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How do you feel about outdoor cats? (or indoor outdoor cats. basically cats that are allowed to wander.) is it illegal where you live? if so, do people follow the rules? if not, do you think it should be illegal?

First, I would like to relay a conversation that I have at least once a day.

Me: Is your cat a strictly indoor cat?

Owner: Yes, but he goes outside sometimes during the day.

That is not the definition of a strictly indoor cat.

Outdoor cats are permitted under some local council jurisdictions, but there is increasing push to restrict their activities. Some locations have a cat curfew, some estates have an indoor only policy (and all pets must be desexed), and some locations are pushing to prevent ownership of pet cats at all (mostly islands).

There is a large population of stray cats and semi-owned cats. These cats might get fed by multiple people on the street, but nobody steps up to claim ownership of the cat. Nobody gets it desexed or gets veterinary treatment. Nobody goes looking for it if it goes missing, they assume it ‘went home’.

Our local council is pushing for more people to take responsibility for these cats, largely cutting down on adoption paperwork. They’re also allowing businesses and factories to take ownership of semi-owned local cats so long as they’re desexed. The feral colony living of McDonald’s dumpsters is an example. The council can’t force these people to keep barely tame cats inside, but they’ll settle for seeing them desexed. Folks wont hand cats over to the council if they think they’re just going to be put to sleep.

The simple facts about cats permitted to roam outside are these:

  • They devastate local wildlife populations. Even well fed pets will hunt. If you would like to see the approximately 50 animals removed from one feral cat’s stomach, there is a picture here. It’s a bit gore-ish. They kill a lot.
  • They do not live as long on average as strictly indoor cats.
  • This is mostly due to increased viral transmission and accidents - fights, dog attacks, hit by cars etc.
  • There is a portion of the human population that deliberately go out of their way to harm cats. Shooting in rural areas, running them over with cars, putting out milk with paracetamol (acetaminophen), etc.
  • People will also ‘kidnap’ friendly cats that they find on the street and ‘assume’ are lost so decide to keep them. I know one lady that picked up a cat on the street on holiday, drove four hours back home, and then presented it to me where I found its microchip. She did not get to keep the cat she kidnapped.
  • Cats with white faces are far less likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma.

Cats are safer if they’re confined to their home or properly secured cat runs. Both safer for them and it prevents their devastating affect on our environment. I would prefer to see them all contained, though I doubt that will happen. Society’s view of cats and how we keep them would need to change before that happens. Currently they’re perceived as low value pets because they’re so easy to acquire.

Note that a cat on a harness still counts as contained, because they’re not able to free-roam, as do cats in a secure enclosure.

Society is perfectly happy to contain and entertain its dogs. We should be capable of doing so for our cats.

I never understood people who counter the “keep your cat inside” notion with “but what about barn cats?”

Yeah? What about them? Barn cats die horribly every day. They die buried alive in grain bins, full of parasites, crushed to death by farm equipment, you name it. They aren’t considered pets. They’re at best working animals who exist as pest control, and at worst barely tolerated ferals that receive no vetting or help simply because it’s impossible to approach them.

You don’t want your pet cat to be a barn cat. Why do you think a barn cat has a soft, easy life? Even the best kept farm cats I’ve ever met had some kind of scar and they almost always have fleas. The last farm I went to had both pet cats and “barn” cats, but they never let the pet cats free roam- because they liked those cats and actually wanted them to come back alive. The barn cats got food, and that was it, because they were untouchable.

Leaving your housecat outside and trying to wave it away as “the same as a barn cat” is like leaving your cocker spaniel to free roam because he’s “the same as a livestock guardian dog.” Unless your only solution to a huge rat problem is laying down impressive amounts of dangerous poison, you have no business leaving your cat to roam.

ML Fluff Month Day 17: I’m looking fur a pet (and fur you)


lol I said I wasn’t gonna do it but I did it

Animal Shelter AU

Marinette piled in the fifth load of laundry she had started that day and checked the time. She sighed. People seriously underestimated the amount of laundry that needed to be done at an animal shelter. 

She re-did her pigtails as she made her way to the front of the shelter. Normally she wasn’t a greeter, but Lila had called in sick last minute, and she had time in between laundry cycles any way. 

She smiled at Rose, who was currently manning the front desk, and grabbed a clipboard. 

