DIY Knitting Ornament Free Pattern from Ravelry User holeymolee.

Make this easy DIY Knitting Ornament on Size 2 needles, switching to a toothpick for the last row.

In the comments, someone mentioned that they had bought cheap miniature “bamboo knitting needles” online - and this was much easier than making decorative toothpick knitting needles.

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DIY 14 Crochet Bracelets Roundup from Happiness Crafty.

It’s nice to find a roundup where the links actually work. I like so many of these bracelets (and not all 14 are pictured), that I would have posted many of them on my blog separately if not for this roundup.

You can also download this excellent Crochet Symbols and Directions Printable with both US and UK terminology from Dabbles & Babbles here.
FREE Sewing Patterns | DRCOS Patterns & How To Make
FREE Sewing Patterns | DRCOS Patterns & How To Make

Hey guys, 

I found a really great cosplay resource! The page is from a Japanese cosplayer who provides patterns for most of the basics you would need for costumes. It even has undergarments for Lolita clothing if you are interested. They all come in multiple (Japanese, so somewhat small) sizes and can be adjusted pretty simply.

I am so excited to play around with this and I wanted to share.

DIY Birthday Embroidery Free Templates

 I only give DIY gifts to friends who appreciate the time and effort I’ve put into making something unique, and these Birthday Embroideries fall into that category.

Find these DIY Birthday Embroidery Free Templates by Wild Olive at Feeling Stitchy here.

Do you want to start learning how to embroider? Or do you need a refresher course?  Check out the 10 Common Embroidery Stitches post from (NØ)NARRATIVE-LINES here.


Spanish Mandala: Create Your Own Sun!

Tatsiana from Lilla Björn shares her AMAZING Mandala work here.  She actually makes this into a cushion.  Click through the link for more info and pics.  Or if you want to get started on your own Mandala see below:

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Spanish Mandala pattern is available for purchase in this Ravelry shop HERE and on Etsy HERE.