free seats

Just bros havin’ hot pot

Phichit and Yuuri are very clearly good friends. Friends who have history and who facetime. Friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time. 

Which makes the scene where they’re all having hot pot so much more in-your-face Viktuuri. 

Viktor and Yuuri are just 2 bros eatin’ n chillin’ at a 4 seat table. Viktor’s taken off his grey jacket which is folded over the free seat beside him. Got a full bottle of alcohol in front of him. He’s comfortable, relaxed. The boys are seated against the wall with the other two chairs keeping them and the rest of the restaurant apart. It’s more private and intimate that way, so that they can chill in peace. 

Why did Yuuri not think to message his other good bro Phichit and invite him to join? Well, it’s the night before a competition and Yuuri’s already feeling nervous, it’s fine that he just wants to keep things cool with Viktor for now.

But Phichit shows up all the same, so might as well all sit together and have a nice meal, right? Right.

And oh look-y here, there are two free seats right by Phichit, it’s going to be real easy to just sit down. But wait, Viktor’s jacket is over one of these seats. That’s a social no-no, a sign that says ‘seat-sorta-taken-unless-you’re-pregnant-or-injured’. No biggie though, the other chair is free and yey, it’s right by his buddy Yuuri!

Hang on a minute. 

When Celestino “Ciao ciao” Cialdini shows up to join the party, Phichit is seated where you’d have expected but Yuuri has moved?

That’s right, Yuuri changed seats.

Instead of just staying put, and having his pal Phichit sit down next to him with literally zero fuss, Yuuri thought ‘hey no, I’m gona go sit next to Viktor now that I have the excuse to since there are more than 2 people here’. 

And wait, what’s this? 

Viktor has taken off his black shirt at this point, and it’s folded over Yuuri’s (occupied) seat beside him. But then, what happened to Viktor’s grey jacket that was there before?

So basically, when Phichit arrived, Yuuri: 

  • got up, 
  • shuffled over the empty seat beside him,
  • moved around the table,
  • removed Victor’s jacket from the chair,
  • and then sat down.

Socially, this seems like a lot of obstacles to go through just to sit next to Viktor. But hey, it’s just sitting next to Viktor. It’s not like anything special happened from Yuuri being next to him. I mean, who knew Viktor was gona get hammered? The bottle of alcohol on the table that Yuuri had no intentions of drinking before a competition certainly wasn’t a sign of that. Not like Yuuri had any idea how Viktor behaved drunk, he’s obviously never drunk anything back in Japan…

And Yuuri was surprised by the pic Phichit uploaded? How could the boy not when Yuuri was being so obvious? Clinging and naked he may have been, but Viktor had the ‘drunk’ card in his arsenal of excuses for this. Viktor wasn’t the one who moved round the table in a clear effort to sit next to you. That was all you, Yuuri, and Phichit couldn’t ignore that when you were being so very obvious about it. He couldn’t! He your bro.

And bro got your back. Now you’ve got a picture of yourself with a naked Viktor Nikiforov. There’s something you’re gona wana frame and put by your nightstand. You’re welcome.

Estonian Gothic
  • You’re in grocery store. Ominous voice asks you if you’ve bought Alma milk. You look into your shopping cart. Everything there is Alma milk. There is nothing else, only Alma milk.
  • You’re walking down the street as you hear loud Finnish. “They’re here”, you think, “they’re always here” as you make eye-contact with other Estonian. You both disappear into less well-known streets of Old Town to escape the never-ending laughter and smell of urine that will linger for days.
  • You’re in Tartu. Everyone there is a student. All around you, you can only see university students. There is no one else in Tartu, only students. You feel compelled to walk across Kaarsild.
  • You haven’t felt touch of another human being for weeks, maybe months and are more than comfortable with said situation. You enter a bus, searching for safe place to sit down without coming to contact with anyone. There is no free pair seats that don’t have another human sitting there. You stand in the most vacant spot on the bus, as far away from others as possible.
  • The sun hasn’t set for 20 hours. You feel insatiable need to build a huge bonfire and search for fern blossom. You check calendar. It’s 24th of June. You jump over bonfire. How many times have you jumped over bonfire? You do not know.
  • You ask your friend what they are doing for summer holidays. They say that they’re going to the islands to visit their relatives. You nod in agreement as you both feel compelled to eat rhubarb cakes and listen to the tales of Soviet times and stories of dead relatives.
  • It’s Sunday and you are going to sauna. You always go to sauna. There is no such thing as not going to sauna. Everyone is always going to sauna. Streets are empty, there is no movement in the entire country. Everyone is in the sauna. The scent of birch trees roams across entire land.

