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  • Me, a humble fic farmer, tending her plot of land: neighbor john said there was a shipwar starting just over the hills. what do you think Ma, do you think we'll ever see a shipwar?
  • Ma, clutching her apron to her chest: oh dear, I hope not!
  • Pa, sitting in his rocking chair and smoking his pipe: hmph! there's always been shipwars and there will always be shipwars. you just keep your nose out of it and mind your own business. we ain't got no business messing around in shipwars. now step to it! i want that field of headcanons and plot twists plowed by morning! and keep those plot bunnies from getting at the smut, we can't afford anymore WIPs!

‘Joong-Ki and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’

SHIP WARS: A Simple Guide for Fandom

Q: Should I harass or bully someone over who/what they ship?

A: No.

Q: But they ship the wrong ship!

A: Still no. 

Q: Their ship will never be canon! It’s so obvious to anyone reading/watching/playing.

A: I don’t care. The answer is still no.

Q: My ship is canon, and they ship one of the couple with someone else! It’s like cheating! How about now?

A: Nope, not now either.

Q: The ship they ship is unhealthy/abusive/incestuous/icky. I should definitely harass them about that.

A: It’s like you’re not even listening to me. No, no you should not.

Q: But if they ship this about fictional characters, they must support it in real life!

A: No, enjoying reading or writing about something is not the same as supporting it in real life. Agatha Christie is not a mass murderer, despite having fictionally killed over 100 people.

Q: Well, I guess it’s okay if the person shipping it is doing so to deal with abuse or trauma of their own. But only then! Everyone else is fair game.

A: And how, pray tell, do you plan to enforce this arbitrary rule?  You’re planning to compel people to show their victim bone fides to you, a complete stranger? So that you can pass judgement on whether their trauma was “real enough” or if they are “victim enough” to warrant shipping something you disapprove of? Not only is that absurd, it’s extremely offensive and damaging to the very people you’re purporting to help. You don’t get to be the arbiter of someone else’s life experiences, period. Some people use fandom as a coping mechanism, yes, and that is 100% their business. Some people ship unhealthy/abusive ships for completely benign reasons, up to and including “because they look pretty together” and that is perfectly valid. You don’t get a free pass to harass someone in the name of great justice here.

Q: Fuck you, I’m going to harass someone anyway. I might even make a blog about it!

A: Well, you’re an asshole then. I hope you step on a lego.

If you, in any way shape or form, tell trans men not to “identify as” (be) men, or “discourage” them from “Identifying as” men, or try to “educate them” about how “identifying as” men is inherently harmful, you can fuck right off.

This both goes for “Oh no poor dypshoric females being brainwashed by the Trans AgendaTM” TERFS and for “Ewww men are gross be nb instead! Also be as femme as possible because masculinity is icky!” MOGAI hell.


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yungtsundere  asked:

Love your trans peter post! My head cannon is steve being trans. Back in the day, he was short and small like peter. How quick to violence people were with poor 1900's steve. The real reason he couldn't get into the army was because what was on his birth certificate. When Bucky told him to 'sell bonds/manufacture' instead of enlist, those were woman's jobs back then. The doctor hooked him up with the super soldier experiment, adding in extra procedures.

damn u right!! but okay- I’ve actually been meaning to talk about my trans Steve headcanon for quite some time now, so I’m just gonna info-dump a bunch of trans history and MCU interpretations right here. SO:

First of all, the setup of Steve Rogers as a short, scrawny boy who’s bullied and beat up all the time fits easily with how a trans man in the 1940s might have lived. This scene from Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) honestly looks like that cliche trans art trope where it’s like: “trans person looks in the mirror and their reflection is the right gender”. you know the one.

Later in that same scene, Bucky outright says that the reason he thinks Steve is joining the war is to “prove himself.” You could totally interpret this as Steve trying to shove himself into the absolute most masculine role in his society in order to reaffirm his own gender identity. 

Bucky is also incredibly worried about the consequences Steve will face if he is “discovered falsifying enlistment documents”. If you headcanon Steve as a trans man, this adds new depth to the stakes. Instead of lying about his respiratory issues and hometown, Steve would be lying about his sex assigned at birth. Which, given the state of the US in 1943, would’ve had even harsher punishment.

It’s also interesting that Dr. Abraham Erskine (the man who accepts Steve into the military) is a German scientist. In the early 1900s, the Germans were at the forefront of medical treatment for trans people. The first clinic to treat transgender people (Magnus Hirschfeld’s ‘Institute for Sexology’) opened in Germany in 1919. But as the Nazis came to power in the 1930s, many of the German scientists at this clinic migrated to the US to treat the trans people here. 

