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anonymous asked:

I have a free movie rental coupon what should I watch thats not on netflix (already watching seven psychopaths lmaoo) I trust u friend

good shit that isn’t on instant:

  • moon 
  • un prophete/a prophet (italian/french)
  • the fall (dir. tarsem singh)
  • jagten/the hunt (danish)
  • attack the block
  • ondine, in bruges, the lobster (top three colin farrell movies)
  • mysterious skin
  • ex machina
  • rundskop/bullhead (belgian)

their lips are lying only real is real

“We have a special deal for couples through the next two months,” she was saying. “A free 48-hour movie rental of anything in this redbox, as long as your purchase is $10 or more. And, I have to say, you two are one of the cutest couples I’ve seen throughout this whole sale.”

Louis smiled politely and glanced behind him, opening his mouth to say that he and this stranger weren’t together. Then the words died in his throat. Louis abruptly grabbed the boy’s hand and turned back to the saleswoman, smiling widely.

“Thanks, yeah, we’ve been together for three years.”

The salesperson grinned and started selling the movie thing. Louis could practically feel the waves of confusion rolling off of Tall Fit Banana Boy, so he turned to him and whispered, “Just go with it, they have my favorite movie.”

Or, the one where Louis and Harry pretend they’re in love to get a few free movies until suddenly they stop pretending.

larry stylinson