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Lapidot week #4 2017 - Day 4 (June 23rd) - Free Day - Fooly Cooly AU

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I dunno. this was just on my mind. 

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Originally, I wanted to draw an AU where Link and Zelda were normal human kids in a world like ours, but then I started thinking about Zoras and I got excited and a new AU within an AU happened?? I’ll probably make more of this.

Ok so what if a Langst spy au??? Just hear me out……
•Shiro is still missing, everyone is expecting Keith to take over until they find Shiro
• they hear about prince lotor, but don’t have any information about him, so Allura and the blade of mamora are planning on sending in an undercover operative to have intel on him.
•lance accidentally walks in on the meeting, and over hears them talking about it.
• lance volunteers to go, thinking that this could be his chance to be able to lift his weight and not feel so much as the 7th wheel.
• Allura is not amused, refusing to send Lance in, cause she does care for him on some level, not that he knows this
• but Lance makes some really good points that it’s not exactly a secret that Lance and Keith don’t get along, that if Lance were to make a big enough argument with Keith, that it could get the Galra to be interested in trying to recruit him
• Allura concedes, cause it’s the best plan that she’s heard through the entire meeting. But she only lets him go on one condition: once they find Shiro, Lance has to come back as soon as possible.
•they all agree that the team shouldn’t know about the plan until after Lance has successfully infiltrated the Galra.
• the plan works great. And Lance is successfully apart of the Galra. And lotor is especially interested in Lance, which is good for the mission, not for Lance though.
•ALOT of creepy one-sided flirting. Lance promises to himself to apologize to Allura for all of his incessant flirting.
•bad news, is the team takes it HARD. First the lost Shiro and now Lance!
• hunk is just begging whatever god are out there that this is just some sort of nightmare and that he’ll wake up from it at any moment. He still believes that Lance will come back to the team.
• Pidge is pretty upset, and thinks that if they got Shiro back, then maybe he can talk some sense into Lance and bring him back.
•Keith is LIVID. He can’t believe that Lance betrayed them, that he had said all those things about him, and just turn his back on the team. Keith believes that Lance has completely turned his back on them, that he isn’t coming back.
• Allura can’t figure out how to tell the team that Lance didn’t actually betray them.
• fast forward to a week or two after the ‘betrayal’ they face off against lotor again, and lance as well.
• somehow Lance and Keith are fighting on a catwalk, about 5-6 stories high. And Keith isn’t holding back. He goes on and on about how lance is a traitor, and how he didn’t deserve to be apart of Voltron
• it definitely hurts lance, but lance has pretty much figured out that Allura hasn’t been able to tell the team yet. But he can’t tell Keith, or else his cover is blown.
•Keith takes swing at lance with his bayard, and puts a huge gash in his face.
• Keith kicks lance into the railing, only for it and lance to fall. But lance is able to catch himself barely on the catwalk, but his hand is too slippery, cover in his blood.
•lance calls for Keith, to help him. Lance knows Keith would let him fall.
•Keith lets him fall.
•it’s either, Keith was in a sort of angry frenzy that he didn’t realize lance was calling for him until it was too late, or something else.
•either way, Keith is sure that Lance is dead, and leaves. Not able to look at the dead body.
•but lance isn’t dead. He’s close to it, but not there yet.
•Lotor finds him and has haggar save his life. Of course, lance doesn’t come out of it whole.
• he had to have his complete spine replaced with one of haggar’s prosthetics. He has a scar on his face from Keith, and his arm had to be replaced as well. But he’s alive.
• to say that Allura is relieved when she gets communication from Lance is an understatement. Especially after Keith told them all that Lance was dead.
• lance still sends information and warnings about certain attacks and plans that the Galra have for months.
• then finally the others find Shiro, and Allura is so glad because that means that not only is Shiro back, but that Lance will come back as well.
• Lance sneaks back on to the castle during a battle between Lotor and the team. (Carrying a flash drive with as much information about lotor and the Galra as it can hold)
• Allura calls a retreat and the other paladins go to the bridge once they have successfully wormholed out of there. You can definitely say that they are surprised to see her talking to some random guy who looks a lot like…oh my god it’s Lance!
•you can definitely say that there are some mixed emotions.
•hunk is so happy! He knew it! Lance was alive! He’s back! He’s going to be okay!
•pidge is kind of weary of it. She’s not sure what to think, he might be back, or it might be a trick.
• Shiro is just confused. the others didn’t tell him about Lance ‘betraying’ them, or that they thought he died. He’s just trying to figure out where Lance came from.
• Keith is drawing his bayard and putting himself in between lance and the others, ready to strike.
•of course NOW is when Allura finally tells them all that Lance was undercover and spying on the Galra. Of course their pissed that they didn’t tell them, mostly at Allura cause she was suppose to as soon as Lance was in.
• Keith now feels like he is the biggest screw up in the room, cause he sees the scar on lance’s face. He realizes that he left his friend to die, even if he was under he idea that he betrayed them. He sees how lance’s eyes go stone cold when he looks at him. He knows that he lost Lance’s trust.

