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(☢ : Describe a thought or dream that would cause them to have a mental meltdown.) For all the Mukami's if you can, please?

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Ruki Mukami

“You aren’t good enough. You’ll never be anything then livestock.”

Kou Mukami

“ Heh. You’re nothing but a toy that can be used and dispensed as needed.”

Yuma Mukami

“ You could have saved them*.“

Azusa Mukami

“You’ll never be loved.”

Things that the Harry Potter films left out about Snape
  • Called Lily a mudblood, then tried to cover himself by saying that she alone was different from other muggleborns
  • Didn’t see a problem with his friends performing Dark Magic on Mary MacDonald, compared it to the Marauders pranks
  • Dropped a tree branch on Petunia
  • Attacked Remus in PoA whilst he was trying to explain things and literally said the words ‘I’ll drag the werewolf. Perhaps the Dementors will have a kiss for him too’
  • Continued to refuse to listen to Sirius’s explanation even though he was being compliant and had only once tried to fight back, without magic, after Snape attacked Remus
  • After he found out he wasn’t actually going to get an Order of Merlin, or have the satisfaction of seeing two innocent men in jail, he exposed Remus as a werewolf
  • Ripped a photo of James and Lily and Harry being happy and in love and a family in half and stole the half with Lily on it
  • Actively tried to get the Marauders expelled from Hogwarts
  • Dumbledore was 'disgusted’ by his attitude towards James and Harry 
  • Harry distrusted Snape that much he literally thought he was trying to poison Remus
  • Abused his position as Head of House to unfairly reward points to Slytherin and take points from other houses, especially Gryffindor, far beyond the extent it was shown in the movies
  • Told Neville he would feed Trevor Neville’s failed potion so the possibly fatal results would teach him a lesson
  • Mocked Tonks when her Patronus changed, despite the fact his also changed to match Lily’s
  • Insulted Hermione’s appearance and told her he didn’t see any difference after Draco cursed her teeth to grow and then watched as she ran out crying
someday, i’m just gonna leave. buy a plane ticket, and just fly somewhere. maybe i’ll be with someone, maybe i won’t. but one day, i’ll leave.

Gavin still got blamed for it…
(ebb is somewhat cool)

I had a lot of much fun w lighting and explosions which is the main reason for this. The other reason is “can i make a comic in this style in full colour?” and the answer is yes (the backgrounds r a bit plain but w/e)


after a year
of racing thoughts
and broken hearts

i’m finally learning
i don’t care
and i feel fantastic

i can dry my eyes
not think of you
and put my best interest forward

i can find someone
who would want me
since i figured out this true reality

so you can run off
and be just fine
like you’ve done before

and i’ll run off
and be just fine
for the first time in forever

And if you questioned me as to
what kind of flower blooms inside
my chest, I’d ask you, “where do
you see a garden in me?” I am
made of seeds that never sprouted.
I am a drought that never stops
leeching. I bring the rainstorms that
drown my own saplings.

I grow nothing beautiful here.
I will only destroy it.

—  loaded question // Haley Hendrick
She was like a withered rose
with broken thorns.
but she was the prettiest one.
she was also the strongest one.
everyone went for the roses that looked alike,
but i wanted something different.
something that caught my eye,
and there she was.
outstanding and different.

one more time
this is it
you swore on your life

one more hit
one more sip
one more cut

this last memory

wait a week
maybe a few days
back to your habits


and you said you were fine

You ask me what’s wrong
and i’m hesitant at first
but then i say nothing im fine
and you know that’s not the truth

you think i’m pushing you away
no darling, i’m just going insane
and i dont wanna hurt you
even though you wanna help

the voices keep talking
and i want to hurt myself
but i can’t because i know it’s not good

but sooner or later
i’m gonna snap
and go bat shit crazy
and i don’t want you to leave because i’m not me

you never believed me
no one did
i was alone
and afraid
but you never wanted to help
that’s a lie
you did
but i was stubborn
and now we’re here
i’m in my casket
you’re watching me go six feet under
and people probably are celebrating that in gone
no ones mourning
but laughing
because i was a joke
but now im gone
dancing with the devil in hell
playing his advocate
waiting for the newly damned souls


am i stupid
for waiting you
to be mine
even though
you probably don’t want me

am i naive
to think
that we still have a chance
and that maybe
we’ll be together

am i doing something wrong
i mean
i’m trying my best
i know i’m scared
but it’s hard to talk people you like

am i wasting my time
because i don’t wanna think
i am
because i love you
and i wish you actually knew that

Inktober day 16 (part 1) - There’s a certain ethereal feeling that comes from Fall. Using colors, imagery, and whatever else you may deem necessary, try to depict that emotion. A prompt by @thatsthat24!

When I think of fall, I think of warm colors in cold weather, apples and fresh baked bread, and a sense of awe from nature with just just a small hint of mysticism. It’s meant to be self portrait of sorts, guest starring a black cat from my mom’s neighborhood, but it looks like a photo that was taken seconds before I trip over and fall flat on my face.

Again this took a while to make, as I wanted to tack another prompt (this is becoming a trend…), and I actually attempted a background of sorts. So be on the lookout for my other inktober sketch!

Please do not edit or repost without permission.