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Too much #Patriots free agency action to not put together a new Wicked Pissah Webcast

Characters: Gray x Reader

Genre: Angst

Request: You secretly like Gray and he asks you out. However, it turns out to be a dumb dare from Jay.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?”

You turned your head around and felt your cheeks flush pink when you noticed it was Gray. Smiling, you nodded and patted the free seat besides you. The two of you were currently hanging out at an after party since AOMG had finished their concert. But, you were surprised that he would actually want to talk to you. Gray had spoken to you a few times and you had always admired him from afar. You loved his music, personality, his smile, his music but he was way out of your league. So far the two of you were just friends…so far.

“Yeah..ummm.” He stumbled into his seat, with an almost empty drink in his hand. 

“Are you feeling okay?” You asked, concerned that he might have drank too much too quickly.  He chuckled and waved his hand, drinking from his cup.

“Yeah, it’s all good! Don’t you worry about me.” His voice at a higher pitch as he grinned at you. Why is his smile so damn bright, you thought.

“I wanted to tell you something. Its embarrassing but I need to come clean with you.” Perking up at his statement, you could feel your heart racing. Ask me something? And it was embarrassing? Taking in a deep breath as you clutched onto your own drink tighter. Was he going to…you couldn’t even finish that though. No, he wouldn’t.

“Sure, nothing should be embarrassing between us.” You almost cringed at that sentence. It basically screamed at him that you wanted to be close with him. You took a gulp from your own drink and felt you body relax slightly.

“I need to tell you how I feel.” He rested his chin on his palm and stared at you. He looked so innocent right now. His eyes were wide and his hair falling over them, his lips slightly parted as he blinked slowly.

“H-h-how you feel?” You stuttered at his word choice.

“Well, we’ve been speaking for awhile now and you’re always-“ He took another drink “alwaaaays there for me. I really like that about you.” Oh god…was he…confessing to you right now? A gasp escaped your lips as you tried to hold it together. The boy that you were literally crushing on for months is actually talking to you and is so close to actually saying what you’ve been dying to hear him say.

“So, basically, if I get to the whole point.” He leaned forward and put his hand in yours, it felt warm and soft. Unable to move, you let him grip onto you, enjoying the butterflies in your stomach.

“Gray, I think you’re drunk.”

“No! I only drank so I had the…the…the” He glanced up at the ceiling trying to put his sentence together “confidence! I needed to find the confidence to come over and confess to you. This isn’t really romantic.” He gestured to the loud music and people grinding against each other on the dance floor.

“But, I mean it…really. I like you. We need to go out sometime. Just us two.” He leaned in closer, so much so that you could feel his breath.

“No one else.” His fingers slowly left your hand and gently touched your cheek, his voice so soft that you could barely hear it. “I don’t want to be around anyone else. Just you. I really like you.” You dared to look at him and you sunk even deeper into your chair. Why is this happening now? Were you dreaming?

“I…I don’t even know what to say.” He grinned and his hand left your face to grab his drink, finishing it.

“You don’t need to say anything. Just think about it.”

“But I…” Do it, your mind screamed at you This was your chance to finally let him know how you were feeling. He had been on your mind for months and he was right here confessing to you.

“I…I like you too.” Gray frowned and his head rolled to the side to look at you, his mind racing.

“You like me?” His voice was now louder, making sure that you heard his question. He looked confused. Your heart felt like it was going to burst. Finally being able to say it felt like you had been set free from everything that you had been hiding from him.

“Yeah, I do. I was waiting for the right moment or for you to approach me.” You admitted while grinning, already feeling like you were on a high.

“Oh.” He suddenly looked like he had sobered up. He was sitting upright, his eyes looked focused, and his voice was now sounding at a normal level.

“What made you say it here? I mean I’m not fussy or anything but-“ As you were talking you noticed that his eyes flashed behind you several times. Was there a fight going on? You frowned, turning your head around to see what had caught his interest. A few seats away from you, a drunken Jay was giggling besides an equally as drunk Simon. The both of them leaning against each other for balance. Why were they laughing so hard? Had you missed something or was it just the drinks taking their effect?

“I…I’m so sorry.” You spun around to look at Gray. Who now looked like he was regretting every life choice. He refused to look at you and was constantly running his hands through his hair.

“I…I fucked up. Really fucked up.”

“W..What? What happened?” Why did his attitude completely change? He was happy a second ago.

“Do you have to pay for the drinks, then?” Jay sat down besides you, with a wide grin. Maybe he knew what was wrong.

“Jay, I don’t think this was a good-“

“Did he ask you out? Mhmm?” Jay cut through him, how did he know that Gray was going to ask you out? Maybe Gray wanted some advice or encouragement to approach you.

“Y-Yeah, he did. Did you encourage him to do it or…?”

“Encouraged him!? We’re basically playing God right now. We were giving each other dares and we said to Gray that if he asked you out that he wouldn’t have to pay for any of the drinks tonight and-.” Suddenly you couldn’t hear anything. Your mouth parted as you started at Jay blabbering on, not making much sense. It was a dare? Gray…you then looked at him and he was staring at the floor. His face looking like he had been smacked and you could tell he had completely sobered up with the reality of the situation hitting him.