“Oh Mari, thank god you’re here,” Rose nodded towards the full waiting room, “The only other greeters today are Alya and Eleanor, but we’ve got a busy day today apparently.” 

“Don’t worry Rose, I’ve got it.” She winked at her friend and checked the list. “Okay…Adrien, Adrien Agreste? You’re up next.” 

A young man stood up, and Marinette had to stop her jaw from dropping. Jesus Christ he was gorgeous. She blinked, noticing that he was much closer to her now. 

“Oh, um, could I see those?” She held her hand out for the paperwork. 

He smiled, and gave them to her without a word. 

She took a deep breath. She could do this. She had been volunteering at this shelter since she was freaking sixteen years old. Gorgeous clients were Easy-peasy. “I’m Marinette, so if you could follow me,” she started making her way towards the rest of the shelter as she checked his questionnaire. “I see that you’re looking for a cat today to adopt, but you’ve left many of the other fields blank. Do you have any preferences?”

Adrien shrugged, “I’ve never really had a pet before but I’ve always wanted a cat. Other than that, I don’t really know. Maybe not too high maintenance?” 

He smiled shyly. Oh no, he’s cute.

Marinette grinned. “I’ve got just the cats in mind.”

She led him to the largest of the free roaming cat rooms, where three towers scattered across the open floor. “Wait here,” she instructed as she pushed open the door, “I’ll bring them out to you.”

Adrien watched the volunteer kneel down by a black cat, hand extended in a placating gesture. Her mouth formed words, though he couldn’t here behind the glass, and she scratched behind the cat’s ears. 

Damn, she was cute. 

He watched her face intently as more cats crowded around her, obviously used to her presence in the room. The black cat let Marinette pick it up, and she gently nudged a pale ginger one to follow her. 

In a second, she was out of the room with the two cats. 

“This one’s named Plagg,” she said, gesturing to the the black one, “Don’t ask me why, his previous owner named him. He’s such a sweetie, though he does have a sassy streak and an odd diet. But as a new pet owner he shouldn’t give you too much trouble, seeing that he’s the laziest of the bunch.” 

Plagg meowed. 

Giggling, she pointed the the ginger one. “This mush is Tikki. She gives the best cuddles.” Marinette lowered her voice, “I swear she can read minds. Whenever I’m feeling down, she just knows.” She winked.

He gulped. Damn, she was cute.

Adrien knelt down by the two cats, and extended a hand out. Plagg completely ignored him, but Tikki softly butted her head against his palm. 

Marinette smiled. “She likes you.”

“I like you.” 


“Crap, I mean, um, you know what, we’ll just forget I said that.” He chuckled nervously and stopped petting Tikki. 

“Um…okie dokie.” Crap she was cute. “Well, uh, you can play with them more, that way you can figure out which one you like better.”

He felt more heat rise to his cheeks. “You know what, I’ll take both.”

Marinette blinked. “Both?”


“Oh. Well, are you sure? Not that I’m questioning you or anything, but you said you’ve never had a pet and I don’t want you to be unprepared.”

“Maybe you could help me be prepared.” Why was he continuing to make an ass out of himself? 

She blinked again. Then a smirk made its way onto her face. “Why Adrien, are you trying to hit on me?” 


From the floor, Plagg meowed again.

“Unfurtunately, I have to finish my shift, but maybe by the time you’ve finished the paperwork, I might be able to swing by and help set you up with these cuties. Help them get comfurtable with your house.”

Oh, she punned too. Oh lord she’s cute

“Come on, let’s go do the paperwork.”

Nathaniel groaned as he checked the table posted to the door. Marinette, superhuman she was, had already finished all the laundry and washing tasks for the day, which meant he had no other excuse for avoiding the waiting room. 

Ugh, he hated interacting with people. 

He smiled tightly at Rose, who was tapping away at the computer. The earlier rush had died down, so only a handful of people remained in the waiting room. 

He glanced at the list. “Chloe Bourgeois? I can help you now.” 

A blonde stood up, not looking up from her phone. “Jeez, I’ve been waiting for ages.”

“Sorry miss, we’ve had a rather busy day.”

She looked up, and Nathaniel was suddenly assaulted by blue eyes that sparkled like diamonds. She blinked when she saw him. “Oh, that’s okay I suppose.”

He swallowed. “I’m Nathaniel. How can we help you today?”

She smiled at him.

