free palestine!!

Yesterday was Eurovision, a competition that specifically banned the use of the Palestinian flag in any performance while allowing Israel to participate every year since 1973 although not being part of Europe.

Today is Nakba Day. The annual remembrance day of the mass killing and displacement of Palestinians in 1948.

One day is not enough to remember what happened and what is still happening to the Palestinians, that being said take the time today to educate yourself on the on going atrocities and maybe think twice about taking part in things that regularly silence the oppressed.

Hey everyone! My name is Reem, and I am the editor in chief of a Palestinian American print literary magazine titled Falastin. The goal of this magazine is to reclaim the Palestinian narrative through art! We are currently looking for submissions for our fall issue, and are looking for art, poetry, writing, photography, essays, and more about Palestine. You don’t have to be Palestinian to contribute, you just have to be passionate about the cause! So please please share this with your followers and anyone you know who may be interested. This is a great opportunity for artists and writers who are looking to get their names out there. Please message me for more information on how to contribute!