free scripts

  • {Jihyo and Mina have to act out a scenario for a mission where Jihyo is a 7 year old kid}
  • Mina: Feel free to consult the script I've prepared.
  • Jihyo: Ok, but, uh, it's a little stilted.
  • Jihyo: "I am feeling trepidation at the prospect of a parentless existence." No kid talks like that.
  • Mina: Those lines were lifted verbatim from my girlhood diary.

”I have come back, I have come back from a pit of pimps and whores! Ladies and gentlemen, I’m making this up on the spot so bear with me. I have come back, need I wash behind the ear, is there logic in a tear? Who has rolled my stone away? Must I come back another day? I have come back to dance upon a broken toe. It is Ulysses’ home to roost – the pro-chance a little juiced. I have come back, I have come back to look upon this appalling pall, and not there is to say my friends, say fuck you all, you all. In my beer you dropped your cigarette, don’t you have the least regret? Lisa!”

A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon (1988)

“Of all of the things that she’s ever said-”

“-she goes and says something that just knocks me dead…”


SHE is fleeting, like a moonbeam between clouds. She is open, and compassionate, and carries her heart on her sleeve. She is like a flute - bright, well-measured, at times harsh but never unpleasant. She cannot be unpleasant - there is no way she could be perceived that way, and it would be disingenuous to say otherwise. She is not perfect - no one is perfect - but she is as close as humanly possible, and it is more than enough. She remembers who she is, where she has been, and what she knows; all this in addition to the things she knows she will learn. She inspires, she dances, and she is humble and polite - no one can compare, and no one draws comparisons.

HE is content, but not happy. He is stubborn, level-headed, and open to give advice - though he might not be the best at receiving it. If She is a flute, he is more like a guitar - malleable, content to change his tune, and complex. They would be a nontraditional duet, but one of marked intent and direction. He is in love - he may have always been and never known it - but it is obvious to everyone. He spends as much time as possible in the now, but the past sneaks up on him - he also keeps snapshots of those past moments that stand out, like a photo album. He will be happy - it is coming. But for now, he is content, and it is enough.


“The fire’s out, but still it burns. In the darkness all alone, lose your heart but don’t know when, and no one cares– there’s no one there.

Well did you see the flares in the sky? Were you blinded by the light? Did you feel the smoke in your eyes? Did you see the sparks feel the hope? You are not alone ‘cause someone’s out there, sending out flares.”

  • Me: The Free! dub comes out today! Im kinda excited...
  • Free! Dub: Dude
  • Free! Dub: Reen
  • Free! Dub: Say-may-zooka
  • Free! Dub: I've got backstroke for days
  • Me: *launches self into an active volcano*
  • Free! Dub: Don't be a douche bag
  • Free! Dub: Holy craps
  • Me: Why? Why did they drag those poor voice actors into this?

i wasn’t one of the students who took the june 6th SAT, but i still think it’s super irresponsible of college board to just throw out the scores from the sections they screwed up on. they’re the ones who made the mistake, they should be the ones offering things like free retakes or other compromises so that students’ time and money isn’t wasted. but instead they just want to change how they score those individual tests!! how are the scores of those students going to be accurately compared against those of kids who took the test at other times (like with regards to college apps, resumes, etc)? how is it going to be made clear that those students may not have scores reflective of their actual performance because of college board’s own mistakes? they can’t just screw over a whole group of students like this, that’s so incredibly unfair to them. i really hope they actually do something positive instead of refusing to clean up their own mistakes.