So Warrior Cats is supposedly set in The UK (despite the later books being so hard to get here but i digress)

Then I totally theorise that the ancestors if the clans were all Scottish wild cats. And that over time their blood got diluted with feral cats

This could be one reason why they don’t like kittypets as it dilutes their ancestry more

And why the “evil” cats tend to be tabby coloured with amber eyes
Its bc they are showing more traits of their wildcat heritage? (Which arent social animals and very self dependant)

Also the scottish wildcat is britians only native wild cat and its in serious trouble bc of its blood being mixed with free roaming house cats and feral cats

Idk food for thought?

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Hello! I really love your artstyle, and your passion for animals. This may seem like an odd question, but with the arrival of spring, my cat buddy has been bringing home little gifts, and I don't really know what to do with them. I know I can't change her habits, and it's in her nature, so my question is: what shall I do with the little corpses? I'm personally not vegan, but I love animals, and I want to give them the proper treatment. I thought you might have the right answer.

This isn’t exactly what you asked me to answer, but I need to respond with a question to you: Why are you letting your kitty outdoors in the first place? I love cats, and I know it may seem kinder to let pets roam where they like instead of shutting them up indoors, but in reality, outdoor domestic cats have a MASSIVE detrimental impact to wildlife. They are a non-native invasive species and a significant predator of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and even endangered species, in addition to carrying disease between wild animals. Free roaming cats also have a very short life expectancy and lower quality of life due to exposure to pests, toxins, and dangerous situations – so if you care about her and other animals and must let her outside, please keep her in an enclosed area with a harness where she can’t hurt herself or anything else! You can read this for more information on this subject.

Also, if I’m misunderstanding what you said and your cat IS indoor-only but catching mice and things, a couple suggestions. Make sure your cat has plenty of toys and activities to entertain her, which might discourage her from turning to hunting, if you don’t want these prey critters killed unnecessarily, or for your cat to be exposed to the diseases, poisons, and pests they have a chance of carrying. Cats are a good deterrent to stop mice from even entering the home, but if you have a pest problem anyway, it’s on you to take care of that with a humane combination of repellents, deterrents, cleanliness, sealing of entry points, and, if all else fails, live traps.

As far as what to do with the animals she has killed, I can only speak to what I would do. For me, burying animals in a pretty place and holding a tiny quiet funeral is comforting. If I had a cat who occasionally had a successful hunt, I might be inclined to make a small cemetery as a reminder to myself that I can do a better job of keeping these prey animals safe – but I’m kind of odd like that. Do remember that all wild animals could potentially be carrying diseases or pests that are dangerous to you or your pets, and handle them accordingly. I hope this helps, good luck! <3

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You mentioned outdoor cats are bad for the environment and the cats health, however what if the cats nature/personality would mean it would be miserable living inside all the time?

There are plenty of ways to provide stimulation for an indoor cat without letting them roam unsupervised! Providing window perches, different heights and types of cat trees, rotating toys, food puzzles, hiding spots, and interactive solo toys are all things you can do to keep your indoor kitty mentally and physically stimulated. Also, clicker training and interactive play with your cat are great ways to be directly involved in stimulating your kitty! Here’s a link to a great article about cat enrichment.

Clicker training with my cat, Garrus. And you can see his tunnel in the background, which I rotate with other toys and boxes.

Going outside can be used as enrichment too–but they should be under your supervision, not roaming free. Instead, leash training your cat or providing outdoor enclosures are much safer alternatives. Leash training my cat was the best decision I’ve made for him. He is able to enjoy the outdoors, but in a safe and controlled manner. Here’s a little more information about leash training a cat. Indoor cats can become overweight, stressed, and develop behavioral issues if we as owners don’t make an effort to provide enough enrichment and exercise for them. However, that is not a good enough reason to let a cat roam outside where their health is at risk and the environment is at risk. What I would say for a cat that is miserable inside is that they are not receiving enough mental stimulation, not that they are incapable of living happily indoors. I know it can be hard to keep up with them; my cat spent half the night biting my toes because yesterday I did not do enough to stimulate him so he was totally bored and full of energy. Just keep reminding yourself that keeping them inside is what is best for them and the environment!

Garrus enjoys playing in the grass while out on a walk. Leash training is a great alternative to letting a cat free roam.

While not normally arboreal as adults this large male Blue Iguana climbed this tree after significant rainfall which left the ground slightly flooded.

