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Girl Crushes

• Lauren Jauregui
• Kristen Stewart
• Floriana Lima
• Chyler Leigh
• Camila Cabello
• Cara Delevinge
• Lyndsey Gunnulfsen
• Shay Mitchell
• Troian Bellisario
• Sasha Pieterse
• Ashley Benson
• Alycia Dabnam-Carey
• Eliza Taylor
• Cara Delevinge
• Sophie Turner
• Marie Avgeropoulos
• Katie Macgrath
• Rowan Blanchard
• Sabrina Carpenter
• Dua Lipa
• Lena Headey
• Natasha Negovablis
• Elise Bauman
• Katie Stevens
• Rita Volk
• Eva Green
• Sarah Poulson
• Cate Blanchett
• Rooney Mara
• Emily Blunt
• Kendall Jenner
• Maia Mitchell
• Jessica Capshaw
• Sara Ramirez
• Anna Kendrick
• Gal Gadot
• Caity Lotz
• Naya Rivera
• Dianna Agron
• Jennifer Lawrence
• Emma Watson
• Lily Collins
• Emma Roberts
• Amber Heard
• Shannon Beveridge
• Taylor Schilling
• Lana Parrilla
• Rose and Rosie
• Ally and Stevie
• Kate McKinnon
• Natalie Dormer
• Laura Prepon
• Megan Fox
• Natalie Portman
• Jennifer Connelly
• Charlize Theron
• Normani Kordei
• Dinah Jane
• Ellen Pompeo
• Alexis G Zall
• Lindsey Morgan
• Scarlett Johansson


Ben & Sophie high five each other & hold hands at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016


Aliénor - Episode 2: Bordeaux 

“Eleanor, I beseech you! Make peace with my Lady mother and-”

“No! Louis, I am first and foremost your wife. I will honour the duty that God has bestowed upon me as such but I am Queen of the Franks, as I am a daughter of Aquitaine and I will not break to fit the mould that your mother dictates to me. I would rather drown in the Garonne, than bend to her dull will.” 

The episode begins 25 July 1137,  Eleanor of Aquitaine marries the devout Prince Louis in Bordeaux and they are immediately enthroned as Duke and Duchess of Aquitaine. However, their tour of the provinces are interrupted  in August 1137 by the news that Prince Louis father, Louis VI, has died. The couple are anointed and crowned King and Queen of the Franks on Christmas Day, 1137 both still teenagers. The episode also delves into the tense relationship Eleanor has with the northeners of her kingdom, who disapprove of her high-spirited nature, particularly Prince Louis’ mother, Adelaide of Maurienne and Bernard of Clairvaux. 

in honor of the march today:

black women are important
brown women are important
biracial women are important
mixed race women are important
migrant women are important
lesbian, gay, bi, pan, poly, demi, ace etc. women are important
trans women are important
intersex women are important
young women are important
old women are important
disabled women are important
mentally ill women are important
chronically ill women are important
women from all around the world are important

every single woman is important


Benophie AU: Pretty waitress

New tales blog!

Hi guys! 

We have (as seen) created a new blog for the tales of fandom! And by we- I mean by me, mod Pascal and Mod Sophie (yes two people are running this!)

We were rather inspired by the widespread positivity in the tales fandom esp we were very very vERRRRY inspired by @happytalesreminders!!! Both me and mod Sophie wanted to increase on this wonderful positivity by making this blog! And we want to give back to the tales fandom which is one of the reasons we met one another!!!

What we plan to do in this blog in the near future is the following:

  • Give advice + motivational doodles from mod Sophie! (mod pascal is rather biased and wanted to add that mod sophie has THE CUTEST doodles!)
  • Make daily posts with edits with tales characters saying rather motivational quotes- some are expanded on from in game quotes! This is done by: mod Pascal
  • Reblog positive tales quotes/gifs/edits/arts/posts IDK EVERYTHING from all you guys!!! (all this should be positive and inspiring :D) This will be done by both mods.

We have more in our about and FAQ section (but our links page is underconstruction!)

We are rather excited to share this blog with you (and for me I am actually VERYY nervous ahaha) and would love if you guys could reblog this post to spread the word of this blog! 

- Mod Pascal 


Cersei Lannister, Queen Regent of Kings Landing
Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, Queen of Slaver’s Bay
Asha Greyjoy, Queen of the Iron Islands
Myrcella Baratheon, Rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms by Dornish Law
Sansa Stark, Queen in the North and Queen of the Veil
Margaery Tyrell, Queen of the People

I wholly strive to meet the level of “extra-ness” of the Leverage team

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All owls in the genus Tyto are basically recolored barn owl ocs

I mean you’re not wrong


I’m making a Tales crossover video where the Tales of characters replace characters from different series based on their Japanese voice actor. :D
Can you guess who’s who?
Click on the pics for the title of the original series!

Part 2 | 3

Open ended KOTLC angst fic

(Feel free to add on)

Sophie was getting real tired of being ambushed when they went to check out a place with a connection to the Neverseen. Couldn’t they just chill for once and let them explore properly? She would like to go somewhere without having a run-in with the Neverseen.
Alvar stared at them from the other side of the small clearing, taking the hood of his black cape off.
“Well if it isn’t my favorite group of kids.” He said with a cruel smirk.
Sophie could feel Fitz, Biana, and Keefe tensed up. Sophie clenched her fists.
“What do you want, Alvar? And where are your colleagues?” Sophie said, looking around suspiciously.
“I came alone, and for what I want, nothing. I wasn’t expecting you to come, but now that you’re here…” He stared at Biana, who was clenching her jaw, looking nervous.
Sophie felt like she was being hit by a truck. Alvar had been contacting Biana, trying to recruit her. In the back of her mind, she figured this might be the case, but it being confirmed still hurt. Especially since Biana hadn’t told them it was happening.
“I’ve told you Alvar, I don’t want anything to do with you or that group.” Biana said shakily.
Alvar sighed, “I figured as much. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop trying.”
“You should just give up Alvar, we’re going to stop you, you’ll fail.” Sophie’s mind felt cloudy, she wasn’t thinking straight.
She saw Alvar tense up as well. “That’s where you’re wrong, Foster-”
“Hey! Only I can call her that!” Keefe exclaimed.
Alvar grit his teeth together, “Sophie. The Neverseen will prevail!”
Sophie scoffed, “I won’t let you, you’re going to destroy the world, I can’t let that happen.”
“Humans are the ones destroying the world! And the Council is letting them! We’re going to save the world from the humans and the Council!” Alvar said, his fists clenched.
Sophie’s jaw tightened, “You are blinded by faulty reasoning.”
Alvar grunted and brought out a melder from his pocket and shot it twice at Sophie. Sophie flinched back slightly, and she felt the shots zap by, missing her by just inches.
She heard a sudden, pained yelp behind her. Sophie turned around to see Biana collapsed on the floor, she was spazzing out, making gurgling noises.
Sophie flashbacked to the time when she was kidnapped, and they had shot Dex in the chest three times.
Sophie heard a clatter behind her. She turned, tears in her eyes, to see the melder on the ground, Alvar staring at Biana, shocked.
Sophie felt the knot of emotions in her chest expand, and just as Alvar regained his senses, she shot a wave of emotions towards him.