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i’ve been reading lots of amazing fics lately!!! s/o to these authors, you guys are amazing, keep up the awesome work!!!!! i love and appreciate all of you writers!!!💙


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this is kinda long so oops be prepared

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At my highschool some kid brought a toaster to school, plugged it in in the hallway, and it got taken away. Not long after the #freethetoaster started up, and you could buy shirts and pins and shit for it. It was awesome man


Argument between Haru and Makoto
Argument between Haru and Makoto

Makoto: If you truly want to stay as you are, I won’t say anything. But…If it’s just that you can’t find a dream for yourself, I…would want you to find one.

Haru: You want me to find one? Is that really something you can find just by looking for it?

Makoto: Well…

Haru: Forget it. I’m done talking about this.

Makoto: Wait.

Haru: Let go!

Makoto: Listen to me!

Haru: However many times I listen, it’s the same! You can’t find a dream just by looking for one! I’m fine with the way things are!

Makoto: You’re lying! The truth is, you want to find a dream, too! You should find that dream, and go flying into the outside world to follow it! You habe the ability to do that!

Haru: Even you’re talking like this? Where I swim and who I swim for…I’m free to decide that for myself! And I’m saying I’m fine with the way things are!

Makoto: But you’re not fine! You’re not fine! That’s why we’re all telling you this! Nagisa and Rei and Rin…And me…It’s because we all love you. Because we care about you. Why can’t you understand that?! We want you to find your dream…To look to the future…

Haru: All you ever do is meddle with everyone! Stop sticking your nose in everyone else’s business! A dream? A future? Well, what about yours? Stop going on about other people’s futures when you haven’t even decided your own! Well, say something.

Makoto: I have decided. I’m…going to a university in Tokyo. I meant to tell you sooner, but I just couldn’t find a way to say it. I…

Haru: Do whatever you want!

Makoto: Haru!

fucking cool shit, being necessary to the awesomeness of a free person, the right of all individuals to own all kinds of rad guns, is none of your god damn business.

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Caulscott one shot where Nathan and Max are at the carnival and Nathan and Max are at the basketball shooting stand and Max admires a big doe plushie that's one of the big plushie say the top of the rack but the basketball hoops are too far for Max to shoot for but Nathan's like "I got this babe" and shoots all hoops and wins the Doe plushie for Max and just ajaksopswkicp

I think everyone in the caulscott tag needs something cute this weekend, so I think this is perfect… This fanfiction is dedicated to all of the caulscott shippers! All of you are super, duper wonderful people and please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Thank you for sending in your ask and waiting patiently! (I’ll also get to your other request either tomorrow or the day after that!) c:

Warnings: None. SFW. Enjoy!

They were walking side by side each other, letting the fun, chaotic atmosphere sink in. Both of them let their eyes wander to the many stands and games that they passed by, eying the people who were either viciously competing for a simple stuffed animal or slumping their shoulders in utter defeat as the buzzer rang out into the din mockingly. Nathan didn’t see the appeal. It seemed like just a big waste of time - and a waste of money. The people who ran them seemed awfully cheeky and full of themselves, like they took pride in people’s defeat while knowing they still got paid for their losses.

It was kinda… bizarre.

Although, he knew that’s just how things worked in a place like this. Sighing, he pulled out a french fry out from the small food carton he was holding and popped it into mouth. He was getting bored. They had rode everything and checked out mostly the entire place, plus it was getting dark. At this point, he was satisfied and ready to go. Turning to his side, he murmured, “Uh, Max, maybe we should bounce…”

Strangely enough, she was no where in sight.

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~ Goodies Yo ~

Well, yeah I’m under prepared for this but definitely will be next time! But hey, who doesn’t like free dead shit?

Little curio grab that includes:

Gar scales, a Horse tooth, Pine Marten paw, and some roadkill Peacock feathers. Some skin samples of Wolf, Zebra, Red, Silver, and Kit fox. Coyote, Raccoon faces with tails.

~ Rules ~ - the unfun part.

  • Have to be following me, yeah that blows but it’s for you guys<3
  • US residents 18 and older only for this one. Sorry Internationals, you’ll be up next when I have more domestics to offer! But feel free to spread.
  • Likes and Reblogs count - just don’t spam your followers, that’s uncool.
  • If the winner is from California or New York, the wolf will be substituted for Fox or Raccoon Dog tail.(Sorry!)
  • Your postage is paid for, give away ends March 13th, 12:00 EST

Good luck to all, hopefully next time I’ll have some skulls ready.