free printable card

Hooray, a-pattern-a-day reached 45.000 followers a few days ago! 
I am very busy studying for the exams coming up and a lot of others are studying too, I guess. So I decided to celebrate all the new followers with a free printable for the students (or other people that are working very hard). :) You can download this 4 motivational cards that I made to spread some motivation! Yay!
What to do?
1. download this image (left mouse click and save)
2. print the image on a A4 page. It’s better to use paper that is a little heavier then the regular. I made the cards in black and white to save you some expensive printer ink ;)
3. cut out the 4 cards. you’re free to cut off the credits, but please be aware that this cards are for personal use only! 
4. hang or place the cards somewhere near your workspace/desk or give them away to someone who can use some extra motivation.

I would appreciate to receive some photos of where you placed your cards! Always welcome to send it to info(at)

Thanks for following a-pattern-a-day!
XX, Annelies