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Extra Credit - Part 3 Jaebum Fic

Next thing you know, you’re at Mr. Im’s house after school. You kind of wish you didn’t agree to babysit his child but you couldn’t say no. He was really desperate for someone to baby sit him and you were his last resort.

You went to the little boy’s school to pick him up and you explained his father asked you to pick him up. He asked “what’s the code” and you replied “bart simpson” because Mr. Im told you prior that was the code. The boy giggled. Mr. Im taught his child well. That was very clever of him. By having a code, it would prevent the child from being stolen. You also learned Mr. Im had an obsession with Bart. Everyone has their weird obsessions right? 

His child’s name is Jaehyun. He is 4 years old but acts more mature. You were walking toward your car with him and he ran toward your door with his little legs and attempted to open it for you.

“Dad told me to be nice to all women no matter what” he said.
He spoke softly and cutely. He has straight black hair with sparkling dark brown eyes just like his fathers. He didn’t have the two eye moles like Jaebum but he had a mole underneath his eye.

“Thank you Jaehyun” you said staring back at him because you couldn’t believe how cute he was. The way he spoke was very adorable and sweet. It might sound mean but you really didn’t like kids. Their whining and screeching and how they always picked their nose irritated you. But Jaehyun hasn’t annoyed  you. He hasn’t whined or complained yet and he seemed very calm. Maybe you weren’t annoyed because he was Mr. Im’s child and you were infatuated with Mr. Im. You felt so creepy and weird for thinking your teacher is attractive. It is December and you are still fascinated by him. You really needed to stop being so in love with Mr. Im though. Why couldn’t you just look at him like a regular man? Oh right… It’s because he’s about 23, which is young, and he is single and good looking. His voice was smooth, even when teaching, and he always dressed in gorgeous dress shirts. Who knew simple dress shirts could turn you on. You could smell his cologne when you asked him questions about assignments at his desk and you wanted to just stuff your face in his chest.

You played hide and seek with Jaehyun for an hour and then he wanted to play with some of his Legos so you agreed. You really sacrificed that afternoon because you hate Legos a lot. No particular reason. You just disliked them. Wow, you just realized you’re very negative: dislikes certain kids, hates Legos, what’s next?

Another hour or so passed and Jaehyun said he was hungry. This child is perfect. Most kids would start whining and saying “WHERE IS MY FOOD” but Jaehyun said in a sweet voice, “I am hungry Ms. Y/N do you think we can have a snack?” He is so mature you thought. Before you could answer, the door swung open and you saw Mr. Im holding takeout from Bambam’s family Thai restaurant, also your favorite restaurant. But you knew you shouldn’t stay.

“Oh perfect, Jaehyun said he was hungry just now” you said grabbing your coat and walking toward your teacher.

“Dad!! Y/N and me played a lot I was having so much fun. I missed you” Jaehyun screamed.

Mr. Im hugged his son quickly and looked at you confusedly.

“Why are you grabbing your coat Y/N? I brought this food for all of us. Thank you so much for babysitting Jaehyun”

Oh no. He wants to eat dinner with all of you? You wanted to get out of the house as quickly as possible now that Mr. Im arrived. You can’t even look at him in the eye without blushing.

You turned around slowly with a fakeish smile and said “Oh I have to finish homework! I wish I could stay but thanks for the offer. Sorry!”
Your voice was abrupt.

“Nonsense! How can you have homework? If I remember correctly, Mrs. Foster gave a math test today and she never gives homework on the days she gives out tests. And the language arts teachers all had a conference so you had a free period right? I don’t know about your other classes but I certainly didn’t give homework. You can spare some time with us right?”

Wow. He really put you in your place. That was a long justification he just gave you to make you stay. You felt your cheeks reddening because of embarrassment and because you looked at him and he smiled at you with his teeth showing. Was this your first time seeing his toothy grin? It was gorgeous.

“Please stay Y/N.” he said again with a smile.

