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Sehun in EXO’s 2015 music videos


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I Want To Break Free - Queen

I Want To Break Free (Cover) - Julia Westlin

a few non horror games that are either in rpg maker or have started on rpg maker, published a demo or full game, and have gotten recognition here on tumblr:

  • to the moon
  • melon journey
  • very pink game
  • pom gets wifi
  • starbot
  • oneshot
  • Qui Domi
  • GLITCHED (demo was in rpg maker mv, switching to game maker)
  • Long Gone Days (demo was in rpg maker, switching to unity for final product)

While horror is the most popular genre on this site, don’t be intimidated by it’s popularity and have faith that your game can get recognized as well.   Besides, there’s more sites to post your game on than just here on the tumbles :)