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Do cheaper morning-after pills work as well as brand name pills?

Someone asked us:

I was at the drugstore and I saw that they had a few different brands of plan b. Some of them were cheaper than others so like, do they all work the same or are more expensive ones stronger?

Short answer: all morning-after pill brands that you can buy without a prescription work the same, regardless of price. It doesn’t matter if you get it at a pharmacy, convenience store, health center, or a reliable online drugstore. Get yo bargain on!

Like most medicines, there are different brands of morning-after pills. They may be different prices, but they all have the same active ingredients and have the same effectiveness.

In the U.S., all over-the-counter morning-after pills use 1.5mg of levonorgestrel to prevent pregnancy. Levonorgestrel is a type of progestin, the same kind of hormone that’s in all hormonal birth control, like the IUD, pill, and shot.  

Some brands of levonorgestrel morning-after pills that are sold in the U.S. include:

  • Plan B One-Step
  • Next Choice One Dose
  • My Way
  • Aftera
  • Take Action
  • EContra EZ
  • Option 2
  • Athentia Next
  • Fallback Solo
  • Opcicon One-Step
  • Morning After
  • AfterPill (only available online)

Less expensive brands are often called “generics.” The FDA requires generic medications to have the same active ingredient, strength, dosage, quality, and effectiveness as name brands. So why can they cost less if they work the same? Because the companies making generics don’t usually pay for advertising, and they don’t have to run the expensive clinical trials that the original brand needed to do to get FDA approval for that kind of drug.

You can always double-check with the pharmacist if you’re concerned about buying the right pill. But as long as it says “levonorgestrel 1.5mg” somewhere on the package, feel free to buy the cheapest morning-after pill on the shelf —  it will work exactly the same as more expensive brands.

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood



Thank you so much everyone for 1.5k! It may not seem like a whole lot to other people, but to me, the support and love I’ve gotten from you guys has been huge. I never dreamed that turning into a positive blog would gain so much so quickly. So thanks to you guys, this lil artist is giving away one of my hand painted planting pots, plus a bunch of goodies from my childhood! Winner takes all, and winner will be randomly generated :’)

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0n-y0ur-left  asked:

The "Don't tell anyone you saw me crying" AU sounds super promising!

The best part of Steve’s day is, generally when he gets to go eat lunch in the abandoned teacher’s office on the third floor. It’s quiet up there, and it’s not so dusty now that one of the custodians noticed him hanging out there and comes around to clean it up every so often. So, all in all, not a bad place to quietly eat his lunch, do some homework, and maybe get a bit of drawing done, if he’s up to it.

Except today, apparently.

After the bell rings and fifth period starts, Steve makes his way up to the abandoned teacher’s lounge. He’s got a cheese sandwich, apple slices and a can of Diet Sprite that he’s excited to eat, and a drawing of one of his classmates — a guy who probably doesn’t even know Steve exists, let alone would want Steve drawing him, but that’s the one good thing about being invisible — that he’s excited to finish up. But when he gets to his abandoned teacher’s office, he hears someone…

Well, he hears someone crying.

Still, it’s his abandoned teacher’s office — he doesn’t have much else to take ownership of at this school, so he’ll take what he can get — so he enters anyway.

“What the hell?” Bucky Barnes says, furiously wiping off his face with the sleeve of his henley.

“Oh, uh,” Steve says, clutching the sketchbook that has an in-progress drawing of Bucky Freaking Barnes in it tight.

“Come to laugh at me?” Bucky asks with a rueful chuckle.

“What? No,” Steve says, maybe a little fiercer than he should.

“Then what?” Bucky asks.

“I eat lunch here every day,” Steve says, straightening up. He may only be five foot four and weigh the same as a wet dachshund, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t be intimidating!

He does wish that his beanie would quit sliding down his head and hiding his eyebrows. Having visible eyebrows would probably help the intimidating factor.

“You eat… here?” Bucky asks, looking around the dim room like he’s really seeing it for the first time. He grimaces.

Steve pushes his beanie back. “You’re here crying!” Steve argues.

“Yeah, but I’ve only been here a couple times. You’re here every day.”

Steve scoffs. “Are you trying to contest who of the two of us is less pathetic, because that’s probably a pretty easy fight.”

“What do you mean by that?” Bucky asks, voice getting louder.

