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Drinks On Us (Remix)
Mike Will Made-It (Feat. The Weeknd, Swae Lee, & Future)
Drinks On Us (Remix)

Straight fire.

Move Together
James Bay
Move Together

And while we’re on the topic of James Bay, it’s worth mentioning that he’s got a free 5-song EP up on his Soundcloud. This is some beautiful stuff, people. Delve into the depths of its acoustic glory.
Download it here.

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So maybe don’t give me cold shoulder
Before you go turn around, let me hold you
Let me sit in the dark of the morning

 Teenage Angst (listen here x)


; Say hello to all my little nightmares, they’re right here. I know them well.

01. Kicking & Screaming - All Time Low // 02. Fairly Local - Twenty One Pilots // 03. Irresistible - Fall Out Boy //  04. Cigarette Smoke - Arctic Monkeys // 05. Friction - Imagine Dragons // 06. Deceptacon - Le Tigre // 07. Something Is Not Right With Me - Cold War Kids // 08.  Jungle - Jamie n commons + X Ambassadors // 09. Leather Jacket - Arkells // 10. The Good Life - Weezer // 11. Midnight Kiss - Propellers // 12. Snap Out of it - Arctic Monkeys // 13. The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy



Bloc Party

Rhododendrons by Bloc Party

The words:

On the hottest night of the year
Lying in a patch of rho-

A bottle of whiskey
Under my arm
Trying to count
A sky full of stars
I dream of order
I dream of fleets
Of Napoleon
In aquamarine

He said
“Linus put that blanket down
you’ve slammed your door
too many times”
He said
“Linus put that blanket down
the world won’t wait”

What you gonna do with your life?

When I was your age
I was command-
Commanding fleets
When I was your age
I was soaked in victory

And now you can’t keep a job
And you can’t keep a wife
What a horrible mess
You’re gonna make of your life
Watched way too many American films
To be John Wayne
Or James Dean

Waiting so long
For your wrists to get thick
Waiting so long
For the next great party
So many questions
So little to say
You don’t need these weights

What you gonna do with your life?

So you want to be an artist
Want to be a singer
Want to be remembered
For what you could create

So you want to be a cowboy
Riding to the distance
Never have to listen
Or answer to anyone

So you want to be a boxer
Surviving on your instincts
Relying on your fists
And the quickness of your wit

Are you bigger than these buildings
and the grey around you?
Is your pain more worthy
than everybody else?

Drunk again
In the rhododendrons



My newest beat WESTBOUND, check it out

The songs on the radio are okay, but my taste in music is your face (listen here x)


; Yes, I’m drunk. And you’re still beautiful. And tomorrow morning, I’ll be sober but you’ll still be beautiful 

01. Tear In My Heart - Twenty One Pliots // 02. Stutter - Marianas trench // 03. Tightrope - Walk The Moon // 04. She’s A Riot - The Jungle Giants // 04. La La - The Cab // 05. Crazy For You - Hedley // 06. Boomerang - The Summer Set // 07. Touch - Troye Sivan // 08. Hurricane - Halsey // 09. Flawless - The Neighbourhood // 10. She Way Out (live) - The 1975 // 11. Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys // 12. Satellite - All Time Low // 13. Get Your Guns - The Darling Buds