You ended up having dinner with them and you were glad considering they were having your favorite. But you weren’t glad at the same time. Awkward moments and hand brushings happened between you and Mr. Im as you helped him set up the table. You and Mr. Im discussed fundraiser ideas for your class and the new principal of the school. What fascinating topics… Sarcasm. Jaehyun was busy playing with his food instead of eating it while you guys chatted. But, if any of your friends found out about this scenario… they would bombard you with questions and suspicions. It was such a harmless event. You only baby sat his child and ate dinner. You’re telling yourself its harmless and it really is, but what would happen if people made up a rumor about it all. A couple years back, that story your friend told you of a girl kissing Mr. Im’s cheek was the story of the entire school for a week. You had nothing to worry about though because no one knows of this current situation or teachers lounge one from September. And you certainly won’t mention.

As your saying your farewells to Jaehyun and grabbing your coat, Mr. Im stops you.

“Don’t leave just yet. Let me thank you for helping me so much today” he says happily while handing you a hundred dollar bill.

One baby sitting job and he’s giving you a hundred dollar bill? It was literally for only two hours? What the hell?

“Oh there’s really no need to thank me and please keep your money. I cant accept money from my teacher It was not a problem baby sitting him. He is very cute.” you said with a laugh.

“How about I add extra credit to your grade then?”

There he goes again with the stupid extra credit. The thing that got your thoughts running wild the first time he emailed you. Then you went off and kissed him the next day.

“Sure that’ll be fine.” you said. What else could you do but to agree?

He began asking you on the days you would be free because he wanted to make you a permanent babysitter on some days when he couldn’t pick Jaehyun up from school on time due to grading papers and other meetings. Great… Would it be a bad decision to accept?

“I can pick him up any time after school and I can be with him until you return from work. Just tell me the days you’ll be working late” you said with some hesitation. You thought you sounded like a loser. You wanted to smack your head because you couldn’t bare babysitting Jaehyun if it meant seeing Mr. Im’s face a little more often. You would faint.

“Thank you so much it really means a lot Y/N. Can I have your number so I can text you during school on when I would be working a bit late? I hope your okay with late notice. I am sorry; sometimes things come up during the school hours. I won’t be working late everyday, but sometimes I get a little busy.”

“It’s really not a problem” you said. He asked for your number and you didn’t answer because you were nervous and unsure.

“Okay! Lets exchange numbers!” Mr. Im said again.

Oh no. You had no choice. You exchanged numbers and then you realized you were acting super childish. Your hand was trembling when you were putting your number in his phone. You took back your phone and noticed the way he named himself on your phone.

“JB? With a smiley face?”

“You can call me that. Wouldn’t it be awkward to call me Mr. Im all the time?”

It would be more awkward to call your teacher by a nickname you thought to yourself.

“I will pay you 100 dollars each time you babysit.”

“Please Mr. Im, that would be unnecessary!” you said quickly.

It would be weird to have your teacher pay you.

“I’m sorry. I forgot that you only settle for extra credit you little nerd.” he said laughing.

“Extra Credit doesn’t cut it. I don’t want anything Mr.Im.”

“What can I do to repay you then? Kiss you?” he says with a bit of sass and a smirk.

Your cheeks turn a bright red and you stare down at the ground. This is the most embarrassing moment of your entire life.

“I was only kidding. We can discuss this later. Good night dear.”

So now he called you dear? What the hell?

You pretended like you weren’t affected by his comment and said goodbye.

Winter was coming to an end and spring arrived. You and Mr. Im grew a bit closer in the student teacher relationship. It was normal and things didn’t get creepy or weird. You called him JB at his house but Mr. Im at school. He did continue to tease you in front of your classmates and you actually liked it sometimes because you liked when he spoke to you or gave you attention. Even if he was making fun of you. You had a hopeless crush and there was no harm in having one. You regret kissing him but you were happy he wasn’t awkward about it.

“Oh you’re so short Y/N.”

“When will you stop roasting me Mr. Im? You never ever roast Irene or Wendy.”

“I don’t want to roast them. I only roast the people I like which is you.” he said looking into your eyes sternly. He laughed jokingly.