“You have everything — friends, football, popularity. I just want to eat my cheese sandwich and listen to my iPod during lunchtime without having to confront crying jocks.”

Bucky stares at him for a moment, then his face screws up. “I’m s-s-sorry,” he says, starting to cry again.

“Oh jeez,” Steve says, shutting the door behind him and taking a few steps across the room, closer to the desk Bucky is sitting at. “Don’t… Cry, okay? I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

“You didn’t… it’s not your fault,” Bucky says, burying his face in his hands.

Steve drops his backpack and kneels down, digging through it. After about forty seconds, he emerges victorious with a half-used pack of tissues. “Here,” he says, handing them out to Bucky.

Bucky looks up at him with wide, bloodshot eyes. “Really?” he asks. Steve nods. Bucky reaches out and takes the tissues from him. “Thanks,” he says, pulling one free from the package and loudly blowing his nose.

“No problem,” Steve says, trying not to be grossed out, though he can’t help but cringe a little when Bucky looks back up with a line of snot dripping out of his nose. “You oughta…” he says, gesturing to his nose.

“Shit,” Bucky says, wiping his nose again.

“Then again, if you’re sporting snot, I’m sure the rest of the school will follow,” Steve says, hoping he doesn’t sound as bitter as he feels.

Bucky shakes his head. “You don’t get it,” he says. “I’m not… It’s not like that.”

“That’s not what it looks from the outside,” Steve says, quiet.

Bucky gives him a little half-smile. “I’m just gonna tell you this because I feel like this abandoned teacher’s lounge is a safe, trustworthy space, okay? And because I feel like you won’t blab to a bunch of people, but everyone fuckin’ hates me.”

“Really?” Steve asks, deadpan.

Bucky nods. “It’s… Well, they may not think they hate me, but they do.”

“Please don’t tell me it’s because you’re too beautiful. If you do, I may scream,” Steve says and is rewarded when Bucky laughs.

“You’re spitfire,” he says. “Anyhow, I’m gay, and they’d fuckin’ hate me if they knew.”

There’s a long pause.

“You’re gay?” Steve asks.

Bucky nods, mouth flattening. “It feels real weird to say it out loud,” he admits.

Steve’s mouth drops. “I’m the first person you’ve told?” he asks, surprised.

Bucky shrugs. “I don’t got anyone to tell. My old man’s a homophobic asswipe who’d kick my ass if he knew, and it’s not like I’m gonna tell the guys on the football team that I like guys. They’d take turns kickin’ my ass and leave me a bloody lump on the field.”

Swallowing hard, Steve takes a seat close to Bucky’s. “That’s… a lot,” he says.

“I know,” Bucky says. “Which is why I feel justified to stay in this abandoned teacher’s lounge and cry for a bit, if you don’t mind.”

There’s a long pause.

“Can I eat my sandwich while you do so?”

Bucky snorts. “Sure,” he says. “Let’s live it up. Cheese sandwiches and tears, quite the couple.”

Steve shrugs. “I’ve seen worse,” he says, pulling his sandwich from his backpack and splitting it in half. “Want some?” he asks, holding it out to Bucky.

“Sure,” Bucky says, grabbing the sandwich and taking a huge bite.

— —

“Hey,” Bucky says as the bell for sixth period rings.

“Yeah?” Steve says, packing his stuff up.

“Wanna do this again tomorrow? Maybe without the crying?”

Steve smiles. “Sure,” he says.

— —

In a week, Bucky is letting Steve draw him.

In a month, Steve is letting Bucky kiss him.

In a year, they walk around their college campus hand-in-hand.

✨ sense8 appreciation post ✨

I’ve never watched a show so beautiful that I’m having trouble coming up with fanfiction ideas because there’s no scene I have even the remotest desire to change…

It’s perfect. Everything… Perfect.

Need a reason to watch the show? Here, have eight:

Sun Bak? Perfect. 12/10 softie with ninja skills. shit brother i’d give my right buttcheek to TKO. terminator.

Kala Rasal? Perfect. BAMF scientist who takes no shit and gives a grand total of zero fucks about the patriarchy.

Riley Blue? Perfect. magical dj with heart of gold and soul of steel. in need of love, hugs, and more scenes with her father.

Nomi Marks? Perfect. beautiful gay, transgender baby with a shit mother I’d give my left buttcheek to be able to punch.