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could you post/write a quick fluffy imagine in the rest of the boys POV where y/n and Harry are doing something cute, like everyone is sitting on the tour bus together and Harry is being a gentleman or something and one of the boys notice it (:

You know that they’re going to tease him about it, but it’s all out of love. The boys love seeing Harry so happy and it’s been a while since they’re really been able to see him with someone that he truly seems to be smitten with.

It’s the moments they see when you’re hanging out on the bus and Harry - though he could choose any of the other free seats in the bus - chooses to sit next to you. Not just next to you, but as close to you as he possibly can.

It’s when you’re walking from the bus to the stadium and Harry reaches out to take your hand out of habit because he doesn’t want you to get separated from him, even though they have security at every entrance.

It’s when they see Harry bolt from the stage as soon as the show is over and they know he’s going straight to you; it’s confirmed moments later when the they see the two of you in the dressing room hallway and Harry can barely keep his hands off of you.

It’s when you’re all out to dinner and Harry insists that you try a little bit of every single thing on his plate, and laughs when he tries to steal some of yours and you pout.

It’s when they accidentally walk in on the end of his Skype call with you while he’s away and it’s a back-and-forth of “Love you more.” “No, I love you more.” “Okay, but I love you the most.”

So yeah, they’ll tease him about it because they’re his mates and it’s their job to tease, but really, they’re thrilled that Harry has found someone like you.

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When I was a hostess at a pretty well known steak house, someone once called me the C word because the wait time on a Friday was an hour and they didn't make a reservation. My manager was right there. She gave them free food and made seating them a priority. >.>

Characters: Gray x Reader

Genre: Angst

Request: You secretly like Gray and he asks you out. However, it turns out to be a dumb dare from Jay.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?”

You turned your head around and felt your cheeks flush pink when you noticed it was Gray. Smiling, you nodded and patted the free seat besides you. The two of you were currently hanging out at an after party since AOMG had finished their concert. But, you were surprised that he would actually want to talk to you. Gray had spoken to you a few times and you had always admired him from afar. You loved his music, personality, his smile, his music but he was way out of your league. So far the two of you were just friends…so far.

“Yeah..ummm.” He stumbled into his seat, with an almost empty drink in his hand. 

“Are you feeling okay?” You asked, concerned that he might have drank too much too quickly.  He chuckled and waved his hand, drinking from his cup.

“Yeah, it’s all good! Don’t you worry about me.” His voice at a higher pitch as he grinned at you. Why is his smile so damn bright, you thought.

“I wanted to tell you something. Its embarrassing but I need to come clean with you.” Perking up at his statement, you could feel your heart racing. Ask me something? And it was embarrassing? Taking in a deep breath as you clutched onto your own drink tighter. Was he going to…you couldn’t even finish that though. No, he wouldn’t.

“Sure, nothing should be embarrassing between us.” You almost cringed at that sentence. It basically screamed at him that you wanted to be close with him. You took a gulp from your own drink and felt you body relax slightly.

“I need to tell you how I feel.” He rested his chin on his palm and stared at you. He looked so innocent right now. His eyes were wide and his hair falling over them, his lips slightly parted as he blinked slowly.

“H-h-how you feel?” You stuttered at his word choice.

“Well, we’ve been speaking for awhile now and you’re always-“ He took another drink “alwaaaays there for me. I really like that about you.” Oh god…was he…confessing to you right now? A gasp escaped your lips as you tried to hold it together. The boy that you were literally crushing on for months is actually talking to you and is so close to actually saying what you’ve been dying to hear him say.

“So, basically, if I get to the whole point.” He leaned forward and put his hand in yours, it felt warm and soft. Unable to move, you let him grip onto you, enjoying the butterflies in your stomach.