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K-kustard plz!? ((Sorry if you dint want to do it))

Enjoy, Anon!  ✧u✧

‘They’re talking about the weather, i’m sure’ part 2 X’D
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Do you know what I would really like? An AU where everything is the same but Marinette is a boy (Marin?) and there is a really fluffy marichat scene ♥^♥ I would die for see something like that!!! What do you think?

*grabs tablet and imediately draws about it proving how much trash i am*

so like i thought some ideas for this, if that’s alright, and well:

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PIRATE AU!! Where the captains are actual captains ,, and that may lead to your death- 
click on the images for headcanons

Get out
  • Phichit: do you ever have those moments when someone you're following on social media and they post something completely unrelated so you start questioning yourself why you even follow them in the first place?
  • Seung: how would I know I don't even use social media much
  • Phichit:
  • Phichit: please get the fuck away from me

i accidentally ended up with a bunch of thoughts for a superhero au who wants to add to these ideas

  • kanan’s an ordinary college student who works part time coffee barista except yeah okay she isn’t actually Ordinary considering she can control the temperature i.e. anything she touches, she can raise or lower its temperature
  • she just wants to have a normal life tho so she keeps her powers a secret and just uses them for mundane things (e.g. keeping her hoodie a wonderful toasty warm during winter, maintaining her drinks like coffee and hot choco at the perfect drinking temperature, never letting her ice cream turn into a sad puddle)
  • riko’s the first one to discover kanan’s powers and after a bunch of plot things happening, she introduces kanan to the gang
  • riko’s powers involve some sort of auditory caused synesthesia? i.e. emotional manipulation using the music she plays. it can also, to some extent, induce hallucinations to the hearer
  • dia can manipulate the time of animate things. ruby can also manipulate time but she can only use it for inanimate objects. the easiest and most often thing they use their powers for is to stop time but the aoe affects how much strain it is and how long they can hold it 
  • the kurosawas cant reverse time tho
  • (dia has a sword)
  • mari claims to be a teleporter. 
  • technically she can teleport? but her powers are actually closer to the category of time traveling? its limited to her ‘personal time’ tho and rather than moving temporally, she moves spatially i.e. as long as she’s been in that place before, she can go back to it. hence the pseudo-teleportation
  • also mari isnt actually part of the ‘good guys gang’
  • she’s that mysterious super who seems to have questionable morals and just randomly shows up, sometimes to help kanan + co, sometimes to actually hinder them. nobody’s actually sure who she is and what her real goals are
  • spoilers but mari’s “mundane identity” is that she’s part of the board of directors(?) to a really powerful tech company who’s very anti-people with powers
  • idk about the others yet but chika’s probably a furry can talk to animals maybe
My Co-Worker is a Werewolf - NekoPuff - Youtuber RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
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Relationships: Ken Morrison/Mary Thomson
Characters: Sean McLoughlin, Ken Morrison, Mary Thomson, Felix Kjellberg, Mark Fischbach
Series: Part 3 of The Supernatural Adventures of Jacksepticeye

Who would’ve figured Jack would pick up a boring office job? Well, mostly boring. At least that Ken guy seems super nice. Until he isn’t.

Good thing Ken’s phone rang that night or Jack would’ve found himself in a rather hairy situation.


Well mostly. I have more to come for this AU. But since I’ve gotten quite a head start, I can take five haha.

The next three parts will come once a week, because they’re prewritten. Then… hopefully… I can continue at a steady pace afterward.

