be exact and I thought it was nice that it came up for me today. It made me smile this morning so I’m posting it here.


I was going through a really rough time, and I didn’t know what was going to be of me. I had some support but I didn’t know if my relationship would survive it, my relationship with my family, many friendships, and sometimes even I. My heart hurt, I wanted to hold on to everything. I didn’t want change in my life because I loved the people around me and I would go through whatever to be with them and for them not to see me differently but I’ve always been like this. I just want to write and make people feel a sense of purpose and happiness because that’s the only reason I write, oh and also so I don’t go insane. Too many feelings. Expressing it feels good. Where I love is in my art, and where I hurt goes all on paper. I’m a Leo, and a people pleaser, it’s stressful but I can’t help it. I wanted to leave my whole life. Don’t talk to people who make you feel bad, or insecure as often or communicate with them, tell them your dreams and that you’re going to chase them. If they give you crap it’s because they know how the world works and they’re thinking about money but once you’re doing what you like you’ll be satisfied with what you get. Following a dream. Falling in love. It takes heart. Fire, and motivation! Why give life and not care to it? Listen to it? I’ve listened to people all my life, it’s very joyful. They have a lot of story and a lot to say when asked. I think people flourish more doing things they enjoy. I am sharing this because it reminded me of purpose, I was so anxious and scared but I believed in myself, more or less, I think I kinda went crazy for a while and I had been through worse but detaching yourself from people who are toxic, even if you love them, is a good thing. I love so many people endlessly who don’t want me to be happy, not pointing fingers at anyone but if I say I got it with my life why tell me any different? I’m not very rebellious either, I drink and throw up and sleep. I rebelled a little between 14-17. I was upset. The whole world is telling me nothing is real. If you spend time around people who care nothing for your interests and dreams your heart is bound to hurt. As soon as I turned 18, which was my only goal I went and just did what I like. Work on what you love right now and make amends towards it. When I’m sad I forget the things I’d like to accomplish and do. I forget that I think my pictures are crap and my writing is terrible, but to get better at something you have to do it and read, practice and my heart has only thanked me for it lately. It’s not right, so think of that dream and accomplish it. Love whomever you need to love, speak up. Time is essence. I’m much happier knowing I’m doing what I like. I had a teacher once who was a psychology teacher. He played in a band because he loved it and worked as a psych teacher and he loved talking about it. He always said I spent my whole life doing what I love and I found my amazing wife. It’s an adventure till you meet the next. I had also an English teacher, Mr. G who became a teacher even though the world, his parents all told him to be a lawyer. Happiness soothes the mind. Everyone should be a teacher of life. I want to tell people it’s okay. Anyone can be whomever they want to be. Be safe. Go to school if you want to? Invest in your art? Get a job? You’ll get hurt, but you’ll realize and learn a lot. People will tell you to put that art away. Give up on that boyfriend of yours. They don’t want to see anyone happy. My psychology teacher, he talked about his wife as if she put the stars in the sky. I observed that from him. The heart is happy when it follows what it dreams, and not following those makes the heart sad. If you have something deep in you that you can’t resolve or put into the universe or chase it, you’re going to regret it or think about it for a while and it’ll make you upset. I even stay away from family who kills my happiness if I need to, it’s not selfish. Your only purpose on this life is to live. Wanna fall in love? Wait. Do it. Crushes are ok, short lived loves are okay. Experience different loves, learn and be patient. Wanna travel? Sh*t, get a job for a few months, rent a room in someone’s house then take off, save your money like a child who wants a toy. Go to college if you want to! Are you gay? Straight? Bi? Trans? No gender? Sexually active? Yes? No? Good, who cares. Embrace it if it’s you. Just do what you like to do. It’s simple. They accept it or you go and do it anyway and if it hurts then it’s working. There are obstacles to tackle in life. People to talk to, communicate feelings to. Easier said than done? 5 seconds. Believe in yourself more. Say what you need to say. They don’t like it? Be unapologetic. Don’t stop chasing those dreams.

