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Why Usnavi is a bad cousin.

Usnavi spent all of In the Heights forgetting Sonny. Or simply not including his cousin in his future. In the opening number, “one day I’ll be on the beach with Sonny writing checks to me”. Completely ignoring the fact that Sonny would basically alone without one of the few familial figures he has left. In the first scene of the show he reiterates the fact that he wants to leave Sonny behind to fend for himself without thinking of the repercussions.

In 96,000 we see Usnavi again, making plans without Sonny in them. He’ll send money on Vanessa, he’ll send money on Abuela and himself, but not his own cousin.

Let’s not forget about the fact that he left Sonny all by himself during the blackout. He left Sonny, a teenager, with no weapons with which to defend himself, alone at the bodega. There’s a whole scene in the show about he neglects to call Vanessa, who at this point isn’t even his girlfriend. They never mention the fact that Usnavi didn’t bother to make sure that Sonny was safe.

In the beginning of act two when Usnavi decides to close the bodega, he doesn’t realize that the store is the only source of income for Sonny. Without the bodega and Usnavi there to run it, he won’t have any way to provide for himself. When Abuela and Usnavi talk about what to do with their lotto winnings, she’s the one who decides to give money to Sonny. Usnavi would probably never have thought about him.

In Carnaval Del Barrio, when Sonny can finally confront Usnavi with how he’s been neglected, Usnavi deflects. Instead of apologizing or taking accountability for his actions, he thinks that giving Sonny some of the money will make everything better. Not to mention that Usnavi doesn’t tell Sonny that he is leaving the country, indefinitely, until literally the day before. If I haven’t been able to convince you that Usnavi is a bad cousin, this should do it. He is about to leave the country, where Sonny won’t be able to contact him. Sonny is about to be without his cousin. He already lost his aunt and uncle, there’s no mention of Sonny’s parents. Sonny is about to lose his only family member. Usnavi doesn’t seem to notice.

After Abuela dies, and Sonny has officially lost every family member, and Usnavi is still going to the Dominican Republic. He doesn’t think about the fact that Sonny is grieving too, that he might want his cousin there, so that they can get through this together. It’s not just Usnavi leaving either. Vanessa is moving downtown, Nina has to go back to collage, Dani and Carla are closing the salon and moving to the Bronx.

In the scene before Champagne, Sonny  once again tells Usnavi that he has been a bad cousin, Usnavi, again, thinks that money will make everything better. Says they’ll talk about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is when he’s leaving. They’ll talk about it before he leaves. You can’t really talk about why your cousin needs you to stay when you’re about to get on a plane.

So in Champagne when Vanessa tells Usnavi that Sonny doesn’t have role models, it all comes flooding in. He realizes that he hasn’t been the best role model for his cousin, and yet, it’s not enough for him to stay. Not until Pete paints the mural of Abuela. He see’s the mural and it reminded of everything he loves about Washington Heights. One of those things is Sonny. Not until then can he really truly see that Sonny needs him, and he needs Sonny. That’s why that moment is one of my favorite parts of the show. In the book the stage directions say ‘Usnavi starts to say something, gets choked up, and motions to his own heart’, before Sonny goes with Pete to tell everyone Usnavi is staying. I don’t know if it makes up for how Usnavi treated Sonny, but it makes for a damn good ending to the show. Usnavi does end up staying, and hopefully he’ll start treating Sonny better. Sonny deserves a cousin who will take care of him, and I think Usnavi can eventually become that.
Magic Art Show - Art Exhibition at GP Las Vegas 2017
Support the world's largest exhibition of Magic: the Gathering artwork ever created to be hosted at GP Vegas 2017 on June 14-18

I finally am trying to do it.

A real art exhibition is being organized and I have over 80 paintings and more concept art than I should own to showcase. This is a four-room, full art show and will be free to everyone at Grand Prix Las Vegas this June.

What if you can’t make it? We will have a virtual tour for $5. 
What if you can’t afford to fund it? Promote it like hell. 

This is to build the process to do *more* art shows, different planes and different themes in the future. It’s almost like we have stretch goals that will do that…

And here are a few artworks that will be in it, in case you’re curious:

Farseek by Martina Pilcerova

Innistrad concept art by Wayne Reynolds

Invoke the Firemind by Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai

Please support if you can!

anonymous asked:

Do you think CG is gonna put damage on their next album? Maybe a new single? It seems to be the song they play consistently for the last few sets they've done

Anon, when CG was first announced, I though it was going to be this pet project of Darren’s, an opportunity to work with Chuck, an EP, one show in NYC, and then he would start filming ACS and I was not overly optimistic we would see much more from them.

And wow, am I pleasantly surprised.  Darren has spent all of his free time thus far promoting this band. Playing another show in LA.  The show at Macy’s. Lots and lots of promotion. The Rising Star campaign (they are currently winning, don’t forget to vote (X)). 

