free race

Here they are!

Its based on a stingray.

They are free!

Race Name: Lusimapony`s.

Look`s: They have markr`s around there body but it is alway`s same place. They all have different color`s. They have small fin`s on there ear`s, cheek`s and leg`s. They have big fin`s on there back and a smaller on right beside it. There mouth is the same color as there eye`s, also there blood.

(PS: They do have hair, i just did not make it, so you guy`s could see there mark`s)

What It Does: They are know for there speed but not there fighting skill, they are terrible at fight so they just stopped and got faster. There mark`s and eye`s light in the drak. They are terrible to sing so they do do it.

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When Robbie Turner is right, she’s right. Farewell again, Naysha Lopez.


The Dragon Riders will need each other like never before in the all-new season of Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge. Will you be watching?

Worth It

Race was tracing circles on Spot’s shoulder and usually he’d have lasted three seconds before knocking him away and getting dressed, but this was different. This was the last time. Because Race was engaged and whilst cheating on his fiancé was apparently fine, cheating on his wife was not.

Spot wasn’t sure how this whole thing had happened. They’d been together without actually being together for so long that he’d mostly just assumed Race’s threat no longer stood. In Race’s defence, it was a second-hand threat - his mum had told him if he was still single aged 25, she was setting him up with a good Catholic girl, a friend of the family, and he was going to marry her. And Race had agreed because he thought if he had that long Spot would finally come around and admit that he was in love and he wanted to stay, but not even six years was enough time. So Race’s mum had threatened and then Race had threatened and Spot couldn’t do it. They just weren’t words he said. They’d never even officially been dating, not that Spot had been so much as looking anywhere else, and he just couldn’t say something that sounded so permanent. And now he was losing the best person in the world, but he still couldn’t say it. Every time he tried his tongue tied itself in knots, so Race was getting married in three days.

“I can’t believe you’re going to do this,” Spot mumbled, letting himself wriggle closer into Race’s arms. He pretended Emily didn’t exist, like she probably wasn’t looking at the ring Race had put on her finger and finalising wedding plans. He didn’t like the fact he was involved in this girl being cheated on, but he wasn’t going to give up his last time sleeping with the guy he couldn’t say he loved but really, really did.

Race pulled away from Spot, ceasing all physical contact. It was very obvious he’d put his foot in it but, besides a painful realisation Race might never touch him again, Spot realised he had nothing to lose.

“You shouldn’t do it,” he said confidently.

Race just glared. “Well I hardly have a reason not to, do I?” he challenged. It was yet another chance for Spot to get this whole thing called off and he still just shrugged like it was no big deal, even though he was begging Race to hear the answer he was screaming in his head instead. But Race ignored the internal protests and the pleading in Spot’s eyes and turned over, a silent indication for Spot to get dressed, collect up his things, and go.

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Alaska is the real MVP with her feminist views:

On women getting cat-called: It’s annoying. It’s rude, and it’s like men claiming their space like they own you.(x)

On how the media pits women against each other: *when asked about Kris and Caitlyn’s rumored feud* No, I don’t love this because it’s like, of course, as soon as she transitions into a woman they’re like “all women hate each other, no woman could support another woman”. They’re always pitting women against each other, and it’s so typical. I’m sure Kris is tickled fucking pink that her ex is doing well, you know. And I’m sure it goes both ways.(x)

On vaginas:*unlike so many other drag queens* I’m not afraid of Vaginas. I think Vaginas are beautiful. I came out of one.(x)

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On select Friday nights: Explore immigration, ethnicity, race, and the complexity of American identity in Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney’s Collection

John Sonsini (b. 1950), BYRON & RAMIRO, 2008. Acrylic on canvas, 80 1/8 × 84 1/8 × 2 9/16 in. (203.5 × 213.7 × 6.5 cm). Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; gift of Jean Crutchfield and Robert Hobbs 2010.70 © John Sonsini


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+Japanese aesthetics

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I find it funny when people will tell kids of mixed ethnicity’s to choose one ethnicity over the other but will tell bi/pansexual that it’s ok to like both/all genders and there’s no reason to choose. 

How about before you tell that precious mixed baby that they need to choose, instead of celebrating themselves to the fullest, maybe you should a) look at yourself and b) realize that whatever ethnicity a person chooses to be is none of your goddamn business then c) log off and think about your double standards.

Focus on yourself and your culture and sexuality and stop intruding on other people celebrating who they are. Ok?

TES Music Headcanons


Use lots of stringed instruments, both plucked and bowed

The oral verses are passed along using ballads often accompanied by one of the above stringed instruments

The Wise Women use ritual chanting to invoke prophetic dreams. It is probably quite similar to something like seiðr or galdr (or this)

Pre-imperial occupation Nords

Use lots of drums in a communal manner

Not very tonal but with a strong emphasis on rhythm (it’s hard to find examples but a bit like this)


Bone flutes 

Settled Dunmer

Music is very rare outside of formal events for nobles

Probably rhythmic, but with less reliance on drums for that purpose

Entirely instrumental