“Gray, I think you’re drunk.”

“No! I only drank so I had the…the…the” He glanced up at the ceiling trying to put his sentence together “confidence! I needed to find the confidence to come over and confess to you. This isn’t really romantic.” He gestured to the loud music and people grinding against each other on the dance floor.

“But, I mean it…really. I like you. We need to go out sometime. Just us two.” He leaned in closer, so much so that you could feel his breath.

“No one else.” His fingers slowly left your hand and gently touched your cheek, his voice so soft that you could barely hear it. “I don’t want to be around anyone else. Just you. I really like you.” You dared to look at him and you sunk even deeper into your chair. Why is this happening now? Were you dreaming?

“I…I don’t even know what to say.” He grinned and his hand left your face to grab his drink, finishing it.

“You don’t need to say anything. Just think about it.”

“But I…” Do it, your mind screamed at you This was your chance to finally let him know how you were feeling. He had been on your mind for months and he was right here confessing to you.

“I…I like you too.” Gray frowned and his head rolled to the side to look at you, his mind racing.

“You like me?” His voice was now louder, making sure that you heard his question. He looked confused. Your heart felt like it was going to burst. Finally being able to say it felt like you had been set free from everything that you had been hiding from him.

“Yeah, I do. I was waiting for the right moment or for you to approach me.” You admitted while grinning, already feeling like you were on a high.

“Oh.” He suddenly looked like he had sobered up. He was sitting upright, his eyes looked focused, and his voice was now sounding at a normal level.

“What made you say it here? I mean I’m not fussy or anything but-“ As you were talking you noticed that his eyes flashed behind you several times. Was there a fight going on? You frowned, turning your head around to see what had caught his interest. A few seats away from you, a drunken Jay was giggling besides an equally as drunk Simon. The both of them leaning against each other for balance. Why were they laughing so hard? Had you missed something or was it just the drinks taking their effect?

“I…I’m so sorry.” You spun around to look at Gray. Who now looked like he was regretting every life choice. He refused to look at you and was constantly running his hands through his hair.

“I…I fucked up. Really fucked up.”

“W..What? What happened?” Why did his attitude completely change? He was happy a second ago.

“Do you have to pay for the drinks, then?” Jay sat down besides you, with a wide grin. Maybe he knew what was wrong.

“Jay, I don’t think this was a good-“

“Did he ask you out? Mhmm?” Jay cut through him, how did he know that Gray was going to ask you out? Maybe Gray wanted some advice or encouragement to approach you.

“Y-Yeah, he did. Did you encourage him to do it or…?”

“Encouraged him!? We’re basically playing God right now. We were giving each other dares and we said to Gray that if he asked you out that he wouldn’t have to pay for any of the drinks tonight and-.” Suddenly you couldn’t hear anything. Your mouth parted as you started at Jay blabbering on, not making much sense. It was a dare? Gray…you then looked at him and he was staring at the floor. His face looking like he had been smacked and you could tell he had completely sobered up with the reality of the situation hitting him.

“Simon! You need to pay for the drinks now!” Jay stood up and grabbed on to the chair for support. “HEY! Simon!” He waved goodbye as he walked away, chanting “Simon Dominic! Simon D.O.M.I.N.I.C” If you hadn’t felt so numb then you would have laughed. Silence. The two of you sat there without saying anything. Had he really done this to you?

“I’m so sorry. We…we were just messing around. It wasn’t anything serious! I promise, I didn’t mean to embarrass or-“

“Well you did, Gray! I look like an idiot right now.” Snapping at him as your eyes filled with tears, trying to make sense of everything. You had confessed to him. Told him that you liked him while he knew all along that it was a stupid dare.

“Listen, I won’t tell anyone. It my fault.”

“Damn right it’s your fault!” You stood up and grabbed your jacket. You didn’t want to be here anymore.

“I fucking…I can’t believe you would do this to me, Gray. I get it. You’re out of my league and I’m not as popular or as good looking or whatever! But I still have feelings and respect for myself not to-“ He stood up and grabbed your hand, wanting to calm you down.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” You shoved him away as you walked down the steps and towards the club doors. All of AOMG would know what he did and that you had bloody fallen for it. Confessed to him like an idiot.

