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I didn’t want to announce it at first because I thought starting fresh on a website was a great way to see if I could gather a new public, but since everything I’ve been doing since a month is traditional and my Instagram is specifically made for traditional art so far, I thought that maybe the people who were interested could eventually check it out and skip it if they ever don’t like it. I’ll post my favorite traditional works as batches most of the time on tumblr/dA, anyway.
But yes, if you want to check all my doodles and practices (from roughest to most detailed) to perhaps know more about how my art is going to evolve, my art Instagram plays the role of an album that will follow my art’s development! <3 All my Inktober drawings are posted there!  

Thanks for reading and supporting my work! Finding an art style is tough, but even though I do have all my life to figure it out, experimenting might just be the best part! ♥ If all those doodles/practices don’t interest you, don’t forget about my digital/best traditional artworks art blog @myebi!


A close friend of mine made a blog recently!! They’re new to tumblr and idk how much they’re gonna post (it’ll probably mostly be their art) but I think they’d really appreciate a few followers! You can find it over at @technophiiliic-pii22-blood

do people really think smoking is attractive?? or do they just like the idea of it?? on twitter i saw a bunch of girls saying wow calum is so hot smoking like…nah let’s not say that. let him do what he wants but don’t glorify it pls