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Rarepair Week Day 1: Splash Free | Future Fish [ freerarepairs ]
Title: S.O.S.
Pairing: Tachibana Makoto x Ryugazaki Rei

Well, what do you know? I made my first ever MakoRei comic! Sorry Rei was slightly OOC lol his ‘like’ drove him mad lmao I only had one day to come up with a plot as well as drawing this and I figured I shouldn’t do that anymore. Also, I should reifrain from makoing Rei self-angst storei lines……..

Edit: Here’s Makoto’s side of the story


okay so i may have made this scene more shoujo than it was in the story and this doesn’t really follow every detail to 100% but. anyway, this is my favourite scene from my favourite rinrei fic 100 Percent written by recyclable-trash. (//screams if you’re rinrei trash this is the motherlode)  i mean here…they are just running..but they are so carefree, and happy and playful and i just //lies down to catch my breath

“No animal or human sacrifices please.”

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 142 - Legends Of The Hidden Tower


All my knowledge and fancy words probably come from anime. Please don’t ask me anything outside this area of expertise.

I am pretty sure I’m that horrible know-it-all friend when the conversation turns to specific topics OTL (i.e. those corresponding to anime I watched…). 

I was out all weekend so here is a quick sketchy strip before I head to bed. yay!


ever since the story of this end card was translated i have been drawing a comic for it, they are too cute for my soul o<-< but it kinda took long bc i get a trophy for being lazy

im sorry for my style being a little inconsistent across the whole comic since i drew like 2 panels each week or something

the long story and the short one from the same end card are combined together. i made the short one to haru’s inner monologue since it fits perfectly right?

translation credit:

long story

haru’s inner monologue


So this happened at the Free Play panel. Sorry bout the crummy quality, it didn’t really change much when I tried making them less grainy. Hopefully, it should look fine zoomed out though xD

Also, because I had messaged them earlier about these (I ended up doing the gifs xD)… @ryanthepowerbottomguy I hope you like it! (and also hope you had a good time meeting Ryan at the signing :D)