“Please, just listen to me.” He walked frantically behind you, wanting to apologise a thousand times. Pushing your way through the crowd, you managed to walk out into the street. The fresh air and openness helped ease your mind as you didn’t feel trapped anymore. However the more you thought about it the more angry you got.

“I fucked up and I shouldn’t have played with your emotions like that.I didn’t know how you felt. I’m so sorry.” Where’s the taxis? You looked along the street and wanted to desperately get into one and go home.

“Please, listen to me! Say something…anything I need to know we’re cool with each other.” Ignoring him, you walked further down the street in the hopes of finding a ride home. Your tears were close to escaping and your fists were clenched. Don’t give him the satisfaction of seeing you upset. Don’t do it.

“Can I call you later? Maybe we can talk once everyone’s sober and back in the right mindset.” His voice was close to cracking, as he sounded more desperate by the second. In the distance you spotted a free taxi, quickly sticking your hand out and waved at the driver, who made his way towards you. Your heart was breaking…he didn’t have feelings for you. He lied. The taxi stopped in front of you and you grabbed the door handle opening it.

“Don’t!” He slammed the door shut, making you stumble forward. “Please talk to me.”

“Let go.”

“I can’t let you go like this.”

“I said, let go.” Your voice getting lower as you glared at him. Let me go…I can’t be around you when I’m feeling like this. I’m too close to breaking.

“Are you getting in or what, Miss?” The taxi man spoke up, knowing that he would have other customers.

“Please…” He stared at you with determination, however; your stubbornness was in full force. You grabbed his wrist and pushed him away, quickly opening the door and closing it.

“Drive down here, please. I’ll tell you address on the way.” The driver quickly drove away. A sudden gasp left your mouth that you didn’t realise you were holding. Your phone started to ring, glancing down you noticed it was Grays ID. Your heart sunk even deeper as his name kept flashing at you, the fucking bastard. You turned your phone off and stared right ahead into the distance as your cheeks were now stained with tears.  

Don’t look back.

I know this is slightly out of character for Gray/Jay but I feel like when they’re drunk anything is possible haha thank you for requesting this and I hope you all like it ^^

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1D as boys I’ve met in my 6:30 am commute to school

Niall: the one who high fives, fist bumps or somehow else greets almost everyone in the bus because he knows everyone and everyone knows him. often the loudest person in the bus, telling jokes that can sometimes be a bit problematic but most of the time he’s just genuinely sweet.

Harry: the one with half on his hair always in a messy bun (barely kept together with a purple hair band). always gets on the bus last because he lets everyone go first, then ends up squashed against bus door in the overcrowded vehicle. usually falls asleep leaning against the door, in winter leaving an imprint of his face on it.

Liam: the one who kept sitting next to me every day for almost a year. always asks if the seat is free. always tries to make polite small talk. if any elderly person gets on the bus he immediately offers them his seat, even when there are other unoccupied seats. definitely too good for this filthy world.

Louis: the one in the leather jacket who smokes every morning hidden behind the bus stop. looks like the type of guy you don’t want to be friends with but actually is the only one who talks to the awkward boy who was sitting next to me on the bus for almost a year. always blows the smoke away from anybody who’s near him. i accidentally overheard two of his conversations. both times he was talking about his younger sisters.

College Project with Tyler

Requested imagine, where you work on a college project together, and confess your love to each other. 

this is a little shorter, but i love it so hey! have quite a few to write, but feel free to keep requesting things, they may just take a while. Feedback on anything I write is also welcome, just don’t be mean!

The only thing that made your 8am class, on a Monday morning slightly better was Tyler Joseph. You like to think that he would say the same about you, but all you happened to be, were two friends who shared an early morning lecture. Nothing more, nothing less.

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The Bad Boy and The Good Girl [NCT Yuta Oneshot]

REQUESTED: Bad boy!Yuta where your usual seat is taken and the only free seat is next to him and at first he seems cold and unapproachable but really he’s just nervous to talk to you bc he knows how kind and sweet you are???