Hope you enjoy! :D

domestic au shaundes where they go to home depot to buy house stuff and they cant reach something but instead of getting an employee desmond free runs up the shelf and shaun is like “get the fuck down from there

OTP Prompts


  • A is at an art museum, douchily explaining the ‘hidden meaning’ of a painting to an increasingly growing crowd. B clears their throat after a particularly personal insight into the artist’s life and says, “sorry, but not really?? At all??” (Bonus points if A is drunk and has no idea what they’re doing)
  • A owns a flower shop and one day B just kinda stumbles in, looking for the coffee shop that used to be there like three years ago. B buys a flower anyway, and comes back the next day and the next. A learns that B is a rather reclusive writer in between visits, and that he’s been stuck in a particularly nasty slump of writer’s block. Two weeks later, B bursts into the shop with the sudden realization that A is the one who’s been getting rid of his writer’s block, not the flowers.
  • A is a California kid looking to run away to NYC, B is a NYC kid looking to run away to California. They meet in a crappy diner somewhere in the middle, and they find home from there.

Lil snippets of dialogue to help you get started!!!

  • “Oh, so now it’s my fault?” “It was always your fault!!”
  • “I wanna be one of those old couples on the train that make other people want to be one of those old couples on the train!” “I’m more of a subway kind of guy, if I’m gonna be honest.”
  • “So what, you’re just going to stay here and sit on your ass?” “Is there any other way to sit?”


  • A is going through the grass looking for ladybugs with a lil magnifying glass and bug habitat and everything, and B accidentally tramples one and A just looks so heartbroken that B stays and helps him find roly polys for the rest of the day and listens to A rattle off bug facts.
  • “I thought my 64 pack of crayons was going to win over the whole class but you have a 96 pack and are we going to have to fight?? Oh my god no you’re crying I’m so sorry I moved for the third time and I just wanted to fit in”
  • A gets in trouble because they were supposed to make valentines for the whole class and they only made one for B “because it was more special that way”
Something I haven't seen yet,

Pirateship!AU FAHC.
Geoff, the captain who is often found guzzling down the rum and booze and shaking his head at his crew. Is extremely lucky. Known for his beard of many forms, and his laughter.

Jack, the navigator. Many say it’s bad luck to have a woman on board, but with Jack all would have been lost years ago. Keeps everyone on board in check. Doesn’t take shit from anybody not in their crew.

Gavin, the wily little right-hand man, dealing with the more grittier things. Is never really taken seriously until shit hits the fan. Knows his way around blades. Is a very good tactician, especially under pressure.

Michael, the man running the guns. All he guns. Cannon guns. Rifle guns. Dem arm guns. He’s also good with explosives. His loud war cries are heard above all explosions. Hand to hand combat against him is a mistake.

Ryan, the sellsword who joins the crew because they need a smart guy who can help Jack and Gavin keep the boat afloat, but can also hold off half an Armada on his own with a sword.

Jeremy and Matt, the main deckhands who follow everyone’s orders. They do everything from swabbing the deck to helping Michael fire the cannons when needed. Jeremy is best when he works above deck, sometimes taking Ray’s old position. Matt joins Trevor down below at times to take care of any technical problems and precious cargo and Geoff’s rum.

Ray, while no longer with the crew, was a valuable asset to them. He used to be the one in the crow’s nest, calling out code words and keeping an eye out for enemies, friendlies, and treasures alike. He know works in isolation, gaining money as a very successful mercenary.

Mica and Lindsay are not always on the ship, but are always able to show why the boys do need their help onboard. With Mica’s quick feet and smart mouth combined with Lindsay’s intimidating stare (and “unlucky” black cat), they help negotiate the majority of treasures their way before the other party can even notice they were hustled.

Trevor and Larry are the spies. The former’s dashing looks and the latter’s shifty/sneaky nature, they are most useful when obtaining intel from enemy ships or the mainland authorities. They are rarely caught together, and when they are, are always bailed out by one another.

Hey guys! I’m co-admining a YOI Discord group! If you would like to join, please send me a message and I’ll give you an invite code.

Please note that due to the fact that the admins are adults, we are making a hard rule that you MUST be 18+ to join the group. There will be NSFW and SFW channels that are separate, but we don’t want to take any chances.

Also, this is a discourse free zone. No au/ship/headcanon hate tolerated.

That being said, I hope to get a lot of people in there!