This is by Prince Ea, I found it on Facebook and it came back to me today to tell me I found it and to keep doing things that make me happy. Stop settling for life. Make life. I want to share important things, I wanna listen to you. I’m at a good place right now and trust me it’s been bad.

a victuri fic rec: part two! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡ 

part one (x)

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Native French speakers feel free to correct me but I’m pretty sure that in the French dub of Voltron instead of saying “I’d recognize that mullet anywhere!” Lance says “I’d recognize that mullet from kilometers away” so. Do with that as you will.

enough with the English dub rumours and season 2 hype let’s get to what really matters: a Castilian Spanish dub of ososan, which I want not only because they already did the ‘88 anime, but because

  • “Cosas de Mas Locos” or an equally meta title
  • characters (usually Choro during his tsukkomi rants) occasionally questioning where Bakabon and his family are (the 1999 adaptation of Bakabon was also dubbed under the Cosas de Locos umbrella)
  • all available voice actors reprising their roles except the sextuplets, whom are now voiced by an all-star cast of male Spanish dubbers
  • (though their old voice actresses would come back for bit parts, namely:  Pilar Morales, the original Spanish Choro, as Iyayo and Jyushi’s unknown-to-Wikipedia voice actress as Homura)
  • Choro exclaiming “no way! The first episode got banned for that!” at the prospect of being idols again (would work in any dub actually; if the English dub doesn’t take that opportunity I’ll be disappointed ngl)
  • Cosas de Locos used “squid” and “melon” as family-friendly swear words so they’d bring those back - but only for Chibita as an adaptation of his “the hell idjit damn it” speech pattern
  • wall-to-wall “oso,” “cara” and “todo” puns
  • (specifically: Oso’s reaction to Kara’s tank top being a sarcastic “now you truly are Caramatsu!”)
  • (also you can’t deny the end of “Star of Hope, Todomatsu” seems perfectly engineered to have that one girl call him “Nadamatsu”)

(any native/fluent Spanish speakers feel free to correct mistakes and/or add more!)

Viktuuri #41

Mended with gold [Fluff/Angst]
Yuri’s first kiss was when he was sixteen, and in any accounting of kisses except chronological order, it wouldn’t even rank. It hardly counted.Viktor’s first kiss was when he was sixteen, and it changed his life.

Confessions behind these bruises [WIP - Fluff/Angst]
The leader of the Russian Mafia could be described in many ways. Of course to the public’s eye, Viktor Nikiforov was nothing short of perfection. Tall, rich, powerful, charming, and unbelievably handsome. He knew this fact very well, using this to his advantage at getting anybody he wanted whenever he wanted.

That is until Yuuri Katsuki caused him to fall flat on his butt and make him rethink everything he’s ever known.

Introducing the mafia AU nobody asked for about how a cocky self reliant bachelor falls incredibly in love with the adorable ice skating dancer.

Yu(u)ri Edition [Fluff]
When Yuuri moved to Russia, he didn’t expect to make any friends with his rinkmates. He certainly didn’t expect an angry, blond teen to become one of his closest friends.

Or, how Yuuri and Yuri’s friendship progressed once Yuuri lives in St. Petersburg.

Start my life anew [Fluff]
When the youngest soulmate turns 21, you switch bodies for one day.

Victor Nikiforov is still a famous figure skater. But Yuuri Katsuki is a ballet danseur, and currently training under one Lilia Baranovskaya.

Polyglot variations [Angst/Fluff]
‘If first languages are reservoirs of emotion, second languages can be rivers undammed, freeing their speakers to ride different currents’ - Lauren Collins, Love in Translation, New Yorker (2016)

The languages Viktor speaks, and what he finds as he’s learning them.

Soft melodies [Fluff]
Because Viktor is a cuddler at night and a kisser in the morning, all soft edges under the sunlight.

Yuuri knows this all too well, whispering soft melodies under the moonlight, hearing the waves of the sea behind them.