In 2007 I had the great privilege of visiting Grand Cayman Island to work with and document the critically endangered Grand Cayman Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi) with the team at the Blue Iguana Recovery Program founded by Fred Burton.

Blue Iguanas are endemic only to the small island of Grand Cayman and as such are at risk habitat destruction, road kills, free-roaming dogs, and feral cats. Thankfully the Blue Iguana Recovery Program (B.I.R.P.) has brought this beautiful iguana back from the brink of extinction with breeding and release programs as well as the acquisition of habitat.

It is the largest native land animal on Grand Cayman with a total nose-to-tail length of 5 ft (1.5 m) and weighing as much as 30 lb (14 kg).

Nikon D200 + Sigma 70-200mm
f5.6 1/400sec ISO640

#iguana #blueiguana #caymanisland #grandcayman #caribbean #wildlife #wildlifephotography #WildlifeConservation #shannonwild #reptile #lizard #blue

yoongi scenario | like cat and dog (pt. 1)

♡ Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 ♡

Originally posted by mn-yg

❝ You are a dog owner. Your neighbour, Min Yoongi, is a cat owner. The two of you are constantly arguing over your pets, bickering about how they cause so much trouble. Will the two of you ever be able to see eye to eye? 

➵ pairing: yoongi x reader

➵ genre: fluff, pet owner au

➵ word count: 2.0k

Dogs are known to be excitable, loving, and loyal.

Cats are known to be standoffish, cold, and aloof.

Polar opposites.

You are what people would describe as a ‘dog person’. You adore dogs, and are like one in many ways, enjoying the simple things in life, and getting easily worked-up.

Your neighbour, Min Yoongi, on the other hand, is a cat owner – a quiet young man, who spends most of his time indoors, and tends to seek out comfort. The sort of guy who’s always bundled up in scarves, or drowning in woollen jumpers.

Polar opposites.

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Its the stray cats and not so much domestic cats that cause the problem because those have to hunt to survive, domestic cats that only hunt for fun arent a problem for populations most of the time, so its more selfish if you dont sterilise your cat or abandon it for example. (I would link you to the article but its in german) There are things you can do to minimize the harm your cat causes and still let it go outside so yes it is a choice

Feral cats are a bigger problem but free-roaming domestic cats are still a very significant predator of wildlife, precisely BECAUSE they kill for entertainment and not to eat. They also spread diseases to wildlife. There is already universal consensus between animal welfare experts and environmentalists that cats should be kept inside. This is not a debate, this is me informing you of research that has already been done by people way more informed than you or I.

Oh, neighbour says their cat is missing? Oh no, what a shame. Anything could have happened to it. Could be dead, stolen, just run off forever … 

Or it’s at the humane society because someone called them to come pick up a “stray” that was in their yard. They were oh so worried it would hurt their dogs.

… It was me. Yeah, I called. Letting your cat free-roam is technically illegal here. So obviously any free-roaming cat is a stray. Obviously. 

Like add another reason for keeping your cat contained. Your asshole neighbours who will 100% call the bylaw ‘cause your cat is out in -7 weather. 

Just received an ask about outdoor cats, a subject I’ve touched on before. I’m a big believer that cats should be indoors only. I’ve seen cats hit by cars, I’ve found cats dead in the local park, I once saved a cat from being eaten by a fox, I’ve got a friend whose cat was killed by a dog, I’ve seen cats kill wildlife for sport, I’ve had the issue of them coming onto my property and putting themselves in the way of my dogs, I’ve seen them be mistreated by homeowners who don’t want them on their property pooping and making mess, I know of people who actively hate them for bothering their aviaries and gardens, I’ve had friends who have had their cats disappear, get poisoned, come home injured, I’ve heard of cats being locked in people’s sheds for days accidentally etc

If my dogs free roamed like cats, I’d never be able to sleep again

@achoirofcritters, I know this is in your ballpark right now


“Feral cats and housecats are very different, a feral cat can’t properly live indoors. Trap/neuter/release programs are a better idea especially in a place where they have some form of shelter and protection.”

Sorry, not on board with this. All TNR does is prevent some cats from being euthanized. It doesn’t address the ecological damage free roaming cats do, and keeps the idea that “cats belong outdoors” alive.

Petblr has such an enormous problem with people who are pro-force training, it’s kind of amazing. Like.