Narrator’s P.O.V.

Y/N entered her classroom expecting her usual seat to be empty, but apparently, it was taken by some girl that recently transferred to her school. Y/N was a bit upset that the girl took her seat and none of her friends said anything - but she just let it go. She doesn’t really like finding problems with anyone in this school and besides, she’s the new student.

Y/N looked around the classroom in search of an empty seat; and - unfortunately for her - there was an empty seat beside the school’s bad boy - Yuta.

“Just my luck,” Y/N mumbled to herself before walking over.

Y/N didn’t hate him or anything, it was just that he is pretty intimating, cold to lots of people and unapproachable. But, she’ll have to make the best of it.

Y/N walked towards Yuta timidly with her bag hanging on her shoulder and two textbooks in her arm. When she got there, Yuta had his headphones on - not noticing Y/N’s presence.

“Is this seat taken?” Y/N asked but Yuta didn’t hear her. She then decided to take off his headphones and ask him: “Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

Yuta looked a little bit angry - but Y/N didn’t care. “Well, there’s nobody sitting there, so you can think that for yourself,” Yuta replied sarcastically.

“You don’t have to sound so sarcastic,” Y/N said trying not to raise her voice. “I was just being polite.”

Yuta just looked at her with no sign of apologetic and put his headphones back on. Y/N sighed lightly and sat on the chair.


“Hey Y/N, how do you do this?” One of their classmates asked.

“Let me see,” Y/N said as she looked at the question and began to explain to her classmate.

Yuta stole a glance at her and looked at her beautiful and gentle smile. Honestly, Yuta has like the biggest crush on Y/N since the first day he laid eyes on her - it’s cliché, but it’s true. Y/N made him nervous every single moment; that’s why he’s acting cold. He doesn’t want Y/N to know that he’s nervous and all.

“Thank you so much Y/N, you’re the best.”

“No problem,” Y/N replied and continued to do her work.

Y/N noticed that Yuta was looking at her. Y/N looked at him and gave him a really sweet smile. Yuta immediately looked away trying to hide his face from embarrassment.

Yuta mentally punched himself for feeling embarrassed and hoped that Y/N didn’t realise it.


The day after that, Y/N came in and sat at the same place - beside the bad boy. Her usual seat wasn’t taken today, but she insisted on seating at the same place. Like you expect, Y/N has some feelings for Yuta, but it isn’t as strong because lots of the girls in the school liked him and he has a reputation - so, she basically has no chance. In addition, Yuta is like a bad boy. Y/N doesn’t really like bad boys that much - but something about Yuta just attracts her to him.

As Y/N sat beside Yuta, she greeted him with a smile and took out her phone. Y/N began playing a game that interested Yuta - a lot - because he played this exact same game too.

Yuta watched in amazement at how good Y/N was at the game and how relaxed she was playing. When he plays the game, he’s very serious and all - so she’s like the complete opposite.

“Aww,” Y/N whined in disappointment when she lost the game.

“You should use this card instead of the because that card is the monsters weakness,” Yuta said in a gentle voice to Y/N.

Y/N looked a bit shock at Yuta’s sudden gentleness and listened to what he said.

After playing that level and passing it, Y/N smiled widely and thanked Yuta.

“You’re welcome,” Yuta said with a small smile.

“I didn’t know you would like this game,” Y/N said.

“Well, you don’t know a lot of things about me,” Yuta said with a little smirk.

“Oh really?” Y/N asked not really believing him.

“Yeah, and when you do, you might even fall in love with me,” Yuta confidently teased her.

“Wow, Mr. Bad Boy is all flirtatious,” Y/N teased him.

“Wait, what? Mr. Bad Boy?” Yuta asked. “Is that what you all are calling me?”

“Yeah, cause you’re pretty bad,” Y/N teased with a little giggle.

“Alright, tell me what makes me a bad boy,” Yuta challenged her.

“Well, your clothes aren’t tucked in, you play with your phone during class, you’ve tried smoking and you’ve bullied some students,” Y/N said.

“Okay, the clothes and the phone is true. But, the smoking isn’t. Where did you hear that from?” Yuta asked with a little pout.

