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The tag is quite negative these days so… CUTE HEADCANON TIIIIIIIIIIIME !! \o/

Makoto plays The Sims and decides to create Haru and himself in the game. At first he tries to keep it really like platonic soulmates who share a house and all but he gets curious and makes his Sim flirt with Haru (and gets so embarrassed he covers his eyes (but watches between his fingers))

They end up married with two kids and three cats and they live in a little house near the sea, with an inside pool so Haru can swim whenever he wants.

One day Haru is in his bedroom (they do homework together and Haru finished first I guess, so Makoto is still focused on working) and decides to play The Sims a bit.

« Oh, is that us ? Can I take a look ?
- Too late. »

There’s a super long awkward (for Makoto) silence, the only sound is Haru clicking here and there.

« … I would never name a cat Mackerel. It’s a cat.
- Well, yes. The kids’ names are ok.
- But like… you don’t mind us being married in the game and all ?
- Not really. »

Makoto is relieved (but still blushing super hard) so they talk about the game and play together. Surprisingly for Haru, Makoto didn’t make him a professional athlete but a chef (« I hesitated between chef and painter but I figured painter would be boring since you’re at home all the time. You still do it as a hobby though. I even put one of your paintings in the living room ! ») So Haru feels like he can open up to him a bit about his fears about the future, since Makoto seems to see Haru for other things than his swimming.

Since then, they play together once in a while and Makoto likes to tell Haru what happened in the game recently.