Like a design [Fluff]
At twenty-five years old, Yuuri Katsuki makes his first Olympic team. This comes with its own set of responsibilities and questions, and a three-time Olympian husband only might be prepared to handle them. Or, In Regards to Love: Tramp Stamp Tattoos. You read that right.

Prove me wrong [Fluff/Angst]
Yuuri has know for ages that Viktor is his soulmate, but is still pretty much the last one to know that Viktor is in love with him.

Magic on ice [WIP - Fluff/Angst]
Yuuri’s first accidental magic took the form of a miniature snowstorm in his room. By the time his parents realised something was off, Yuuri’s bedroom was one feet deep in magical snow. Yuuri was only five years old, at the time.

Then, one day, upon returning home from school, he found an owl perched on the windowsill in his bedroom. It had brought him a letter.

And the rest… was history.

(( In which Katsuki Yuuri grows up in Hogwarts, gets involved in all sorts of shenanigans and eventually meets his quidditch idol, Victor Nikiforov - not necessarily in that order. ))

- killing stalking chapter 21, apples [symbolism] - the apology.

Okay, I was thinking stuff. But then again, no idea how many of you know it - the apple was never the ‘forbidden fruit’ in the Bible. The misunderstanding comes from the translation and retranslation of the Bible. 

In the past, people used ‘apple’ for foreign/unknown fruits. Per se, oranges were exotic so they were actually called ‘golden apples’.Back then people had named only a few types of fruits and all the rest was assigned to as ‘something-apple’. As we get that straight, now we can move to the symbolism of the apple in South Korea.

Apparently, the apple is used as an apology because it sounds close to the pronunciation of ‘apology’. I do not speak Korean, but I found that on the web. So Korean speakers, feel free to correct my statement.

Apple in Korean actually sounds the same as apology in Korean.

APPLE  -> Hangul = 사과; Hanja = 沙果 (Pronounce as: sa-gwa)
APOLOGY -> Hangul = 사과 Hanja = 謝過 (Pronounce as: sa-gwa)

Here comes the question, why would the mother give her son an apple? Did she want to apologize for something? Hm.

Western-like music in Arabic #7

Hey Arabic native speakers feel free to add other bands or singers to the list.

iwantcupcakes’ Iron Man Christmas giveaway

Iron Man’s colors are red and gold.  Two of the three colors of Christmas are red and gold.  Coincidence? Well … yeah.

My first giveaway went ok so I’ve been thinking about doing it again with some duplicate Iron Man merch that I don’t need.  It happens to be the holiday season so it’s the perfect time.

All of these are new and in their original packaging–.

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The winner will be chosen by 9pm CST on 12/16/2016.  I’ll contact the winner ASAP; if no response in 12 hours, I’ll pick a different one.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

anonymous asked:

you say that muslim women cover myself for god not because of opression but i don't understand this ideology and religious rule that women need to cover their head. women have to cover their head while men do not. women have been killed for not wearing hijabs. they’re told they will be raped and not protected if they are not wearing a hijab. so is it really a choice? quotes from the koran on hijab are scary. if muslim women love hijba why muslim women protested against the headscarf in 1979?

1. im well aware of the experiences of non-hijabi women. i dont wear a hijab and ive lived in the middle east my entire life. i experienced it first hand from the age of 7. 

2. i never said “muslim women cover myself for god not because of oppression”. the quran says nothing about the hijab. society does pressure, and sometimes forces, women to wear hijabs in the middle east. specifically muslim women. however, that is not related to the religion itself, but to society and beliefs held by the majority. no part in the quran says a woman should cover her hair, her face, her nose and mouth, or anything. it says women should be modest. it also says men should be modest. the reason that isn’t applied in real life is because of the misogyny that is rampant in the middle east and most of the muslim world. 

