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You can always workout. If u can’t go to the gym, go outside!!!! It’s always a good idea to have a good pair of shoes, some light weights to strengthen your muscles, and a yoga mat so it doesn’t hurt to lie on the ground. And find a routine that works for u!!! I use Kayla itsines bbg! I love it. Your gonna have to work for a good body, but YOU CAN DO THIS! Make it happen so you can become the better you. DO IT FOR YOU!

Keith as the Leader
  • Lance:jfc the galra are everywhere
  • Hunk:guys I'm surrounded this is awful
  • Pidge:Keith what's the plan???
  • Keith:
  • Pidge:Keith? You there? What is the plan?
  • Keith:
  • Pidge:wtf why isn't he answering
  • Lance:guys I saw keith literally eject himself from his lion a few minutes ago because he thought he saw Zarkon through a window I think we're on our own.
  • Allura:*speaking to shiro's spirit* nice job m8 good pick I'll just wait here