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Uhg I just wish people would stop saying  “Frisk is nonbinary” because no, that’s not entirely true. You HEADCANON Frisk as nonbinary, but the character is meant to be a blank slate so that, while playing, the player can sink into Frisk’s roll easier. And using “they/them” pronouns are a way to make Frisk a neutral character so it could apply to ANY GENDER IDENTITY while playing. (this also applies to Toriel calling Frisk child, same with Papyrus and human.)

I understand where (some, not all) nonbinary people are coming from, I understand that people who are nb do not get enough representation in the mainstream media and Undertale offers more of that than anything else before. I understand that when people go and call Frisk he or she it feels like the person is misgendering the character, and, to an extension, yourself, because you sunk so deeply into the roll of that character. (a friend of mine brought up this point on Skype) But that does not give you a right to force your HEADCANONS down people’s throats. Frisk does not have any hard set gender identity, and this is done purposely because Frisk is not meant to actually be a character. Instead they’re a placeholder for the player to live the game through, like looking through a pair of binoculars.

And if you REALLY want a nb Undertale character that is part of the main cast and plays a role in the game, just look at Napstablook. But stop shoving the “Frisk is nb” headcanon into people’s faces and expect everyone to abide by it.

Laven Week 2016 ★ 8th - 14th August

Hello, admin Rowan here!! Since we’re nearing August it’s time for me to put up this info post for the event. Are you a writer? Or perhaps you draw or make edits and want to share your love for this ship? Then this event is just for you!!

So how does this work? It’s pretty simple - there will be 7 themes running for each of the 7 days of the event, you can pre-prepare stuff but please post it on the respective day for the prompt (as detailed below). You can make fics, graphics, amvs, fanmixes, artwork - anything you want to do!! Make sure to use the tags #laven week and/or #laven week 2016 so others can find your work, please remember to be respectful of others during the event, and most importantly have fun!!

This year there is an overall theme of astronomy/space. There are specific prompts below, but feel free to be as creative with it as you like. The format for the prompts is as follows: Day - Planet | Tarot Card | Symbolism. You can either use the planets, tarot cards, symbolism, or a mix of all three (or something very loosely connected to them) as your prompt/inspiration for whatever you make.

  • 8th - Sun | Sun (tarot) | Action, vibrancy, vitality
  • 9th - Venus | Lovers | Beauty, harmony, attraction
  • 10th - Mercury | Magician | Intellect, communication, understanding
  • 11th - Neptune | Hanged Man | Intuition, dreams, unconscious
  • 12th - Mars | The Tower | Energy, vigour, initiative
  • 13th - Pluto | Judgement | Rebirth, transformation, hidden power
  • 14th - Saturn | The World | Control, deep study, fixation

If you have any questions feel free to send any asks to this blog or to my main blog, however please read the about page on this blog before asking anything. Thank you, and have fun making things!!