Will Gorski? Perfect. robo cop ain’t got shit on this Chicago detective, my sweet smol bean needs love and cuddles, free to good home, package deal with Riley Blue.

Lito Rodriguez? Perfect. mean, green, viral gif machine. queer and ready to take on the world with chiseled abs and a sculpted ass.

Wolfgang? Perfect. hella gangsta with a crooked moral compass. still cute. still needs hugs. can’t ask for help. needs help tho.

Capheus Onyango? Perfect. future politician. better president than douchebag trashcan. mad driving skills. runs best matatu in kibera.


Seduction- Natasha Romanoff Smut

Pairing- Natasha Romanoff x reader/O/C

Words- 2213

Summary- after an unsuccessful mission, you and Natasha decide to lounge at your place, only to give into your deepest desires (I kinda fucked up the first summary coz I was planning a different plot but yeah, and as I looked at it today I realised that the summary was wrong)

Warnings- smutty smut, girlxgirl, swearing, unprotected sex (yes girlxgirl can end with bad shit but glove it before ya love it)

A/N- this is my first proper fic on this account, and me being me, I decided to make it hella smutty

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NCT Click & Drag; Business Trip to Seoul


1. These two helped you with your suitcases and 2 winked as they walked away when finished (Pick 2)

2. He was your pilot

3. The cute male who sat beside you on the plane and accidentally fell asleep on your shoulder

4. He was serving the meals and ‘accidentally’ slipped his number onto the side of your tray

5. You got off the plane, thanked the pilot on your way out, and got into your Taxi who gave you your ride for free because you were ‘the prettiest person he saw all day’ (16 & Up)

6. Your hotel manager who gave you a cold shoulder.

7. The ones who took your suitcases to your room (Pick 4). 

8.You went to sleep for the night, but woke up to the noise of someone hitting their head. You turned on the light and found two of the male staff lurking around. They got arrested. (Pick 2)

9. You woke up early and got ready to meet the CEO. When you arrived at their building, this flirt escorted you to his office, his arm ghosting your waist.

10. (18+) The CEO you had to meet, who was your ex… 

11. The business trip was over, but you stayed a little longer in Seoul and regularly went to a coffee shop. A special barista always served you WITH LOOKS EUYSERJ; you told him it was your last day so he gave you your drink for free, and a package that he wrote his number on. What were the ~wonders~ inside? It was just a pastry ):

12. (IF YOU GET 18+) When you got onto the plane, you got into the Mile High Club 😏😏 with the pilots assistant // (IF YOU GET YOUNGER) When you got onto the plane, you met a young boy who got his hopes up with you - but his feelings got crushed when the same server came and flirted with you

13. When you were back, this rude, ignorant man helped you with your suitcases when asked. 

A/N: Did you like it or no? Please tell me how to improve in my ask!

Save Him

This is my entry to @atc74  Angelina’s second Break the Zone Challenge.  The goal is to break us out of our comfort zone. This challenge was to write from an angsty/strong woman song prompt. As I am quite comfortable writing angst, I kept it short and tried my hand at zero dialog.   Hope y’all enjoy it!

Song Prompt:  “She Can’t Save Him” by Reba McEntire, lyrics not in exact order of the song, in bold

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words:  581 just a little drabble

Warnings: Mild angst

Tags below the cut

*image found on Google

Save Him

He’s been coming here for longer than she cares to remember. It’s the way they’ve always been.  She has a house and a job. She has a life of her own.  But she knows this is his.  She understands that this is how it has to be.  How it always will be.  She is content to get what she can.  Whenever she can.

She can hear his car, as it pulls in the drive.  She can whisper a prayer.  Thank God, he’s alive.  She always worries about the state he will be in when it’s late and even the shadows are sleeping.  She can meet him at the door, catch him when he falls.  She used to patch him up and put him to bed.  But now he’s more broken than ever.  Her stitches and bandages can’t hold him together.  She can even believe that it isn’t his fault.  She can keep the bourbon flowing and the touches gentle.  But she can’t save him.  

Sometimes she dreams that he’s caught in a stream.  And the water keeps pulling him down.  She reaches for him, as he pulls her in.  She wakes just before she drowns.  Barely awake she feels his grip on her arm, she ignores her own fears.  His terror is real and alive.  It is next to her in bed, thrashing. She tries to wake him gently and suffers a bruise or two for her efforts.  His broken apologies fall on deaf ears as she holds him.  His grief tears him apart.

