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All settled in my first apartment!! Managed to bring my creative vision to life with this space and very happy with how it turned out look I’m already gettin nakeyyyy ahhh 🌼✨🌿🌱

For people with trauma, a history of abuse, ptsd, etc: it is not your job to educate your partner

Yes, you can (and should!) tell them what specifically helps you, as a person, and how your symptoms manifest. But! It is your partner’s job to educate themselves on common ways to help abuse survivors, on what PTSD is and looks like, on the ways that they can be a better partner to you. 

That is why I made this blog. That burden doesn’t rest on your shoulders; it rests on ours. We need to listen to survivors, hear their stories, their experiences, and apply them to our own relationships.

While you should communicate openly with your partner about your needs, your wants, and your wishes, if your partner is not willing to put in the time or effort to listen, it is in no way your fault.