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Hello! I always notice people asking other resource blogs where they can find a free download for Photoshop, so I’ve decided to compile this list of all different tutorials to download PS made by other users here on tumblr (: I’ve only gathered links for Photoshop CC, CS5, and CS6 (a few are extended/portable versions). Please reblog or like this if you’ve found it helpful! If you see any links are broken or they contain viruses/whatever, please let me know and I will take them down!

* - windows download
^ - mac download

Photoshop CC:
- chaoticresources *^
- firekrackers *
- imaginarylights *
- oswaldsps ^
- garbagerpts ^

Photoshop CS5:
- completeresources *
- samepsd *^
- emilliaclarke *^
- primgoesboom *
- thosetutorials *

Photoshop CS6:
- imaginarylights *
- totsofrp *^
- jaehos ^
- chanyeol *
- resourcely * (originally by beautyofps)

If none of those work for you, there is another masterpost here by fyeahtutorial you can download cs2-cs3 on both windows + mac!

Moo’s Steven Universe Brushes v.1

This is my first attempt to make some Steven Universe themed brushes for Photoshop! I hope you like them and make awesome art with them! ♥

Brush pack contents:

1. Sparkle/Diamond brushes

-Diamond 1, Double Diamond 1 + Scattered versions

- Sparkle 1, Double Sparkle 1 + Scattered versions

2. Diamond brushes

-Diamond 2, Double Diamond 2 + Scattered versions

-Diamond 3, Double Diamond 3 + Scattered versions

3. Water triangles

- Water triangle, Double water triangle + Scattered versions


 - They are free

- They come with instructions!

- They work for sure in Photoshop cs6, but most likely they will work in the older versions as well!

- Credit is appreciated but not necessary!


If there’s any trouble with the download link please message me and I’ll solve it



EDIT: Also, in case you didn’t know it, I made a second brush pack! this time it contains clouds and cloud streaks, I’m sure you’ll find it useful! ♥


I’m sorry

happy valentine’s day ❤

admin note

hey all

so for the past several months, the blog hasn’t been as active as it was in the past. i started my first year teaching back in august which has been A LOT and i got a new laptop because my old laptop was slow and always dying. it should have been a blessing for photoshop but i wasn’t able to find a good free photoshop download and a video player that capped well. so when i giffed, i had to go back to my old laptop which seemed like a hassle when i had my pretty new laptop that i should be using. but after a long week of teaching and with more still to do, getting photoshop on my laptop wasn’t my priority. 

i had thought about passing the blog along but i love this blog and put a lot of work into it and i am stubborn. i didn’t want to give it up. thanks to my fellow admin, posts would be even more sparse. but they’ve also had things to deal with these past months. i even did try adding members, but i got so busy i never got around to adding some to the blog. 

however, i finally did add photoshop onto my laptop and found a good video player, SO hopefully this is my post leading into a more active blog again! thanks to all of you for sticking around!!