That was a conversation one afternoon and it made you happy even if you knew that wasn’t meant to be flirty. You were blind. You wanted to think it was flirty. He was your crush after all. He told you often that Jaehyun complained when you weren’t there and missed you constantly. He rarely complained about anything but he complained if you weren’t present. Sometimes Mr. Im would buy you guys take out and eat at the dinner table like a regular family. He never cooked but you didn’t mind. Who knows what the hell he would make. Sometimes you guys went out to dinner. People from school could see you if you went out with Jaehyun and Mr. Im so you constantly protested when Mr. Im suggested going out. He would tell you it wasn’t a big deal but you would sit in fear. You insisted on paying him back but he said that this was his gift for you for babysitting Jaehyun.

“Stop being so paranoid shorty. What’s wrong with having dinner with a student?” he would say.

EVERYTHING! you thought to yourself.

You started getting use to the routine and you would ask JB about his day and all the teacher gossip.

“I shouldn’t be telling you this but did you know Mrs. Raven has a glass eye?” JB would tell you.

You used to always hang out with Jackson after school and you would ask about your classmates gossip but now your more interested about the teachers gossip. Your best friend was basically replaced by a teacher. Jackson would ask to hang out after school but you told him you had to tutor some children. He thought you were bullshitting him because he knew you didn’t like kids but you told him you were being truthful. You felt bad for lieing but if you ever told Jackson about JB he would take it the wrong way. Considering JB is a good looking fellow, everyone would think your sleeping with him but he really is a gentleman. Everyone in your school thinks JB is a bit of a player considering the girl from a couple years back kissed him and he didn’t react. WELL WOULD YOU WANT A REACTION OR SOMETHING?! JB HANDLED THE SITUATION LIKE A MAN you always said that in your head when you heard people talking about the situation. The girl shouldn’t have done it. You hung out with Jackson when you could but Jackson could feel the friendship deteriorating and it made him very curious on what you were always up to.

One day Mr. Im texted you and said, “I have a date tomorrow night and I’m sorry to have you do a late shift but are you able to? Can you come by tomorrow at 6:45? My date is at 7.”

He’s having a date.. This must be his first in a while. Or maybe before you became the babysitter he went on dates. All these thoughts went on in your mind and you grew increasingly jealous. Why are you jealous? You’re supposed to have a crush on him but you’re only supposed to admire his looks from a far. But no. You’re very jealous and you feel immature.

“Hey Y/N! I’m glad you could babysit Jaehyun. I haven’t been on a date in like two years so you can tell I’m a big excited!”

Oh two years…

“It’s no problem I hope you have fun!”

Suddenly Mr.Im hugs you and whispers in your ear “I am so nervous.”

This is what you hated/loved. When he made these sudden movements: hugging, teasing your height and made you blush, points on history essays that you didn’t even turn in but he gave you an A+ because you babysat Jaehyun. This was his idea of extra credit and you loved it kind of.. You weren’t as jealous as you were the night before because you realized that his girlfriend left him with this child. Imagine the pain he must’ve gone through. She abandoned Jaehyun but you didn’t know for sure because he never told you the details. And this is his first date since she left. No wonder he’s nervous. You are happy for him that he is finally entering the dating scene. You can live with the pain in your heart of your hopeless history teacher crush because you’re still young but this man is an adult and he deserves love at the age of 23. Your 18 year old mind needs to mature you thought to yourself.

You pat his back and his fluffy hair and tell him good luck and that it’ll be great. If anyone from school saw this they would conclude things but it was innocent. You say goodbye and you go to hang out with Jaehyun. Your favorite show was Scooby Doo as a child and you recently caught Jaehyun watching the new version of it. That made you so happy because you’re never to old to watch Scooby Doo. Jaehyun even laughed at the jokes and you can’t believe how cute and sweet the boy is. His cute giggle made you smile and wish you could be with him forever. Over the past few months you have gotten closer to him and you even made him interested in K-pop. His favorite song was G-Dragon’s Crayon. The fact that Jaehyun listened to you harping about all your favorite boy groups and girl groups made you adore him more. Finally someone who listened to your obsession. Sometimes kids only want to talk about themselves but Jaehyun payed attention to you. A four year old is paying attention to you and you are so happy.

