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There was a protest in Washington DC yesterday. I went with a few of my friends, we got to the protest like 2 hours early, so we were just walking around taking pictures and there were actually so many people there already. So we took pictures, then the more important part 2 random girls (not Arab) walk up to me and ask me if I’m Palestinian, I told them indeed I am one of the blessed. She said can I ask you a simple question, and she asked, “wat do you think is the solution for the conflict?” I told her you want me to be honest? There is no solution now. The only thing that can be done now is to stop the killing and hopefully one day, if there’s no killing there can be living with one another and I gave her my whole reasoning and she agreed with wat I was saying. Now here’s the important part. While I’m talking to these ladies, to my left side I notice over 10 Palestinian young ladies screaming at this old bearded American man. He had a sign that read “We support Israel. Hamas is candy ass back shooting child molesters” So i walked away from the young ladies I was with to go address this man, I went to him and I was just listening to the back and forth going on between them. Mind you this is before the protest, not many people there
But basically all the people there just gathered around him. Somehow I managed to quiet down the young ladies that were screaming and I had a debate with this man, no yelling, no screaming, no attacking. Just a simple debate. I asked him, “why do you have that on your sign?”
He replied, “Hamas are terrorists, they hide behind they’re children and they’re citizens.”
The crowd starts screaming saying “where’s your proof?!” I managed again to quiet them down then
I said, “okay I’m not going to argue with you about Hamas. I’m actually going to take your side. Let’s say hypothetically, I agree with you. (Even tho I obviously do not.) let’s say I agree Hamas is a terrorist organization. You want to get rid of it right? So how does it make sense to support Israel if they themselves are terrorists?”
He replies, “no they’re not terrorists! I support them bc they want to get rid of Hamas!”
The crowd again erupts but then they quieted down. When he said that there was a woman next to me.
So I told him, “if I were to point a gun to her head would it be okay for the US to send a jet to drop missiles on this whole block just kill me?”
He said “ofcourse not”
I told him “okay let’s take it a step back”
Don’t forget were at a protest infront of the White House so there’s secret service and police officers everywhere.
I told him “if I pointed a gun at the same woman and held her hostage, would any of these officers open fire?” He was once an officer so knowing the law he quickly said, “absolutely not!”
I asked why, “killing you is not worth risking her life, that would be completely wrong” he said.
I told him, “so why is it you hold this woman’s life as something with value, why do you value her life but not the lives of the innocent woman men and children in Gaza? Why do you not value the deaths of over 1200 people in Gaza in the past 2 weeks?”
He said “I do!! I pray so much for the lives of the innocent!! I do care I swear to you I care!!”
I told him, “your sign says otherwise, Israel doesn’t care. Netanyahu doesn’t care. So if you support them, you ultimately do not care.”

Now you want to know the best part, the end result of this whole debate? This picture. He scratched off Israel and replaced it with peace. This is for you people that say “what good does spreading awareness do?” “It’s not like we can make a difference” and all this other negative bullshit you people think of. I was able to make a difference in this ones man life thank god. Imagine wat difference all of us can do? The protest yesterday was absolutely successful. The voices of the Palestinian supporters shook all of Washington DC, the exact numbers of how many were there is a blur. People are saying over 80 thousand people, Secret Service released a statement saying there was over 250 thousand people in attendance. Both case scenarios, I’ve never been part of such a big movement and I thank god I was. HERE IS THE PROOF, HERE IS THE DIFFERENCE THAT WE ARE MAKING. HERE IS OUR MOTIVE AS TO WHY WE SHOULDNT STOP AND WHY WE SHOULDNT QUIET DOWN!!! FREE PALESTINE AND FREE GAZA!!

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Hey Ivan! If you're not busy, would you mind giving me a quick rundown of what's happening in Israel/Gaza? I'm hearing from a lot of sources that Hamas members are the ones being aggressive, while Israel is simply trying to defend itself - but you seem to very strongly disagree, so I'm curious what the other side of the argument is?

Sure, not a problem!

Current conflict, or really any Isreali-Palestinian conflict is a matter of settler-colonialism and genocide; Israel continues to practice policies of apartheid, ethnic cleansing, torture, illegal settlement and cultural imperialism. Why? For the sake of crystallizing a military complex within the world and a political position.

Basically: power, economic resources, etc. are easier to obtain when you’re essentially reigning over an entirely different nation.

Let me tell you this: even if Palestine/Hamas were retaliating or “attacked first” it’s by no means a level playing field. And when militaristic conflict is not a level playing field, it is genocide. Palestine has had their medical +water sources and means of transportation seized. Even trade is being restricted, as Israel strictly limits travel in and out of the Gaza Strip, controls the supplies that come in (including a ban on most construction materials), and prohibits virtually all exports. Any violence from Palestine is akin to that of a child hitting their parent.

And if the parent hits back, they are in the wrong. That is how power dynamics function. This is not a level playing field.

Israeli forces entered the area and were planning on expanding their ground operations a week ago This had been after a deal between Israel and HAMAS fell through following a five hour peacefire that was broken by unknown Gaza citizens.

Charges in the media and by politicians that accuse Hamas of ordering Gaza residents to resist evacuation orders are false. With temporary shelters full and the indiscriminate Israeli shelling, there is literally no place that is safe in Gaza.

Likewise, Hamas represented the sentiment of the vast majority of residents when it rejected to go through with ceasefire proposed by Egypt and Israel without consulting anyone in Gaza.

The kicker is that the the United States was the only country in the world that opposed the United Nations investigating human rights violations in Gaza by Isreal. All other countries either abstained or agreed, while the US outright said no because oooh, our militaristic position,war profiteering and alliance with Isreal is too important. We’d rather enable genocide. We are the ones providing Isreal with their weaponry, remember? The US is also manipulating and purposefully encouraging the public to victimize Isreal: examples including

Basically: yeah, I strongly disagree because this isn’t a level playing field. I gave you the facts. Do what you will with them. Don’t give into neutral rhetoric. Because this is genocide.

And if you want to help?

And do not:

  • Perpetuate anti-semitism. This is not a “Jews vs. Arab” conflict. This is political. This is economic. This is a matter of genocide.
  • Don’t refer to Isreal as “the Jews” for the love of god.
  • When I say don’t stay neutral, I mean it.