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boyfriends who judge together, stay together (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 



RinHaru Week - Day Two - WATER.

well, it’s not exactly water but… i tried?

having a dog named water wouldnt be so bad if their cat wasn’t named mackerel. rin should probably never let haru buy their pets by himself. also, tiny shoutout to @animewolf112 for bringing mizu into this world !! 


Spectacledchic’s Shoes Collection Male Edition: Sneakers

I’m back with shoes collection!!!

This time I’m doing male edition. 

Well, I changed my laptop last April and I lost quite a lot of cc especially in sims3pack files(I used to download cc in sims3pack files and I deleted them once I installed) and I too lazy to download them back.*cough* 

Now I just left a few male shoes(that I think are worth download). I didn’t really play male sims much so I think is not necessary download more and makes my game lag. *peace*

1) Converse Low Tops by Semller

2) Adidas Superstar by Semller

3) Nike Free Run 3 by Pixicat

4) Nike Ultra Moire Sneakers by Semller & Cualquiere

5) Nike HighTops by Pixicat

6) Nike High Top Air Force 1 by Chunkysims

7) Converse HighTops by Pixicat

8) Converse High Tops by Semller

9) Raf Simons Rivet by Semller

10) Fila Disruptor Sneakers by Semller & Cualquiere

11) Raf Space Sneakers by Semller

12) Buffalo x Solestruck 1350-A2 by Semller

13) Nike Air Griffey by Chunkysims

14) Reebok Kamikaze by Chunkysims

15) Yeezy 2 by Chunkysims


This is SIMS 3 CC collection.

Please DO NOT CONVERT OR EDIT any of the items from my cc collection because they are not mine.

DO ASK the original creators’ permissions if you want to.

e-eonore  asked:

FALLOW ! ( even tho yellow )

YELLOW = I don’t know you at all.

FALLOW = I want to run through the Northern wilderness barefoot with you

[villainous mastermind voice] aaahhh excellent

- Mod Strawhat

*cries because school gets in the way of the one thing I actually care about right now: dan and phil*

Ivan: Is that the pronunciation?  Понятия не имею…

Alfred: Yeah, bud! You’re right! Don’t sweat it, you’re doin’ great!  ヽ([>]フ[<] b

[Info on the AU located here.]


3rd time’s a charm?

Tumblr has eaten this it’s twice.

Last night on the trail.
1. 9'16" pace on the way out, uphill.
2. Got some free running advice
3. 9'20" on the way back, downhill.
4. My wife is a really nice Mom (and wife)

I was trying to take it easyish on the way out. There were a couple of guys in front of me running just slightly slower than my pace. I would have been passing them for 5 minutes at the pace I was at. So I picked up my pace. I don’t think I ever settled back down.

Shortly there after, a dude went cruising by me. He looked at me and made a hunched up shoulder gesture, but it looked like he was saying “good form”. So I was a little confused, but took it to mean my hunched up shoulders were in fact “good form”

I had to take a breather when I got to the far end. There are benches marking every ½ mile, and I did a lot of negotiating with myself to get me to each one so I would make all the way to the end. I ended up with a Strava PR. I had no idea my pace was as fast as it was. I think I’m usually right around a 10’ pace on the way out.

I tried to take it easier on the way back, and obviously did.

I ran into my on trail coach and asked him what he was trying to tell me. He said, my form was good, but my arms should be looser. My hands lower, not holding them up. I told him thanks, I really appreciated his advice. He seemed to know what he was talking about.

Lastly, I saw the note my wife had left for my daughter in the morning. She really takes good care of us. Too good. She can’t help it.

The Megane and His Butler (closed RP with detective-ryugazaki and sparklingsei)

Seijuro Mikoshiba adjusted his uniform once he finished dusting everything in the study. He was still new to this whole butler thing, but was doing his darnedest to keep his new boss happy. He really couldn’t afford to lose this job. He didn’t have anywhere to stay if he got kicked out, and he really needed the money.

Fortunately, taking orders was something he was pretty good at. So far, he’d only had a couple of actual conversations with his boss, Rei Ryugazaki, and one of those was when he’d interviewed for the job. Other than that, it had pretty much been Ryugazaki giving him instructions about what to clean when, what to make for meals, that sort of thing.

Seijuro didn’t really know a lot about his employer, other than the fact that he came from a rich family, hence the mansion and the considerable amount of money he was able to pay the redhead. Although he was curious about what kinds of things this Ryugazaki character did with his time and money, it wasn’t really his place to pry. He was just the hired help. Taking the duster over to the utility closet, Seijuro got out the broom to start sweeping the hardwood floors of the living room.



*cries at just how much I spent trying to get these sugarcake figures*…*cries cos it was worth every yen*


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