She can make his coffee, in the cold light of day.  She can make his excuses, tell the boss he’ll be late.  She fields his calls from Sam and Cass. And now, even from Mary.  He needs this.  He needs their time.  But it’s getting worse.  She tries to forget the nights that the tears come too easily.  She can wave at the neighbors, then kiss him goodbye.  And not say a word ‘bout what happened last night.  Watching his tail lights fade in the distance, she knows she loves him.  Always will.  But she can’t save him.

She can remember the man that he was.
The first time she saw him, she fell.  He was young and cocky. Reckless and free.  A sweetheart packaged as a bad boy.  And still shed a tear for what he’s become. A man who is shattering, slowly before her.  His smiles are dimmer, few and far between. The recklessness is there, along with self-loathing and doubt.  She can live in that house until the day she sees that it’s only herself she can save.  Her door will always be open for him.  She will wait with bated breath and open arms.  But she can’t save him.

She can’t be sure when he will show up next. She hopes that he continues to seek her when he needs.  And she knows he will never chose her above the rest. But she hopes he understands that she’ll wait.  She is terrified of the day that he decides not to show up on her doorstep again.  That day, she’ll know she hasn’t failed.  'Cause nothing can change until he saves himself.  

She will hold her head high and continue to live.  One day at a time, she will soldier on.  She will continue to stock bandages, bourbon, and pie.  She will wait for the man who holds her heart.
Because she knows he will save the world, but she can’t save him.

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anonymous asked:

Hänschen (~20yrs old?) finds out that you can still get heelys and orders a pair immediately because his parents never let him have them. When they finally arrive he’s torn between wearing them everywhere all the time (h e e l y s) or only wearing them when he’s alone (some bs abt not embarrassing himself/maintaining his image). Ernst finds out and loves it and gets a pair as well so they can heely around together

Send me Hernst headcannons and I’ll write a drabble!

This is another one of those started out as a drabble- oops I wrote like 800 words ones. Obviously a Modern AU. I hope you like it! 

Hänschen busts through his apartment door with the box in hand, practically shaking with excitement. He was perusing the internet a few days ago and found out that heelys are actually still manufactured despite the fact that they were banned from seemingly everywhere back in the day (though he suspects the hoverboards are a bigger problem these days…). So naturally, because he is an adult who makes his own choices, he ordered a pair immediately. Amazon Prime is the best-worst thing that’s ever happened to him.

He sets his keys down and grabs a pair of scissors from the drawer, tearing into the box they arrived in. It takes him several minutes to free them from the packaging, but after all of it they are finally in front of him. The coveted pair of heelys he was never allowed to have as a child. His parents weren’t really into letting him have very much fun. Hänschen kicks off his oxfords and slips his feet into the sneakers. With them securely on his feet, he scans his apartment for a place with enough space to test them out. Finding none, he frowns and weighs his options. He could try to use them in here, free from the judgement of others and thus protecting his carefully crafted perfect image; or he could go out in the hallway and have ample space for playing with his new toy… He glances at the time on his microwave, the cute boy from next door shouldn’t be home for another hour. Not that he keeps track of that sort of thing, of course not (he does).

I’ve got plenty of time to take these for a test run and be back inside before he gets home, it’ll be fun.

Hänschen strides over to his door, the strange soles of his new shoes slightly affecting his usually smooth gait. He opens it and peeks outside; seeing no one out and about, he decides he’s good to go.

Starting at the end of the hallway nearest the elevators, Hänschen takes a few quick steps before attempting to transfer his weight to his heels and skate across the floor. It sort of works out for him, briefly, before he’s thrown off balance and trips. He stumbles forward to catch himself, eyes immediately checking the hall again to make sure no one saw.

Satisfied that he’s still alone, Hänschen turns and heads back in the other direction, trying out the same maneuver again. His second go at it is going well until he gets cocky about it and tries to run a few steps before skating again. When he loses his balance this time, it sends him tumbling across the floor. At that moment, the elevator doors open and someone steps out, right into his path of destruction. Unable to stop himself, he hears a loud yelp as he collides with a body, taking the other person down to the floor with him.

