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Please. Please. Please. Watch this😩❤️

Join Deniro Farrar at SOB’s in NYC (204 Varick St in Manhattan) on May 19th when he celebrates his new Rebirth EP! Doors are at 7PM and you can RSVP HERE to get in FOR FREE.


Reminder, you can pre-order the Rebirth EP or purchase it 5/19 and bring your proof of purchase to the show for a chance to stay for a meet & greet with Deniro.

ICYMI, catch up with Deniro's Cult Rap series HERE.


Do You Love Me Like You Used To

P.S All our LA peeps, FREE Best Coast show @ Space 15 tomorrow for Rookie Yearbook TOMORROW 11/10/12! If you’re free you guys should go. It’s gonna be a major party! See you all there!

Silence is not so golden

I’m at my house in Vermont, and every year on the eve of the Independence Day, everyone in town grabs their blankets and their picnic baskets and camps out on this big lawn to listen to the Vermont Symphony Orchestra play. There is a huge sense of community and class and overall kindness, but my favorite part is at the end, when the band is playing that Civil War marching tune with the heavy bass drums, they shoot off the fireworks (on cue with the drums)

This year, we got to Vermont too late so we couldn’t snag tickets. But sitting on my couch tonight, I realized that I could hear their music off in the distance.

We go to this house because of it’s seclusion and silence. But the music is just soooo beautiful!