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Sehun in EXO’s 2015 music videos

Boyfriend! Rowoon (SF9)

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  • thinks it’s funny when you’re too short to reach his face to give him a kiss
  • but he’s always willing to lean down and kiss you instead
  • cooks for you
  • always making sure that you’re eating
  • i mean if this boy is cooking for you i dont know why you wouldn’t eat
  • likes to rest his head on your head
  • if you can’t reach things, he’ll gladly get it for you
  • and he’ll purposely put things within your reach so you don’t have to struggle again
  • always ends up walking faster than you since his legs are so long
  • “hey (y/n), where are you?”
  • “i’m *cough* right here *deep breathe* behind you. My legs aren’t as long as yours, i can’t keep up with you”
  • “get on my back then”
  • so you get a piggyback ride because he doesn’t want to lose you
  • also he loves the close contact
  • finds all your attempts to reach his height utterly adorable
  • (i.e high heels, shoe lifts, jumping up and down or like standing on a higher platform”
  • constantly singing for you
  • only ever gets jealous if you like hang out with one of the members a lot
  • kinda just like
  • “i thought I was your boyfriend (y/n) -3-”
  • “rowoon, i can hang out with your members, they’re my friends, you have nothing to worry about”
  • “hmph, fine. just make sure you don’t forget about your boyfriend
  • always moving your hair out of your face because he thinks that you’re absolutely stunning and wants to see your face all the time
  • also likes doing your hair
  • and actually does a really good job
  • probably friends with your family on facebook
  • when you guys are cuddling his entire body is practically covering you since he’s so big
  • during cuddling sessions he likes to intertwine his fingers with yours and put his forehead against yours
  • and he’ll just stare at you so lovingly
  • gives short and sweet kisses
  • could go on for days about everything he loves about you
  • and will if he needs to
  • wonders everyday what he’d do without you he just loves you so much

allthingsbae  asked:


I don’t know about this one

  • Knows the answer to any question you try to throw at him
  • “The library of congress has the worlds largest comic book collection.”
  • Wears glasses and looks so cute in them
  • Shy smiles
  • Is very comfortable with silence
  • Is reading a new book every time you see him
  • Works as a tutor
  • Knows literally everything but chooses what information to share
  • Barely ever speaks 
  • But when he does it’s always something profound 
  • Has his entire life plan 
  • And a backup plan 
  • Just in case
  • Is gonna be the one telling all the athletes what to do one day 
  • Contrary to popular belief, actually studies
  • Would ask before holding your hand
  • Or kissing you
  • Or doing anything involving entering your personal bubble
  • Would help you with your homework
  • Not necessarily because you needed help
  • But just because he wanted to be with you
  • And you wanted to be with him too
  • Would be pretty quiet
  • And sometimes awkward
  • But that smile
  • That smile lights up the whole entire world

“I missed you”  :’)

-night sketching and loving faces…

Hello and welcome to *drumroll* THE ART GIVEAWAY!!!

This is to give all the love you gave to me.  Let your dreams come true!!! I will draw anything you want!

you can’t lose in this one mmhmh and all you have to do is tell me what you want!!! sorry if this is confusing ahhh i can’t explain things properly! here are the rulesss.


  • You have to be following me. This is to say thank you to my followers! Please don’t just follow then unfollow right after!
  • You can follow my art blog instead it’s a bit scarce right now but if my main blog’s reblogs bother you then that’s the place to go!
  • To enter, please send me an ask or message me via IM!
  • Your askbox and/or DMs have to be open. This is so I can easily communicate with you! You don’t have to reply right away!
  • I have the right to refuse/ask to change your request if it has things I’m not comfortable with drawing!
  • You have until May 14, 2017 2:40pm GMT to tell me your request! That’s a full month from now! I’ll finish my request list around that time, mind the delay of the actual art because my finals start soon!
  • Please add relevant references of your character(s) etc.


  • Offensive things
  • Some ships
  • NSFW
  • some Animals
  • Complicated details
  • Mechanisms
  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable or anything that i think i cant do.


  • OCs
  • Real life people
  • Characters from shows/games/etc.
  • Portraits
  • Ships
  • some Animals
  • Still life

uhh I can’t think of anything else so mmm.Just DM or ask me if your still confused. Oh! and I will provide progress shots of the sketch (if asked for) and the line art for you to approve! Okey bye! luv uu <3

Thank you again!! <3

EDIT: about the requests i asked from some of my mutuals! Im still drawin them! it just aaah procrastination and exams! But I’ll post ‘em soon!!


* Clears throat * Ejem… I adore Mukuro, she is a dear waifu and I want her cover of “Tsubasa wo kudasai” on my mp3.

Hey @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl, You wanted more Mukuro, you have more Mukuro!

(The next request were influece from my adiction of Vocaloid. You are warned)

For 1Anon-kun, two beautiful girls with a beautiful voice and having a happy time! Happy Synthesizer!!

For 2Anon-kun… Thank you… just thank you… THIS IS MY OTP! YOU MAKE MY DAY GIVING ME THIS REQUEST!! But because the canon line in DRseries it’s tragic and cruel… Last night, Good night.

When I think that the end
Will arrive someday
That’s when I hope that the
Night sky will keep your smile
Good night.

Why I’m doing this? Because FEELS!!!!

And, for @solipsistic-individual, more Naekusaba! Try to read the background words, you will find the Mukuros way to a hopeful future.
Two Breaths Walking

for mamoeru