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continuing with this post about ancient egyptian socks!

this pattern seems to be 36 stitches across for everything to line up right. one register has four diamonds, counting on a diagonal, and the next has five. it might have just been a mistake on the knitter’s part but i included it in case it wasn’t. 

this is totally free to download, upload, share around, whatever you want. 

DIY Amigurumi Miniature Hobbes Free Pattern from Mia’s Atelier.

The creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson, never licensed any of his characters for anything - so there are no mugs, no stuffed characters etc… So you cannot go to a store and buy Calvin or Hobbes right off the shelf.

I posted this roundup of DIY Knit, Crochet and Plush Hobbes from the Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip here - including the large one in the photoset above.

Free customize option pattern for hoodie!

Free customize sewing pattern here! It’s additional hood pattern for my Cookie Zipper Blouson.

Cookie Blouson’s original collar is knit high neck type, here is a functional and sporty big hood and you can make it as a hoodie!

The sample is made with cotton-wool mix fabric and I adjusted length of the knit hem (added 2cm for more volumed silhouette).

Download free sewing pattern and instruction here!
****Free Customize hood pattern  (Japanese version available)
****About Layered pdf

**The pattern data has layers. It can be printed or shown only the size(s) you need. Please refer the file “about layered pdf” for the details.

**The pattern and instruction include only custom hood parts. You can purchase main blouson sewing pattern here. (or here at my Etsy shop)

**The pattern does not includes the lining patten, but there are blog articles about a casual way to attache lining for this blouson, please refer them.

If you have any question about the pattern and instruction, Please contact me. If you put your photos of your creation from my patterns on your blog or other media, please share with Waffle Pattern’s address.

The pattern is personal use only, but I love to support your local craft fairs, sewing classes, or charity shops etc, please feel free to contact me about license!

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