“It’s a gossip the whole school’s been talking about,” Y/N said.

“Well, the whole school’s wrong. The only time I touched a cigarette was to hide it from my father, so he’ll stop smoking,” Yuta explained himself.

“Okay fine, what about the bullied part?” Y/N asked.

“Bully? I don’t think I’ve bullied anyone,” Yuta said with a frown.

To Y/N, Yuta’s frown was probably the cutest thing ever.

“The girls said that they saw you scolding some guy and threatening him,” Y/N said.

“Hmm, let me think,” Yuta said trying his hardest to recall - and it came to his mind. “That wasn’t bullying - I believe. It’s more like lending a helping hand.”

“How is it helping hand?” Y/N asked curiously.

“Well, you see, my friend was being bullied by another person; and I, just stepped in to help him not get bullied anymore,” Yuta explained.

“Oh, I see,” Y/N said with a nod. “So, Mr. Bad Boy has some good in his blood then - huh?”

“Well, of course, I do,” Yuta said with a smirk. “And maybe, Ms. Good Girl has some bad blood running in her veins?”

“Ms. Good Girl?” Y/N asked in shock and tried her hardest not to laugh.

“Well, you’re like the kindest and sweetest person in the school,” Yuta said.

“Okay, I’m not bragging or anything - but it is true,” Y/N said in a joking way.

“Oh wow, Ms. Good Girl is a showoff,” Yuta teased and Y/N hit him lightly - making him laugh.

“I am not and I can be a pretty bad myself,” Y/N said.

“Ms. Good Girl can be bad too?” Yuta asked in slight disbelief.

“Umm yes, I’ve chewed gum before and our school doesn’t allow gum on campus,” Y/N said.

“I’ve done that too, it’s pretty normal,” Yuta said pretending not to be impressed.

“Ummm, I’ve returned a book late and haven’t paid the fine yet,” Y/N said.

“That’s something a nerd would do,” Yuta teased.

“Fine, I once skipped class and went to the rooftop because I didn’t want to see our maths teacher,” Y/N said softly.

“Alright, now that’s pretty bad for someone like you,” Yuta said impressed - making Y/N smile widely.

“You don’t seem cold at all,” Y/N said. to Yuta.

“Well, it’s because I was nervous,” Yuta confessed.


“Because you’re sitting beside me.”

“And why would Ms. Good Girl make Mr. Bad Boy nervous?” Y/N asked with a giggle.

“Because Ms. Good Girl is the prettiest and kindest person that Mr. Bad Boy has ever seen,” Yuta said with a slight blush appearing.

Y/N was a little shock at his sudden comments but accepted it. “Well, I’m happy that Mr. Bad Boy think of Ms. Good Girl that way,” Y/N said with a smile. “Because there’s something that attracts Ms. Good Girl to Mr. Bad Boy.”

Yuta smiled upon hearing Y/N’s words and the teacher came in - unexpectedly late.

“Class I apologise for being late. Please open your textbooks to page 142,” the teacher said as she settles down.

Yuta looked at Y/N and felt his heart racing because the two felt the same way about each other.

Yuta took out a piece of paper and began to write something and passed it to Y/N without the teacher seeing:

How about we meet at the rooftop during lunch?

Y/N then wrote on the paper as a reply:

Won’t we get in trouble?

Yuta smirked at her words and replied:

Well, Ms. Good Girl has to try being a bad girl for once.

Y/N rolled her eyes with a slight giggle as she read the messaged and replied:

And Mr. Bad Boy needs to be a good boy for once and stop writing messages like this so we don’t get in trouble.

Yuta took another piece of paper, because the first one is filled, and wrote:

Okay, but let me just send you a few more, maybe two?

Y/N glanced at Yuta a little and a small smile appeared as she wrote:

Okay, shoot it.

Yuta took a deep breath before writing this because this question will either be a beginning of something wonderful, or something horribly wrong:

Would you like to be the good girl that every bad boy needs?

Y/N was a little shock and gasp a little - luckily the teacher didn’t hear her:

Is Mr. Bad Boy confessing to me?