Person: “Letting cats free-roam outdoors is bad for cats and the environment.”

Me: “Mhm.”

Person: “Betta sororities are unnecessary and stressful for the fish.”

Me: “Yup.”

Person: “Live-feeding is cruel for the feeder animal and dangerous for the snake and should only be done if absolutely necessary.”

Me: *About to hit that follow button.* “Definitely.”

Person: “Corrective collars are acceptable training tools for dogs.”

Me: “Uhhh…”

Don’t worry, your giveaway fic is still coming, but since I do occassionally like to write about ExR and Max…

STechnically a companion to the other fics I’ve written involving Enjolras and Grantaire’s son Max, but none need to be read to enjoy this. ExR, modern AU, established relationship. Also based on some aspects of a true story, namely the story of how I got Henry.

“Now before you object, I want you to listen to his reasoning all the way through.” Grantaire’s voice was calm and measured, and only Enjolras would have been able to pick up on the slight warning edge, a warning backed by Grantaire’s hands resting lightly on their son’s shoulders.

Max beamed up at Enjolras. “I did a lot of work on this,” he reassured his father, who smiled encouragingly at him. “Owning a dog encourages a kid – like me – to learn responsibility, as well as providing many health benefits.”

Enjolras sighed heavily, his smile fading slightly. “That is very true, Max,” he said. “But the same can be said for owning a different type of pet, one a little smaller and easier for a nine-year-old to take care of. Because the last thing you would want is for your dads to have to take care of your dog.”

Max’s bottom lip was starting to stick out dangerously, and Grantaire gave Enjolras a look. “But Max doesn’t want a different type of pet, now does he? And since he’s been asking for a dog since he was five and brought home straight-As, which was your prerequisite for considering adopting a dog, not mine, the proposal merits some consideration.”

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Hoshizora Rin.

1. Sexuality headcanon:
Asexual tbh.

2. OTP:
Rinpana. Pure for the soul.

3. BrOTP:
HonoRinNico (precious idiots)

4. NOTP:
More like nyah amirite

5. First headcanon that pops into my mind:
Rin often passes by one of those free-roam cat stores and stares at them through the window for like a half hour, but never goes inside because her allergies would be the actual death of her. It’s hard.

6. Favorite line:
It’s okay, we can practice in this weather!
[Proceeds to get poured on four seconds later]

7. One way I relate to this character:
Self consciousness about the way we look and dress. Rin was able to get past it though.

8. Thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character:
Nozomi making Rin squeeze through two trucks after Nico because she had the smallest bust. (Totally laughed tho.)

9. Cinnamon roll or problematic fave:
Cinnamon roll with extra sugar.

People sometimes ask why I am so aggressively pro spay/neuter and against free-roaming where cats are concerned. Here is one little reason.

This kitten was so emaciated and dehydrated at 3 weeks old that he weighed less than a newborn. He was so full of fleas he was dangerously anemic. His brother was already dead when he was brought to me. After 24 hours of suffering as he struggled to survive, this kitten followed suit.

Mama cat abandoned these babies. Maybe it was her first litter, maybe it was something wrong with them or her. Either way, rescue came too late for them.

Every single free roaming intact cat in the US is either owned or the descendent of an animal that was owned. That means every single kitten born outdoors to a non-deliberate breeding has a human to blame for its existence, either directly or indirectly. Every unintentional kitten is the result of irresponsible husbandry, namely: allowing intact domesticated animals to freely roam and breed.

Not to give in to emotionality, but given the emotional nature of watching kittens die: if you allow your intact cat to free roam, you should not be an animal owner, as you are directly complicit in the overpopulation of cats in the US, with all of the negatives that accompany it, from euthanasia to the ones who don’t die so lucky.

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Hi! I know you're not the most experienced with parrots, but you have great general knowledge and you're followed by thousands of experienced people! Anyways, my parrot, Lola, is a Green-Cheek Conure around 7 years old. She's normal by all means, except she has zero interest in her toys. She physically cannot be on me all the time, nor can she free roam (cats). She just sits in her cage, which is redone every week to make it new and exciting. Proper diet, everything! I'm at a loss!

Hmmm. Yeah, not my wheelhouse - although I’m curious, has she never had any interest in toys or did she lose it over time? - but I’ll boost so people can weigh in. 

