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The Signs as Popular Anime
  • Aries: Bleach
  • Taurus: Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Gemini: Soul Eater
  • Cancer: Sword Art Online
  • Leo: Attack On Titan
  • Virgo: One Piece
  • Libra: Hunter X Hunter
  • Scorpio: Ouran Highschool Hostclub
  • Sagittarius: Death Note
  • Capricorn: Fairy Tail
  • Aquarius: Free!
  • Pisces: Tokyo Ghoul

A collection of a few remaining sketch commissions I had pending from after conventions last month, including some etsy customer thank you cards.

The Black Widow sketch was an unused sketch commission example piece.

I’ll be starting those kind of commissions again over summer via my etsy.

  • Me: I'm going to do my homework.
  • Me: *Watches anime*
  • Me: I'm going to clean my room.
  • Me: *Watches anime*
  • Me: I'm going to go outside & plant a tree or something.
  • Me: *Watches anime*
  • Me: I'm going to finish this anime.
  • Me: *Sits & does nothing*


Removable, individually die-cut vinyl

Ideal for smooth flat surfaces like laptops, journals, windows, walls etc.

1/8th" / 3.2mm white border around each design

50% discount on 6+ Small stickers

Sizing Information

Extra Large 267 x 356mm

Large 162 x 216mm

Medium 105 x 140mm

Small 76 x 101mm

A wide selection of sticker designs are available on my redbubble.

  • Person: Why do people like anime so much? I mean its so stupid you're basically watching a cartoon and almost every anime sounds the same! Anyone who watches anime is a complete dork.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Anyways...