free passes to the cafe

Alright motherfuckers, I have officially met my most irritating customer. I should say, I’ve technically handled much worse situations at work than this one, but I was having a particularly bad day when good ol’ Judy from California came into the picture.

Judy from California was fine at first, we small talked a bit, mostly about the insane weather. I don’t know what Judy was doing in Minnesota during the Hell Month we call April, but I assume she was visiting grandchildren or something. Judy wanted a grande caramel frappucino, no whip, extra caramel. I asked if she wanted extra caramel syrup or drizzle and she said both. Easy enough, it’s an irritating order, especially since this happened at about ten in the morning, but its definitely not hard. My coworker comes back from break. I turn to start Judy’s drink. I start pumping frapp roast into the cup 

“Excuse me, are you putting coffee in that?!” Judy yells from across the counter, having not moved an inch despite my coworker’s insistence that her drink will be brought out over there, you know, at the hand off station. 

“yup, we make the caramel frappucino with coffee, but it’s no problem to make it creme based instead.”

“I don’t want coffee in it, I want a caramel frappucino.”

“I understand completely.” I didn’t, but I make the stupid drink without the frapp roast and use the creme base instead of the coffee base. Now, since this drink is just milk, ice, clear syrup, and more clear syrup, it comes out looking as white as the snow outside. I hand it to Judy. She looks alarmed.

“I thought I asked for no whipped cream? Why is it white?”

“There is no whipped cream in there, ma’am, the coffee is what gives the frappucino it’s brown color.”

Judy sputters for a bit, clearly under the impression that I have insulted her and fucked up her drink. “In California we make it differently. I’ve never seen the drink made before, but this is not how it looks.” 

I turn on my Minnesota Nice (it’s actually Minnesota Passive Aggressiveness but coast people apparently can’t tell the difference with us inscrutable midwesterners). “That’s the standard recipe, but if you don’t like it I’d be happy to make you another drink.”

Judy gives me a glare, says, “No I’ll drink it, that’s just not how we do things in California,” and walks away to her table. 

When she’s out of earshot, my coworker, whom I’ve never heard talk shit about anyone, goes “Yeah, well in California, it isn’t 70 degrees one day and snowing the next, so welcome to fucking Minnesota”

Bf! Doyoung

Dating Doyoung would include:

  • Texting non stop, he just cant seem to get enough of you so he will constantly pester you with his late night calls/texts
  • Most of them being selfies of him. Him before going to bed, him brushing his teeth, him half naked but smiling like an idiot
  • He will update you on everything
  • “We’re going on a car ride wish you were hereeeee”
  • Excited phone calls with him going on about his day and then realising that he would ask you about your day as well
  • Smiling at his phone whenever he sees a text from you
  • Staring at his phone wanting you to text him first
  • This child will literally not text you the whole day so you would get worried and text him first and spend the whole day sulking and being miserable and then when you finally check up on him, he jumps around like a kangaroo like ‘yas my baby you finally called I was just about to call you’
  • what a liar smh
  • His kisses are so tender and he holds you by the back and pulls you closer and smiles at you *squeals*
  • Forehead kisses
  • Kisses on cheeks when you least expect it
  • And when you kiss him he complains about the lipstick stain
  • “yah y/n its too public” 
  • and then smiles because he is such a hoe for your kisses
  • resting his head on your shoulder and playing with your rings
  • and then lifting his head to kiss your neck and continuing laying his head on you
  • often lifts your hand so you could play with his hair
  • falls asleep on your lap and cuddles up to you and snores a little
  • finds utter comfort in your presence
  • always the big spoon when cuddling and he loves playing with your hair
  • he will hum songs when cuddling and kiss you very softly when you sleep in his arms
  • and then smile at you and laugh to himself not being you’re his
  • staring at you when you’re sleeping and then looking away when you catch him
  • “me? staring? pfft? who do you think you are???”
  • you could see his cheeks going red
  • him laughing at your jokes 
  • but then he also laughs when you trip
  • or when you do something stupid
  • is such a dork
  • you love making fun of his ‘vroom vroom show’ with the boys and he goes on a petty mode. He will stop talking to you and ignore you the rest of the day and his only reply would be “go ask jaehyun”
  • until you threaten to burn his vroom vroom mic and he snaps back into his senses
  • you love annoying him and he gets really frustrated
  • spending lazy evenings just cuddling and watching movies
  • waking up to hearing him sing in the shower
  • pancakes for breakfast and him making you eat until you’re about to throw up
  • back hugs when you’re cooking
  • making a mess everywhere when you’re baking and him cracking an egg on your head for that one time you dissed his vroom vroom talk show
  • adopting a puppy together and naming him ‘pebbles’
  • coming home to your boyfriend laying on the couch and pebbles sleeping on top of him
  • hanging out with his brother and making fun of doyoung together
  • his family loves you and gong myung is your brother
  • seeing his childhood photos and him trying to hide that one picture where he’s naked in a bathtub 
  • dining out on saturdays and him begging you for an ice cream
  • him immediately sensing that something’s up with you and he’ll hear you out and then pretend that nothing’s wrong and take you out for some fun 
  • going to cool restaurants together and exploring cute cafes 
  • having a free pass to their concerts and a live show of their concert because Doyoung doesn’t want you to miss anything
  • studio dates which includes you bringing food and watching him practice
  • and then he wants to dance with you and you start waltzing to classical song and he just stares at you with judgement
  • long walks alongside the river and him holding your hand and smiling
  • riding the bicycle together late at night when the weather is cold and then stopping at a convenience store to have instant ramen
  • him surprising you with presents and food
  • him picking you up from your college/work/school
  • you both rarely fight but when you do its big and none of you apologise so you just settle on a mutual agreement
  • but he does apologise when its his fault
  • him wanting your embrace when he’s sad
  • matching bracelets, promise rings, matching shoes, even matching jackets
  • and then wearing those jackets and taking a cute selfie
  • him proudly introducing you as his girlfriend
  • so supportive of you
  • master of cheesy jokes
  • rough in bed but can be so gentle too
  • believes in making love to you slowly but when he’s too passionate god all mighty
  • forget you lil soft bunny he is on fucking fire
  • but it’ll be so soft in the end cuz he’ll cuddle you and play with your hair
  • you’re so lucky to have this dork in your life
  • keep him, he’s a keeper

⊰ Closed Roleplay w/rey--of-sunshine ⊱

Of course, the smaller male would be staring at the glowing blue screen as he walked to places. The only familiar sound with be the ’clikity click click clickity’ from the racing digits against the glowing screen. Today, he was actually going out somewhere, well, forced to go out somewhere by his parents. They thought it be best if he got some oxygen in his cranium. And for Ein, he protested, but lost greatly. And here he was, walking with his attention taken by his beautiful phone.

As the young brunet walked to the nearest cafe with free WiFi, Ein had slipped passed two couples making out in front of the cafe. He paused, stared, shivered, and moved onward to the building that smelled of chocolate and caffeine with a bit of jealousy. Love. He wanted it. He wanted to experience. But who would date someone as geeky and small like him? With that, he just threw the thought away and went in line to order a hazel nut iced coffee. While waiting, he was back to checking his Tumblr on his phone. No new notifications. Lame. Suddenly, he felt a tap upon his shoulder and practically shrieked at the top of his lungs. And at that same moment, his phone flew in the air and fell back down on his face. He winced, but turned to see who it was. “You gave me a heart attack,” he murmured, grabbing his phone as he started to place his hand over his mouth.