free people

Allison Inspired Outfit with a Red Swing Dress by veterization featuring a chain strap purse

Red babydoll dress, $17 / Lafayette 148 New York long sleeve coat, $235 / H m tight / Charlotte Russe black chunky heel booties / Free People chain strap purse / Pandora heart bangle, $45 / Cashmere fingerless glove, $34

It’s a big world, in a infinite universe, and you are one person. 

You are one tiny little person who takes up four walls which is shared with several others, maybe even a animal too.

You are one little body trying to figure out where you want to go, what you want to be, what you should accomplish.

You are one person, one person who doesn’t know whether to follow their heart, or to follow what someone else lays in front of them, they want to make you into them.

You are a human. You can be whoever you want to be. Your ideal is different to theirs, their mould will never shape you.

Live your dream before someone creates it for you.


Live your life not theirs by Amy Kennedy