3. i doubt muslim women protested to ban the hijab, however women all over the world protested against being forced to wear it, for obvious reasons. women deserve the right to decide how modestly they want to dress and religion should be made completely separate from governing a country. religion is a personal belief and personal spiritual connection to god, not the matters of a government. 

im assuming english isn’t your first language, if you’re an arabic speaker feel free to talk to me in arabic as it seems you struggled to understand what i have previously said on this issue. i will be happy to explain it to you in arabic but just know i speak bahraini “shi’i” arabic so you might not understand either

a little post 2x12 drabble. thanks to my beautiful welsh queen @ladymatt for giving me confidence in my writing. much love darling! x

“I’m sorry,” Dot said, her voice a little choked as she hovered nearby.

She held herself tightly, shaking like a leaf in the wind, as though expecting a blow. Magnus wondered how many times Valentine had raised his hand to her. 

Too many of course.

She seemed instinctively scared of Magnus and he felt a mixture of anger and disgust in himself, the emotions thundering like a storm behind his ribs. 

It wasn’t her fault though, it wasn’t Magnus who haunted Dot’s nightmares but it stung anyway. Although now he had no doubt his own face would make an appearance on her darkest nights and Magnus clutched the glass in his hand a little tighter in anger.

Dot moved out of his periphery and perched herself on the edge of the couch. She wasn’t relaxed in the slightest but she was trying to appear like she was. Trying to prove that she was more than the tortured soul that Valentine had made. There was still fear in her eyes but there was some determination glittering in their depths. Something that would become brighter with a little fostering and Magnus swallowed down his anger. Valentine had already hurt Dot - hurt him - more than enough for one lifetime and Magnus wasn’t going to let him continue even by proxy. 

“Don’t be,” Magnus waved off Dot’s apology with a limp hand and a strained closed lipped smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. 

“I should have known,” Dot continued guilty. Yes you should, Magnus thought bitterly and he gritted his teeth against the dark little voice within him. He argued against it. 

“He’s a good actor,” Magnus pointed out.

“Yes but -” 

Magnus shook his head, “No buts Dorothea… The circle wouldn’t have gotten very far if Valentine couldn’t play a part to perfection.” 

Despite his flaws no one could deny the charisma and charm that Valentine wielded expertly, just as deadly as any seraph blade. He raised an army against downworlders and shadowhunters alike. Evil to the core he was but a fool he wasn’t. Dorothea was no more to blame for falling for Valentine’s lies than Alec was. You never expect to be betrayed until it happens. Didn’t make the pain any easier to swallow. 

“I guess so,” Dot conceded, still feeling her stomach twisting in knots over the whole debacle, she didn’t look wholly convinced though, “Does that help?” 

Magnus tapped a finger against his glass with a little more force than necessary, “Honestly… not nearly enough.” 

“I’m sorry,” Dot apologised again.

“As am I darling but nothing can change what happened,” Magnus said with a defeated air. This war they fought in was exhausting and he wondered how much of him would be left when the dust settled.

“Time heals all wounds…” Dot murmured half aware, like a habitual prayer that had lost all meaning and substance but you didn’t wish to quit for fear the empty void it would leave behind.

Magnus snorted with a hint of genuine amusement. It was a lie all warlocks knew, time may dull the pain but it never healed, not really. This was another scar unseen by others but one he would carry for the rest of his immortal life. Magnus’ soul, despite his attempts to shield and toughen it, still bruised like a peach, the hidden trauma like a tattoo and a constant reminder. 

Dot’s lips twitched in a smile at the shared bittersweet understanding between them, she moved from her perched position to the edge of the table in front of Magnus, “What can I do to help?”

Magnus had a few answers, most of them impossible. Time travel wasn’t a possibility for anyone after all.  Instead Magnus snapped his fingers and Freddie Mercury’s strong voice declared his desire to break free from the speakers dotted around the room. With carefully measured and controlled movements he placed his glass aside and with a mischievous look, held out his hand to Dot. Smiling and with a playful put upon air of a high standing lady, she delicately dropped her hand into his.