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Free Moon Card Printables

For anyone who was interested in the moon cards I made for my moon journal, I’ve created a digital file of my hand painted moon phases which are each labeled and state a focus or intent for each one. You can use these to study, put them in your grimoire, or just use them for decoration. If you share, please credit me/link.

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Download FREE printable tarot deck HERE!

 made a tarot card deck! I’ve been wanting to get a decent deck for the longest time, only to remember I don’t have the money to replace the deck I lost a while ago. So I made some of my of my own. And you can do to! The link above will bring you to my Deviantart page where you can download the printable PDF file. 
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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tutorials or advice for anyone trying to make their own tarot deck with basically no knowelege? Im a broke closet witch but i want to have a deck and i can draw too. Thank you!

Ooh! I can give some (minimal) advice! I am still new at doing this myself, and basically I’m just winging it so far…

There are stereotypical “archetypes” for each card, as we all know, and there are also certain symbolism and colors that match up with each card. For example, The Fool card generally depicts a character standing on the edge of a cliff, sometimes with a butterfly, usually with a red rose, and a dog at his feet; the Fool is looking towards the horizon with hope and enthusiasm, not really aware of how close his feet are to the edge. He looks ready to just start walking right off the cliff to go about what he’s doing - whether because he’s optimistic about his chances or just naive is up to interpretation. I am trying to capture those qualities and images in my own copy of The Fool for my Tarot of Ooo. You can go along with those sorts of images, or just completely come up with your own visual representation. Whatever you find suits yourself, your theme, and your cards. I probably won’t stick to every one so concretely myself, but The Fool just screamed being done that way.

When it comes to pop culture decks, it seems to be easiest to use characters, scenarios, and environments to represent the card archetypes. For instance, Finn the Human from Adventure Time is the obvious (to me) choice for The Fool in a tarot deck - he is innocent and optimistic, eager, and sometimes a little naive. He fits the qualities of the card almost perfectly, and that is why I chose him. I think I plan to use Princess Bubblegum in science mode for The Magician.

Taking time to reflect on the card’s meanings, and how they appear and come across to you, can help you decide the best imagery and symbolism that you want to use in your own cards. Looking at other decks online, seeing how they do it, can help you see some ways to interpret each card, as well as possibly give you inspiration for your own art styles or themes! Taking time to meditate on each card’s meaning, or even coming up with your own (though this is more for oracle decks than anything), will really help in knowing the cards, which can help you in deciding what can best be used to visually describe.

You can also go with a more abstract theme, and not rely completely on the symbolism. There are many amazing tarot decks that don’t use the stereotypical characters, but find other interpretation for the cards and use images for that. [The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot] is a good example of that, in my eyes - the images aren’t exactly abstract, but they also don’t completely follow the typical and usual designs for the cards.

If you have a thing for photography, you can go out and take your own pictures for the card art. If you have any Photoshop skills they can then be modified and adjusted further.

You can also go a completely abstract route, and base your images more on what you *feel* from the deck rather than what you *see* when you look at the cards. This can be a blend of colors, patterns, miscellaneous images, even collages… Whatever you want to have your deck be themed around and look like, fricking go for it!

You can also modify a deck of playing cards to be a tarot deck, as you can see [here]. Here is another Tumblr post about [Making a Tarot Deck]. Here is another set of links on [Diy Tarot Cards]. Or, you can just do straight up cartomancy with a deck of standard playing cards, which is explained [here]. [Create Your Own Playing Card Oracle Deck] is cool too. [How to Design and Create Your Own Cartomancy Deck/System], if you want to come up with your own card meanings. 

There are printable tarot decks too, if you have a printer! :D

I’m gonna throw you some links, that are all external and not from Tumblr, so you’ll be redirected to other webpages.

If anyone else has any other tips, feel free to add them! :D

Hooray, a-pattern-a-day reached 45.000 followers a few days ago! 
I am very busy studying for the exams coming up and a lot of others are studying too, I guess. So I decided to celebrate all the new followers with a free printable for the students (or other people that are working very hard). :) You can download this 4 motivational cards that I made to spread some motivation! Yay!
What to do?
1. download this image (left mouse click and save)
2. print the image on a A4 page. It’s better to use paper that is a little heavier then the regular. I made the cards in black and white to save you some expensive printer ink ;)
3. cut out the 4 cards. you’re free to cut off the credits, but please be aware that this cards are for personal use only! 
4. hang or place the cards somewhere near your workspace/desk or give them away to someone who can use some extra motivation.

I would appreciate to receive some photos of where you placed your cards! Always welcome to send it to info(at)

Thanks for following a-pattern-a-day!
XX, Annelies

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