free people intern

Running of the interns prompts/AU, OT3 version (since people seem to like the original). 

1) Person A tries to elbow/shove Person B to gain an advantage.  Person B dodges but in the process stumbles into Person C.

2) Person A and Person B are neck-and-neck and jostling each other but then one of them trips and they both sprawl down the stairs.  Person C vaults over them both like “LATER LOSERS” but makes sure to check on them after finishing their run.

3) Person A wipes out going around a corner on the slick marble floor, taking out Person B AND Person C in the process.

(I realized this morning that I should have worded the original post to be more OT3 friendly; I thought about editing it but it already has a bunch of notes and reblogs so I just made a separate post \o/)