free run 2

7A, Tokyo

Jacket: anima animus | アニマ アニムス T-shirt: Mop of Head | モップ オブ ヘッド One-piece: BLESS | ブレス Tights: mintdesigns | ミントデザインズ Shoes: NIKE FREE RUN 2 SNEAKERBOOT | ナイキ フリー ラン 2 スニーカーブーツ

dream pt 2 starts “with you” and ends “better with you” and with you is a much more upbeat song compared to better with you like the album ITSELF goes on a lil journey of discovery ???? im………………………emo

“—so figure it out. I don’t care how, just get it done. I’m in a mood — if I hear one more word come out of your mouth that isn’t everything’s settled, I might just cut off your boyfriend’s head and beat you with it.

Stunner sunrise this morning! Keeping it easy and injury free with 2 miles run at the marina. Finished off with another mile walk while talking to my little sister on the phone…..a great start to the day.😊

Came home, gave Grace a bath, and now we’re headed to work together. I love being able to have the little monkey there with me….. my clients love it too.


Mirror’s Edge 64 - Faith Connors

Free runner and parkour expert, Faith Connors! I would really love to seen the whole in the cel-shaded style!  Could have been so fluid and smooth~!

Had my mp3 player on shuffle and “Still Alive" played; reminded me how much I love Mirror’s Edge! Easily one of my favorite First Person Non-Shooters. I love the sense of vertigo and scale in it!

LOVED animating for first person animation, I might do more of it in the future :)

Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~
Commissions starting at $15 ! More info