“Simon! You need to pay for the drinks now!” Jay stood up and grabbed on to the chair for support. “HEY! Simon!” He waved goodbye as he walked away, chanting “Simon Dominic! Simon D.O.M.I.N.I.C” If you hadn’t felt so numb then you would have laughed. Silence. The two of you sat there without saying anything. Had he really done this to you?

“I’m so sorry. We…we were just messing around. It wasn’t anything serious! I promise, I didn’t mean to embarrass or-“

“Well you did, Gray! I look like an idiot right now.” Snapping at him as your eyes filled with tears, trying to make sense of everything. You had confessed to him. Told him that you liked him while he knew all along that it was a stupid dare.

“Listen, I won’t tell anyone. It my fault.”

“Damn right it’s your fault!” You stood up and grabbed your jacket. You didn’t want to be here anymore.

“I fucking…I can’t believe you would do this to me, Gray. I get it. You’re out of my league and I’m not as popular or as good looking or whatever! But I still have feelings and respect for myself not to-“ He stood up and grabbed your hand, wanting to calm you down.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” You shoved him away as you walked down the steps and towards the club doors. All of AOMG would know what he did and that you had bloody fallen for it. Confessed to him like an idiot.

“Please, just listen to me.” He walked frantically behind you, wanting to apologise a thousand times. Pushing your way through the crowd, you managed to walk out into the street. The fresh air and openness helped ease your mind as you didn’t feel trapped anymore. However the more you thought about it the more angry you got.

“I fucked up and I shouldn’t have played with your emotions like that.I didn’t know how you felt. I’m so sorry.” Where’s the taxis? You looked along the street and wanted to desperately get into one and go home.

“Please, listen to me! Say something…anything I need to know we’re cool with each other.” Ignoring him, you walked further down the street in the hopes of finding a ride home. Your tears were close to escaping and your fists were clenched. Don’t give him the satisfaction of seeing you upset. Don’t do it.

“Can I call you later? Maybe we can talk once everyone’s sober and back in the right mindset.” His voice was close to cracking, as he sounded more desperate by the second. In the distance you spotted a free taxi, quickly sticking your hand out and waved at the driver, who made his way towards you. Your heart was breaking…he didn’t have feelings for you. He lied. The taxi stopped in front of you and you grabbed the door handle opening it.

“Don’t!” He slammed the door shut, making you stumble forward. “Please talk to me.”

“Let go.”

“I can’t let you go like this.”

“I said, let go.” Your voice getting lower as you glared at him. Let me go…I can’t be around you when I’m feeling like this. I’m too close to breaking.

“Are you getting in or what, Miss?” The taxi man spoke up, knowing that he would have other customers.

“Please…” He stared at you with determination, however; your stubbornness was in full force. You grabbed his wrist and pushed him away, quickly opening the door and closing it.

“Drive down here, please. I’ll tell you address on the way.” The driver quickly drove away. A sudden gasp left your mouth that you didn’t realise you were holding. Your phone started to ring, glancing down you noticed it was Grays ID. Your heart sunk even deeper as his name kept flashing at you, the fucking bastard. You turned your phone off and stared right ahead into the distance as your cheeks were now stained with tears.  

Don’t look back.

I know this is slightly out of character for Gray/Jay but I feel like when they’re drunk anything is possible haha thank you for requesting this and I hope you all like it ^^

- Admin E


Pat Lok - Love FM

The bass is like the gluten in the bread, and the bread is the song. So that means that the studio is the oven, and we’re cooking it up. But it ain’t gonna taste right, unless the bread has gluten in it. We ain’t making no gluten free bread. And you know what I say? No gluten, no gooten.
—  Dave Grohl, 2014
Wrath - makoharuheartandsoul (narmeenypuff) - Free! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Wrath (part of Seven Deadly Sins series)

Author: makoharuheartandsoul

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 3353

Relationships: Nanase Haruka/Tachibana Makoto

Tags: Established Relationship, Seven Deadly Sins, Porn With Plot, POV Alternating, Bottom!Haru, top!Makoto, Seductive!Haru, Demanding!Haru, Dominant!Makoto, Light BDSM, Spanking, Angst, Rough Sex, Haru in leather pants, Desk Sex, I managed to make both Haru and Makoto angry at some point oh my, NSFW MakoHaru Week, ITS A CUTE ENDING THOUGH DESPITE THE ANGST :D


“No. You promised me you would dominate me,” Haru demanded, and in a stroke of inspiration, slowly reached out to caress the hard wood of Makoto’s desk. “And I want to be dominated here.”

Day seven of Haru and Makoto’s week-long anniversary vacation. Written for nsfwmakoharuweek on tumblr, for the prompt “Rough Sex”.

Can be read separately from the rest of the series! :D

  • Elesis: *sees an alpaca* ... *pets it* You are now my child.
  • Alpaca: *nuzzles Elesis*
  • Elesis: Hahaha, you're tickling me--
  • Elgang: *stares*
  • Ciel: Is that an alpaca??????
  • Elesis: Uhm... *looks away* ...nnnno?
  • Lu: GET IT!
  • Elesis: RUN, MY CHILD, BE FREE-- *gets pounced by the Elgang*
  • Alpaca: *manages to run away*
  • Elesis: You will always be in my heart... *sniffs*
  • Elsword: Sis, don't be over-dramatic, we just wanted to pet it too... Now it got away.
  • Ciel: *weeps* It was a majestic creature...