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I've heard that rabbit care is pretty similar to cat care. Cleaning litter boxes, providing toys and enrichment, maybe leash training. But how much overlap is there really? I'd been thinking about getting a cat after I move out and get myself settled but now I think maybe a rabbit instead. Don't they also have similar lifespans?

Maybe somewhat similar on the surface, but I don’t think there’s quite that much overlap? Maybe compared to say, a rabbit & a dog, but they’re still complete opposites, being a predator animal & a prey animal & having different behaviors/needs.

- Litter training: rabbits may not 100% litter train, though a lot are good at it. Still, you may have to pick up the occasional stray poop, and it’ll be a little more work than cats, which naturally litter train. And with cats, if there are litterbox accidents, there’s generally a problem behind it needing to be fixed. Also I’m not sure if rabbits are all that picky with litterboxes, but I know cats are - location, type, litter type, and you should have 1 box per cat + 1, so even one cat should have 2 boxes.

- Enclosure/free-roaming/etc.: Cats can generally free-roam an entire living area with not too many issues. Rabbits need to have a either a large pen or a rabbit-proofed room. The biggest thing to consider with them is the chewing! Cords are extremely dangerous for them, so that’s a huge consideration, as well as anything else they can chew & ingest that may cause blockages, poisoning, etc. 

- Social needs: I think it’s often recommended for cats to have buddies too, but in general, it seems to be more acceptable to have just one, provided you have time to play with & cuddle them. I don’t know if you saw my previous post, but rabbits really should have a buddy - so you need to plan on the housing space, feeding costs, and vet costs of two. On the plus side, knowing this ahead of time means you can get a pair that are already friendly/bonded from a breeder or rescue & avoid the stressful introductions.

- Behavior/interaction: I can sort of see the similarity here - cats generally need to initiate physical affection/interaction on their own terms, and that seems to be pretty close to the same for rabbits, from what I’ve read & experienced. They don’t generally take well to being actively cuddled, picked up, held, etc., though there are of course exceptions. But there’s also the glaring difference in that cats are predators & rabbits are prey, so there’s a lot of difference in learning body language there - rabbits are more subtle in their discomfort signals & can be more easily mistaken for being okay with something when they’re actually freezing up due to fear. Cats are usually pretty clear when they don’t appreciate an action. XD I feel like cats are generally more interactive though, from what I’ve read of rabbits - more active play, more likely to have active requests for affection & cuddling, etc. Obviously varies by individual for both species.

- Lifespan: Rabbits aren’t as long-lived as cats, generally around 10. One of my sites says 8-12. Larger breeders are shorter-lived than smaller breeds. Cats will generally live 15-20 years if they’re cared for properly.

- Diet: Obviously complete opposite diets! Rabbits may be considered a tad harder since they should receive fresh foods (mostly greens) to be bought, washed, possibly chopped, etc. Cats have commercially balanced diets available that last longer & can be stored easily, both dry & wet, unless you want to do a raw diet (not recommended unless you’re committed to researching & doing it properly). Also obligatory mention that they really should have some wet food, even if it’s a daily “treat” alongside their usual dry food. 

- Expenses & vet care: I would expect overall expenses to be pretty similar between the two, leaving out the longer lifespan for a cat (which is going to mean more expenses just due to having the animal around longer). Start up for a rabbit is going to include a pen, bowls, litterbox, food, bedding, beds/hides, and toys. Start up for a cat is going to include bowls, litterbox, food, beds/hides, toys, and furniture (towers, scratching posts, etc.). Pens can be built relatively cheaply using C&C panels, bedding/flooring can be fairly simple. Cat furniture is likely to be a bit more expensive, but can often be found on sale. 

Vet care is likely to be relatively similar between the two - both should be spayed/neutered if not already done when you get them. However, rabbits generally fall under the “exotic” category, like most other non-dog/cat animals, so you may have a bit harder time finding a vet for them, and it might be a bit more expensive. Make sure you locate a good vet before bringing them home, since it’s a little more challenging. Also there’s good articles on rabbit expenses on the sites linked below.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Here are the two sites I like for rabbit information:

I don’t have any specific sites for cats, a lot of my information is little bits from various sites, talking to people, etc. But for cat blogs, I do like @cats-explained for behavior stuff and @catsindoors has some info on food & litter box issues. & if you have more specific questions, I can try to help too. :)