Yuta took another paper and wrote:

Yes, because Mr. Bad Boy is deeply in love with Ms. Good Girl and wants to give this relationship a try.

Before Y/N could write anything back, the paper was taken by their class teacher. “You two,” their teacher said and pointed to Y/N and Yuta. “Principal’s office, now.”

Y/N and Yuta awkwardly stood up - trying not to laugh - and immediately walked out the class.

As the two began walking across the hallway to the principal’s office, Yuta asked the question again. “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

Y/N immediately kissed him - giving him a little shock but he immediately returned the kiss.


So, you could say that the two are one of the most popular couples in the school and their relationship lasted longer than anyone expected.

They’ve settled down, have kids, actually jobs, a proper house of their own. It’s something that no one in their school expected.



I found his jumper part 12|| D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part, Sixth Part, Seventh Part, Eighth Part, Ninth Part, Tenth Part, Eleventh Part

A/N: wow wow wow. here is part 12. I somehow really liked writing this part. I hope you like reading it as well.

Word Count: 1.5K


Originally posted by smiiseveny

The big crowd was cheering with anticipation. The stands were filled with students wearing the school’s colour red. I wasn’t really the type to attend the football games on Saturdays. Back home I watched football on the TV with my dad, but I never went to my high school’s matches. Now that my boyfriend was the captain of the team I had to come. Not that I would complain. It was actually quiet exciting.

“Let me find Dan real quick. He said he wants to see me before the game starts.” I told Hayley while we pushed through a couple of people on the way to some free seats.

“Okay, what if I’m gonna get us some snacks while you go and suck his face off” my green haired friend offered, making me roll my eyes.

I agreed anyway and handed her my wallet while I told her my order.

As quickly as the many people let me I made my way to the dressing rooms where Dan was already waiting for me outside.

“There you are, baby.” he exclaimed as soon as he spotted me, clearly happy to see me. He was already wearing his football uniform. The shoulder pads really showed off how broad his shoulders were. With his left hand he carried his red helmet which he was going to need in less than ten minutes. As soon as I reached him he took me into a big hug. My chest was pressed against his padded one. I could tell that he was nervous and somehow that made him even more affectionate than he normally already was. Today’s game was an important one. There was a lot of pressure on him since he was the captain.

“You’ll do great.” I assured him as he let go of me. He ran his fingers through his brown hair and slightly nodded. “I hope so. I wouldn’t wanna let the team down.”

I smiled up at him and got on my tiptoes to kiss my tall boyfriend as the door to the dressing rooms opened.

“The game starts in five minutes, captain.” one of Dan’s teammates shouted and added a ‘sorry’ as he saw what we were doing. I giggled into the kiss and let go of him.

“You better go now, captain.” I chirped, ready to head back the where Hayley was waiting for me.  

“Wait a second, Rose.” Dan said and held me back by holding onto my hand.

“I have a spare jersey and I thought you may want to wear it?” he asked and showed me his red jersey that said 'HOWELL’ on the back.

I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear and without having to answer him I took the shirt he held out for me and put it on over my regular one. It was a bit big, but I couldn’t care less.

'Howell, the game is about to start! Get your ass on the field!’ I heard some boys shout in the background. They seemed like they were close to freaking out.

“One last good luck kiss?” Dan asked, raising his eyebrows, making me laugh.

“Fine.” I groaned with a smile before I pressed my lips against his. Although thousands of people in the stands were talking and cheering everything seemed to go silent as soon as we kissed.

Suddenly we weren’t in a hurry anymore and I felt Dan relax against me.

“Good luck, baby.” I whispered as we separated.

When I plopped down on the plastic seat next to Hayley she had already eaten half of her snack. I apologized for taking so long but she just shrugged and handed me the drink she had bought for me. The game was going to start in a few seconds. Both teams were entering the field now accompanied by cheers and shouts. I immediately spotted Dan. He was scanning the tribunes with his eyes and smiled as soon as he saw me. I chuckled and waved in his direction.

“Wait were you already wearing that shirt when we came here?” Hayley asked confused, during the kick-off. I shook my head no and turned around to show her the back.

“Of course he would give you his shirt, that cheesy shit.” she laughed.

