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“I always found him a very sophisticated actor, with a great range. So when I came to think of Oliver, because everybody swoons for this boy in the movie, I thought we could use that quality, his incredible charm. But also we could play with it. Not just have the beautiful boy but someone who could create irony and have plenty of range.” - Luca Guadagnino on casting Armie Hammer in ‘Call Me by Your Name’ [x]

the-seagull-with-a-blog  asked:

I see you have a phone, do you spend your free time on social networks? If that's so, which ones are your favorites?

I think it’s funny the time human beings lose in such trivial things.

But yes ~ I do share my spare time on social networks. It aroused my interest after seeing how He uses it so much. Well, the most popular ones: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram…. deep web.

Wow, ok. Humans are interesting sometimes.

Dear people complaining about what @staff does,

I hope you realize that you are the product and not the customer. The ads are not the price you pay for a free social network. Your constant engagement with Blue Hell is work producing data and peripheral viewing for advertisers. Advertisers who are the end customer, and who can tell what they want outside of your constant attention. 

Anyway, treating your issues with Tumblr like Customer service complaints is inaccurate. It is more like a Labor issue and we should Unionize. 


Yahoo: *sees free social network made by one guy*

Yahoo: *buys free social network for $1.1 billion*

Yahoo: *sees that a lot of the users are lgbt*

Yahoo: *flags and sexualizes the word “lesbian” and flags blogs who use those tags as nsfw without notifying them*

Smart business moves, Yahoo! 👏👏👏 This reminds me of when EA took the Sims, the best selling pc game of all time™, and tried to turn it into an online mmo. Or the time they turned SimCity into an online only game so they could force players to use their servers. Or when Atari turned Rollercoaster Tycoon into a mobile app with $99 in app purchases. All done for a quick buck. And what happened to those games, I wonder? 🤔 Google wanted to buy Friendster in 2003 for $30 mil, but it ended up dying in 2006.

Think about what you’re doing before you piss off a large amount of the user base by flagging a non sexual, non pornographic word @staff. Just because this site has a large user base, doesn’t mean it’s immortal and can’t fail. Again, auto flagging words instead of coming up with a better system is lazy.