I only hope this means that we will get a full album in the future, or another EP and perhaps a tour. And if here is new music, I would love to see Damage included. It is an amazing song and I really think the words are quite meaningful. If it was written in High School, I would have to think Darren must have had major insight as to what his life would look like at 30, because the lyrics really resonate with where he is in life right now. 

So, my answer is, I hope so?

There’s been a lot of discussion since Kill la Kill’s air about its treatment of female characters and sexuality. Recently I’ve seen a lot of terms being applied to the show - ‘degrading’, 'feminist’, 'sexist’ - and while I think there are a lot of really interesting viewpoints, what bugs me is how people seem to be leaning toward one side or the other. Either Kill la Kill is about sexually objectifying women or it is about liberating them. Either it advocates these things through the use of rape and noncon, or it uses these things ironically to make a point.

In a sense, I think it’s really a mix of all of them, but I do think that before anything can be applied to Kill la Kill and what it says, you first have to try and understand the cultural context of where Kill la Kill is coming from. In Japan, not only is sexuality in women incredibly traditional (girls are more pressured to look young and act cute in Japanese society - see the AKB48 example) but it’s also condemned.(girls are not supposed to have any sexual desires and be confined to roles where they lack power or agency - especially enforced in high school through uniforms and regulations, etc). Shame is something that should be a punishment to girls - public humiliation is actually quite common in Japanese society, and it’s not pretty (once again, see the AKB0048 example). 

What Kill la Kill seeks to do, based on many traditional influences like Go Nagai (who played a huge role on women in animanga in the70s and 80s) and the fact that the crew is from TTGL (which also was a show that tried to make a revolution about certain tropes - mainly the mecha genre and the indomitable human spirit), is make a statement about this. I cannot necessarily say if this statement is good or bad as it’s way too early to tell what’s going on regarding thematic messages but I can say that based on what’s happened and what’s been portrayed so far is that there are things we can notice and pick up and examine.

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Paparazzi/Fans Follow You

Preference where you guys get followed by Fans + the Paparazzi in LA

masterlist | request | rules

Luke: You were in LA to support the boys’ concert and to spend time with Luke since you haven’t seen him in weeks. You both thought that it was a lovely day to go out for a run together, so you decided to go down to the beach-side. You guys talked about how beautiful LA was and how you’re excited for their show tonight. Everything was nice and personal between you two until you noticed a few fans taking pictures and starting to follow you. 
“Luke? What’s happening?” You asked, as this was the first time anyone has really seen you both out publicly and you were terrified about what the fans would think of you. 
“Don’t worry baby, they’ll do this, just stick by my side and nothing bad will happen to you, I promise” He replied.
The ‘few fans’ turned into many fans and this obviously caused a scene for the paparazzi. You and Luke decided to slow down and just walk instead because it would look really dodgy if you were running away from the fans. 
“But I really want a photo!” You heard a fan whisper. 
“Oh my god, just leave them alone because if we ask for a photo they might not like that we’re invading their privacy” Said another one. 
“That’s the (Y/N) girl right? She’s rumoured to be dating him” One whispered. 
“Yeah I think they’re a thing” 
Luke looked over to you and grabbed your hand tightly, as he heard everything that was going on as well. The fans began to “aww” you guys and a smile grew onto Luke’s face as the paparazzi flashes were going off everywhere. About an hour later, the paparazzi had disappeared, but the fans didn’t. At this point, you and Luke didn’t mind and a few fans asked for photos with Luke. You smiled at how much the fans adored him. 
“Excuse me,” You heard a young girl about the age of 14 say. “Do you mind if I take a photo with you? You’re insanely gorgeous and I think you and Luke are a great couple” 
You smiled and started blushing. 
“Aw thank you sweetie! And of course you can!” 
After that, all of the fans started taking photos with you as well. That night, when you were at the arena waiting for the boys to come on, you decided to check twitter. You noticed a lot of photos of you with fans everywhere and the captions were all positive, like “(Y/N) is actually really nice! I love her and how she treats Luke and the other fans!” There were also teen magazines with you and Luke on the cover from your run earlier today, and the headlines were “10 reasons why we LOVE #(YourShipName)”. 