Luckily Dan had had no reasons to worry at all. They were clearly the much better team and were in the lead throughout the whole match. Students were going crazy whenever they scored and Dan did an amazingly great job. It was a bit hard to concentrate for me sometimes, because damn that boy looked hot while playing football. My eyes were just following him most of the time. I also watched  

Phil and Caleb play for a bit before I focused on Dan again. It was especially hard see him get tackled and honestly I had to grab Hayley’s hand a few times.

“Oh my god, Dan you were awesome. Congrats.” I shouted as soon as I had pushed trough all the people who were trying to congratulate the players as well. I basically tackled him into a hug.

Dan quickly took his helmet off, revealing his sweaty hobbit hair. He was still breathing unevenly and gulped down some water from a bottle that was given to him by his coach.

“That’s because we had the most beautiful lucky charm in the world.” Dan whispered into my ear so only I could hear it. I couldn’t help but blush while he discussed some details of the game with all the others. The were still filled with adrenaline and shouting although there was no need to. Dan had wrapped his arm wrapped around my waist, pressing me against his side, showing everybody that we were together. Me wearing his jersey also added to that picture and since we were talking about Dan Howell the popular football player everybody on campus obviously already knew that we were dating.

“You coming to the party, captain?” the blonde Running Back who was new on the team asked Dan.

He shot me a questioning look as if he was waiting for my okay. I simply shrugged and nodded.

“You are the captain, you can’t miss that.” I smiled.

After about 10 minutes of chatting, Dan disappeared in his changing room to shower and change while I quickly headed back to my dorm with Hayley so we could change into something more appropriate for a wild victory party.

Hayley wasn’t that fond of the football team, but I convinced her to go there with me. Dan was already waiting for me at the party and Phil was there too, so that’s already two awesome people.

“You know that I hate parties, Rose.” Hayley groaned while I dragged her up the stairs to some boy’s room. We could already hear the enormously loud music before we had even reached the wide open door. The blond dude from earlier welcomed us with a friendly nod. We entered the flat that was stuffed with people. There was stinging smoke in the air and the smell of cheap alcohol made me feel sick. The football team was easy to spot since they were the centre of attention. A crowd of mainly girls had formed around them. One of the players wasn’t wearing a shirt anymore and several females were running their hands over his well defined chest.  

“Who needs girlfriends when you got booze and sluts” he shouted, swinging his vodka bottle.

The whole football team that was surrounding him raised their glasses and cheered enthusiastically. My eyes landed on Dan, beer bottle in the air and hooting with agreement. My heart sunk at the sight.

“Assholes.” I heard Hayley snap next to me and I couldn’t believe what message my boyfriend was supporting.  

Soon after the rest of the football team was attacked by thirsty girls I saw Dan make his way through the crowd towards me.

“Hey, baby.” he whispered and tried to kiss me, but I turned my face to escape his pink lips. He obviously had a few sips of alcohol already and looked at me in confusion.

“Do you wanna dance?” he tried again, looking me deep in the eye.

“Actually, I was just about to leave. This kind of party is not really my thing.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Rose, please. Did I do something wrong? I really don’t want you to leave and-” he started but I was quick to interrupt him.

“Why do you even care Dan? Who needs girlfriends when you got booze and sluts, right?” and with that I turned on my heels and  headed towards the door.

Public Service

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You entered the train and bit the inside of your lips, looking around for a free seat but ended up standing at the edge of a seat grabbing onto the closest pole. The coach was pretty occupied as you pulled out your phone from your bag finding something to kill time. You were scrolling down your Instagram feed when you felt someone lightly tapping on your shoulder. You quirked an eyebrow questioningly at the man standing in front of you. He was a few centimetres higher than you were and suddenly the train suddenly made a turn sending him jerking towards you. You flinched away from him avoiding contact with the stranger. “Sorry.” He apologised trying to balance himself back and you just nodded your head.

“I was just offering you my seat.” He signalled with his hand the seat next to you and you shook your head but at the look of his face and how a few people were now looking your way. You felt obligated to seat not wanting to seem rude at his effort of being nice. “Please, I couldn’t possibly let a lady stand while I seat.”

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