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i don’t like…. have the looks or the personality to become a youtube beauty guru but i want to receive free PR packages from different brands anyway… can that be arranged

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except for when he’s being exceptionally rude, or cute, or smiling, or alive and breathing ughh he’s so adorable I cry about him every day 

Logoless Tangled Before Ever After Poster and DVD Listing

After all those years stuck in a tower, everyone’s favorite “barefoot princess” (Mandy Moore) yearns to make up for lost time. With the help of her true love Eugene (Zachary Levi), pals Pascal and Maximus and daring new friend Cassandra, Rapunzel postpones her wedding and royal duties to defy danger and boldly explore life beyond Corona'swalls. Sparkling with fun, adventure and music from the legendary Alan Menken, Tangled: Before Ever After is a magical movie!

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has announced that on April 4th, they will release a single-disc DVD of Tangled: The Series - Vol. 1: Before Ever After. Priced at $19.99 SRP, it will include inside the package a free bonus “Rapunzel’s Journal” (for the title’s first printing; additional printings later on may not include that item). Amazon has a listing for the title, but isn’t accepting pre-orders just yet.

(this is a bit late but) Doujinshi and merchandise preorder has ended, thank you so much for anyone who participated! The first batch of shipment will be started tomorrow, this week will be for merchandise only first then next week will be the shipment period for the books (currently still in printing!) The tracking number will be updated soon as I send the package! Feel free to ask me here, twitter, or e-mail if you have any questions. 

Ren and Tae-san wish you a good day! ✨

  • me: [sees enjolras meta on my dashboard] oh my god, i love him so much, i think he's my favorite after all -
  • me: [sees joly art] there he one and darling my sunshine my favorite
  • me: [suddenly thinks about the last verses of jean prouvaire] have i ever said that i would lay down my life for jehan prouvaire, my favorite ami

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I use this gear for work on the farm everyday but I must admit my Benchmade 940 is mainly just a beautiful knife for me to play with through out the day not really used for anything too full on.

so like, i pre-ordered botw for the wii u for release date but thanks to chilean shipping services shenanigans they told me they’ve been having problems with shipping outside the capital city (of course) and that it would take them like a week to get here

and i was like OK FINE ive been busy anyway i dont have time for botw whatever but the thing was SUPPOSED to arrive on friday (yesterday) and IT DIDNT so i call them and they’re like “uhh we still have problems lmao so like expect it on monday i guess?”

needless to say chile express sucks ass and i hate them


I’m graduating SCAD in June and as I’m going through my apartment, I’m finding tons of art supplies and art related products that I no longer have use for. I switched my major to Dramatic Writing very early on, so there are some pretty expensive and even unopened supplies including charcoal, Prismacolors, spray paints, and Copic liners.

If you/someone you know is a struggling young artist in need of supplies, please message me! I’d be happy to send artist care packages, free of any charge, to wherever they are needed. I’ll even throw in some stickers or fun little objects I also am giving away/throwing out! I’d rather them go to a good and much needed home. 

I’m trusting y’all with the honor system here so please, boost this for any artist who may not be able to afford supplies!

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Just making sure I understand correctly - would a full comic (21 pages) be $650?

Lol at the moment, I’m changing my prices up because I’m starting to get commission requests for higher volume, so things will be going down in price very soon.

Edit: I’ve updated the pricing -

  • 1-5 Pages - $50 per page

  • 6+ Pages - $175, package includes free character sketches/designs

          - Exceedingly long comics will require individual pricing on a case by case basis.

  • NSFW: An additional $7 per page

Finding cruelty free, vegan, and sustainable beauty products can be quite the challenge. That is why @lushcosmetics is one of my favorite companies. They are actively fighting against animal testing, sell a ton of vegan products, and have sustainable packaging. These are three of my favorite products from Lush: Herbalism face and body scrub, their color supplement/foundation, and the shampoo bars. The black jars can all be returned to Lush, the shampoo bars are completely package free, and the foundation comes in a glass jar that can be recycled. My absolute favorite part about Lush products is that their products actually work 🌏

Signs if they became president

Makes national holidays for fandoms: Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Scorpio

Creates ‘Food-a-care’, a program to deliver free starburst packages to everyone on Mondays: Taurus, Aquarius, Virgo, Libra

Uses this as an opportunity to meet every famous person they’ve ever wanted to meet: Cancer, Pisces, Leo, Aries


My schedule for next semester! Don’t be frightened! This includes more than just classes! It includes meal times, work (which I cut back on a lot this semester…), study periods, revision sessions, review sessions (which are all different) and workouts. Of course I will be testing this out the first week of classes, and play around with it to see what does and doesn’t work. As well as some free periods I will be meeting with professors, having meetings for organizations, etc. 

But anyways, here’s how I made my schedule! 

*I currently use Excel 2016 (check your school website and see if they offer Microsoft Word packages for free! That’s how I stay updated with the latest computer software- besides you’re paying for it!)


I stuck with Monday-Friday and having weekends off. I will be doing some studying and reviewing but for the most part I will be aiming to have weekends for myself (or work). Time frames are placed along the left column. I began with half-hour intervals in the morning (each gray line represents 30 minutes). Once I hit 8 AM each gray line underneath the 8:00 AM time frame represents 15 minutes. Do whatever works best for you! 


Next I input all of my classes in the appropriate time frames. Do this first since it is the most important! I personally like for each of my classes to be a different color, because when I look at this for the first few weeks, it’s easy for me to distinguish where I’m going. This is because the colors I pick for each class, are colors that remind me of the subject (makes sense?) 


For me this work! I don’t know when my other commitments will be, so I’ll adjust as I go when the time comes.. 


Food is important! While this might seem obvious to some, for me I get caught up in studying and getting other things done that it’s not uncommon for me to forget to eat… I love food so I don’t know how this happens, but it did happen too often last semester.


For me, being healthy is vital to getting the most out of my studying, so I included workouts in this category. I like to workout in the a.m., since I’m an early riser :) But after that, input all of large study blocks. This is when you will have time to sit down and make claim to your table with your laptop, notes, textbooks, etc. For me, this should be at least 2 hours… I then looked at the slots less than 2 hours. If it’s after a class, it’s ideally a revision session (clean up and finish up notes from lecture); before class it’s ideally a review session (to go over any information before class to be prepared). Any and all study sessions are a shade of purple, in my case. 

I hope this helps some of you! 


did someone call for their local mess? no?? well, i’m here anyway. my name’s caoil and i hope you’re all having a nice day!!