Steve is recruited by Dr. Abraham Erskine in 1943, which would be congruent with the time the German scientists from the ‘Institute for Sexology’ immigrated to the US. So, to clarify: a German-American doctor spends his life researching and creating a serum that instantly masculinized Steve via intra-muscular injection. I would like to point out that for trans men, testosterone is administered the same way. Also, this timeline just so happens to line up with a key point in the history of transgender medical treatment. Huh. Interesting.

In addition, the following quote by Dr. Abraham Erskine can easily lend itself to a discussion on transmasculinity:

“…the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows… compassion.”

and– hey, I just wanna point out the… interesting parallel… between the flag pole scene in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

and the arrow scene in Mulan (1998)

…like wow… okay. there’s actually a lot of parallels between these two movies, (except in Mulan the protagonist enters the ‘male’ gender role out of necessity whereas Steve does so by desire, differentiating between a cross-dresser and a trans man) but I won’t go there today. nope.

Then the introduction of Peggy Carter leads Steve to question his existing perceptions of gender roles. He admits that “I guess I just don’t know why you’d join the army if you were… a woman” which, under this trans interpretation, could be Steve projecting his own relationship with gendered aspirations onto Peggy.

And god, that’s not even delving into how easily his ‘transformation sequence’ could fall into a trans narrative.

In the second act of the film when a woman hits on him, Steve responds with visible discomfort. When he first realizes that she’s hitting on him, his immediate reaction is to cover his chest.

The First Avenger mentions Steve’s lack of romantic/sexual experience many times throughout the film. Steve passes it off as ‘not having found the right partner yet’ but hypothetically– if he were a trans man, that could be another reason for his fear of sexual intimacy. If he’s #stealth and passing as male, then any form of sexual intimacy could risk his reputation and his ability to remain in the military. 

Oh, and did I mention? Statistically speaking, approximately 20% of the US transgender population serves (or has served) in the military. This is over double the rate of the cisgender population. So, tbh, it’s not unrealistic to have a trans character so adamant about enlistment, patriotism, or military life.

Anyways, yeah- Captain America’s story (especially in the MCU) definitely lends itself to an interpretation of Steve Rogers as a trans man.

Romance Asks

Send me one of my OCs and their LI along with a number to my askbox, and I’ll answer the question! 

For the couple:

1. What drew your character to their LI and vice versa?

2. What was the first moment that they knew they were in love with their LI? 

3. When they are having a fight, what is it about and how do they deal with it? 

4. Their favorite physical feature on each other? 

5. How do they comfort each other when they are sad? 

6. Who is the big spoon?

7. Favorite date activity? 

8. What are their most prominent memories of each other?

9. How open are they with their feelings?

10. Do they have pet names for each other?

11. Do they have any inside jokes?

12. Do they have similar goals? If they clash, how do they deal?

13. How do they react at being away from each other?

14. Is their anything they associate with each other?

15. Does their view of themselves differ from their partner’s view?

16. Jealous at all?

17. Their ways of expressing their love.

18. Is their any way they disappoint each other? 

19. Describe how they communicate 

20. Did either person change at all, to be with their partner?

For the creator

21. Personally, do you think they are a good couple? 

22. From the outside looking in, what is their dynamic like? 

23. Did you tailor your OC for the other in the romance? 

24. Is their any moment that happens between them that you know happens and just makes you melt? 

25. Share any headcanons about their relationship. 

26. How important is the romance in your OC’s overall story? 

27. What makes you excited about their relationship? 

28. Is their any similarities to your OC and LI’s relationship to one you have had IRL?

29. What are your favorite moments that happen between them? 

30. How does their love change as they get older?

31. Share anything you would like about the couple!

i’m lonely and
i don’t know how to make
it sound like poetry

it’s just that i used to fall into friendships.
it’s just that most days i want to fall into
my bed or
my grave
and these bones are too
fragile for show and tell
and i’m like muesli with worse mental health and i don’t want anyone to
look at me except that i want everyone
to look at me and i don’t know what to say i don’t know what to
say i don’t know what to say to
anyone anyway and last year
my best friend
moved 413.4 miles away.
—  L.H

Sweater galore!
Which one do you like? 

when will “protecting family values” mean increasing aid for families in poverty and cracking down harder on abusive parents and assisting parents in paying for their children’s education instead of just being code for “we gotta stop the gays”

k so i made this for @officialah‘s fanart contest on the discord and MAY have like Just finished by the deadline so i rushed it a lot so its not nearly as good as id like it to be, but take it anyway because there was absolutely no way i wasnt gonna do art of this lets play i mean come on its a maximum ride au wet dream