“What on earth are you doing?”

Hänschen freezes. He knows that voice. Reluctantly, he turns his head to get a look at the person he just ran into, groaning inwardly when his fear is confirmed. Despite wanting to sound matter-of-fact, his statement comes out as a question, “Heely…-ing?”

Ernst raises his eyebrows at the boy he’s still lying tangled with on the floor. “Heely?”

Hänschen finally realizes he should get off of the poor guy and scrambles to his feet, offering a hand to help Ernst up, which he gladly accepts. After he’s pulled the other boy to his feet, Hänschen gestures at his footwear, “Heelys, you know? The shoes with the wheels in the heel so you can skate around?”

“Those!” Ernst’s voice fills with excited recognition as he beams before pouting slightly, “I was never allowed to have them growing up.”

“I wasn’t either!” The small talk with his cite neighbor is enough to make Hänschen temporarily forgets that he’s just made an utter fool of himself.

Ernst glances down at his watch and makes a pained face, remembering that he has somewhere to be like now. “I’d love to stay and chat, but I really do have to get going. Try not to take anyone else out, yeah?”

Hänschen frowns as the other boy turns to leave. Perhaps literally colliding with your cute neighbor isn’t the best conversation starter. Ernst is halfway down the hall before he even thinks to call out, “Sorry about running into you!”

“It’s alright!” Ernst pauses to smile at him before ducking into his apartment.

With that, Hänschen stalks back to his place, going inside and slamming the door begin him with no regard for his neighbors. He pries the shoes from his feet and tosses them aside, glaring  angrily at them lying on the floor despite the fact that they brought him so much joy only moments before.

He definitely shouldn’t have left his apartment.


Several days later, the heelys are still sitting on the floor where Hänschen left them. He hasn’t even wanted to look at them since they not only marred his image, but also ruined any chance he had at charming his way into Ernst’s life. He hasn’t even seen his neighbor since the incident.

Hänschen is sitting on his couch distracting himself from the lingering sting of embarrassment by messing around on the internet when he hears a knock at his door.

“I’m not expecting anyone,” he mutters to the empty space.

He sets his laptop aside and gets up to get the door, opening it reveal a positively giddy Ernst.

“Guess what!” He wastes no time with a greeting, bouncing on his toes and holding his hands behind his back.

Hänschen raises an eyebrow and leans against his doorframe, crossing his arms over his chest. Maybe if he pretends the other day never happened, the damage to his image will be minimal. “What?”

Ernst removes his hands from behind him, holding a brand new pair of heelys up in front of Hänschen’s face with a goofy grin. “We can heely around together now!”

Hänschen looks at the shoes before meeting Ernst’s bright eyes again. He can barely believe what he’s seeing; even after the hallway incident, Ernst went out of his way to get a pair of those damn shoes. “You can’t be serious.”

“I am.” Ernst’s excitement falters as he drops his hands to his sides. He looks down at his feet and shrugs his shoulders, muttering, “I mean, unless you don’t want to.”

He wants to laugh at Ernst and agree to hanging out with him without hesitation, but he stops himself as he doesn’t want to seem too keen. Hänschen pauses as if to mull it over, shooting a glance back at the heelys he discarded by his door. “I think I’d like that. I did buy the stupid things, might as well get some use out of them.”

Ernst is filled with child-like delight and goes right back to bouncing on his toes, “I’m free right now, if you are!”

Colliding with his cute neighbor might actually have been worth the embarrassment after all.


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Logoless Tangled Before Ever After Poster and DVD Listing

After all those years stuck in a tower, everyone’s favorite “barefoot princess” (Mandy Moore) yearns to make up for lost time. With the help of her true love Eugene (Zachary Levi), pals Pascal and Maximus and daring new friend Cassandra, Rapunzel postpones her wedding and royal duties to defy danger and boldly explore life beyond Corona'swalls. Sparkling with fun, adventure and music from the legendary Alan Menken, Tangled: Before Ever After is a magical movie!

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has announced that on April 4th, they will release a single-disc DVD of Tangled: The Series - Vol. 1: Before Ever After. Priced at $19.99 SRP, it will include inside the package a free bonus “Rapunzel’s Journal” (for the title’s first printing; additional printings later on may not include that item). Amazon has a listing for the title, but isn’t accepting pre-orders just yet.