Calum: The boys were on their way to LA for their American tour, and you were on a plane to join them for support. As you were getting off and making your way over to the customs, Calum grabbed your hand tightly so that he wouldn’t lose you or in case you get mobbed. No one really knew about you two besides your families and the boys, along with the rumours going around on the internet. While waiting in line, a lot of fans came up to all of the boys and started taking pictures. They followed you until you came out to the other side, waiting for your luggage. There were many fans and paparazzi crowding the area and it was a little bit too much for you. 
“Hey Cal, I’m going to go to the bathroom quickly” You mentioned. 
“You okay?” He asked, worried that this was all getting to you quickly. 
“Yeah I won’t be too long” 
You walked over to the bathroom and fixed up your make-up and hair. Your mouth was getting dry so you decided to try and find a juice bar in the airport. While you were waiting for your drink, a few fans came up to you. 
“Hi, you’re (Y/N) right?” One of them nervously asked. 
“I sure am” You happily replied, trying to cover your nerves. 
“I was just wondering if you and Calum were dating?” She asked. 
“Lisa! You don’t just ask her that!” One of the other girls said. 
“No no no, it’s fine, don’t worry about it. I would do the same thing!” You laughed, “um I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say” 
“We saw you guys hold hands, and friends don’t do that!” Another girl said. 
“Well, yeah I guess we are dating.” You shyly giggled. 
“That’s good! You’re really beautiful and Cal deserves a girl like you! You’re amazing (Y/N)! Can we take a photo with you?” 
You ended up taking photos with a few fans and making your way back to Calum. He hugged you and began to slowly but passionately kiss you. So many paparazzi flashes were everywhere and you knew that this was Calum’s way of making it official. Soon enough, the internet and media was flooded by the photos of you two holding hands and kissing.

Ashton: It was the boys’ one day free from their LA shows, so you and Ashton decided to go to the beach and make use of the gorgeous weather. You two were comfortable with hugging and kissing each other in the water until you noticed fans gathering around. You lost your smile and broke from Ashton’s grip, making your way to where your towels were on the beach.
“(Y/N), babe, what’s wrong?” 
“Don’t you see? All of the fans are noticing you, which means they’re noticing me too which means that they’re going to know that we’re a thing!” 
Ashton chuckled at your nervousness and assured you that everything would be alright. The amount of fans that showed up caused a scene and made the paparazzi come along as well. This was a lot to you, since everyone was taking photos of you with Ashton, and you were in a bikini, but you didn’t want to show any nervousness, so you didn’t react. The fans all started to take pictures with Ashton, you watched and thanked the lords that they weren’t harassing you. A few minutes later, some fans came up to you in a lovely manner. 
“Hey, (Y/N) you look really nice and we’re so glad that Ashton has you as his girlfriend!” You smiled at the fans comment, “Is it alright if we take a picture together?” You nodded and took selfies with a few fans before they all disappeared, along with the paparazzi. 
“You alright? Did they hurt you?” Ashton said as he brought you in for a hug.
“No they were really kind! They asked for photos and everything.” 
“See, they’re super nice and they love you!” 
You checked twitter later on when you were tanning and you saw many tweets about how nice you are and how they all love the way you treat Ash. You smiled knowing that you were accepted and put your phone down to enjoy a relaxing day with your boyfriend. 

Michael: The concert had finished and you and Michael decided to go and get something to eat in the city. You guys had been together for about three weeks and nobody knew yet besides the online rumours which had been started by paparazzi taking photos of you guys holding hands around the place. It was around midnight and you didn’t think that fans would be at McDonald’s that late, although you did remember when you were a fan and on the way home after the concerts, you’d stop by. You and Michael walked in hand-in-hand and made your way to the counter. You saw many girls with 5sos shirts and others that were also fans. You heard a lot of girls talk softly saying things like “Oh my god it’s Michael! Who’s that with him?” 
“That’s (Y/N). They were seen together a lot around the city I think they’re dating” Another one said. 
“They actually look really good together” 
Michael’s grip on you tightened as you ordered your food and sat down to eat. You felt about 50 pairs of eyes staring at you. 
“Michael..” You whispered. 
“Don’t be scared, they’re really nice. This happens a lot and I’m sure they’ll respect you.” He whispered back. 
You didn’t even notice that the paparazzi was there, but they left a few minutes later. 
“Really? They took photos of us eating? How is that interesting?” You asked Michael as he began to laugh. 
“Well you’re going to look super hot on the cover while biting into that burger” He joked, causing you to playfully slap his arm. The fans began to laugh and you turned around and the were too nervous to make eye contact so they looked away. 
“I’m going to go order another drink, do you want one?” Michael asked you.
“Nah, I’m okay thank you.” 
He went to stand in line and immediately, one of the fans approached you. 
“Hey (Y/N).” She said, you were stunned as to how she knew your name, but then you remembered that everyone in the 5sos fam knew your name by then. 
“Hey there, how are you?” You asked.
“I’m good thanks how are you?” 
“I’m Good, did you enjoy the show?” 
“Yeah!” She said and then paused, “You’re actually really sweet (Y/N).” 
You laughed while thanking her. A few fans asked for pictures with you and some videoed the whole moment and they waited until you and Michael got into the car and headed home. You noticed that they all began to send you love on twitter and the next day, you looked at a magazine to know that Michael was right, the photo of you biting into a burger was on the cover. 


okay so this one was really bad idk but I hope you guys liked it anyway :) xx


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