Jaehyun fell asleep at 9 while you guys were watching Beauty and the Beast because you told him it would be fun since all Disney movies were fun but it ended up making him fall asleep. And you went to tuck him in his bed and gave him a little kiss on his forehead. He was too precious and had such good manners. You wished you babysat at night more often because you had fun watching TV with him.

You were walking back to the living room and then you realized JB’s ex-girlfriend left him when Jaehyun was 2. The last time JB went on a date was two years ago, so that means two years ago he was taken by his ex? Right? You dismissed the thoughts and just scrolled through Instagram, snapchat, and twitter mindlessly and ended up falling asleep on the couch.

You awoke to the sound of the door opening and shutting harshly and you jumped from the sudden sound. JB walked in and he has a fixed look of despair on his face.

“What’s wrong? Did it not go well?” you said in a worried tone. You were genuinely concerned and sad for JB. It didn’t go well? You wanted the best for him.

“I wouldn’t say it didn’t go well but I’m just sad and I don’t even know why I went out.” JB said in a shaky voice. He sat down next to your legs which were across the couch.

“I don’t know what happened between you and your ex in the past but I’m sure the more dates you go on, the more comfortable you will get and the more you’ll forget the past and go back to normal.”

You weren’t sure if your statement was too personal considering you assumed things about his emotions. You weren’t sure if he was sad because of his ex or not and you accidentally brought up his ex even though he didn’t mention her.

He tapped on your smooth legs and drew circles on them just so his hands could concentrate on something.. “She left me two years ago and this is the first time I went out with a girl since then. She… She was beautiful. But she didn’t want to care for Jaehyun. She said she was too busy but I was too. But I always made time. We were young and didn’t have much money. I’m surprised we even made it two years without getting broke. She said that it was too much for her and she couldn’t handle it anymore. She said she would leave me with Jaehyun and concentrate on herself. She said she lost feelings for me too. She said she was sorry. She said even though we had a kid that didn’t entitle her to love me forever. I understand she stopped loving me. We were high school sweethearts…those never last. We were too young for Jaehyun anyway. But she left him. She actually left him. That is what made her very unappealing to me. To leave your child? That is not beautiful or praise worthy. I will forever keep Jaehyun. I love him. He is so kind… and… I wanna raise him to be a good man…and I will forever cherish him. I will never abandon him. He is a responsibility and I am happy to carry that responsibility.”

Those were the sweetest things you have ever heard someone say. He really loves Jaehyun. Fatherly love is just too beautiful and enchanting. Your hopeless crush on JB made you love him more and you couldn’t bare to see him so depressed.

“I am just your student and babysitter but I hope you can find comfort in my words. Every child deserves a mother. Sometimes circumstances prevent the child from his mother. In this case, his mother left. But I know you are doing such an amazing job taking care of Jaehyun. He is the most well-mannered boy in this entire world. I have seen so many rude kids that made me dislike children as a whole but after being with Jaehyun, I realize he deserves the world. It is a pity he can’t be with his mom and I’m sorry that you had to go through that pain. Be strong. I know you can. I have faith in you. One day you can go out freely and meet women and then you’ll find a woman who will jus click with you and even if she isn’t Jaehyun’s real mother, her love for you will bring joy to Jaehyun and she’ll love him dearly when she loves you too. I don’t know if this makes sense because I’m only 18 but I hope everything works out.”

His hands had stopped making circles on your legs and instead just lay softly on your legs. You attempted to withdraw your legs from his hands to give him a little hug but he grabbed your left leg firmly.

“I… I.. I’m sorry. Don’t leave my grasp.” JB said.

You awkwardly sat there. This is the most in depth conversation the entire year and to be honest, it wasn’t THAT awkward. Until he grabbed your leg of course.

A few minutes pass and then he suddenly darts his eyes to yours.
He moves closer to you and grabs your head and places it at the crook of his neck and he whispers in your ear with a tone of sadness and desperation… “Please. Please don’t leave me. I’m scared.. I.. I just.. you are so mature.. and sweet… And Jaehyun has been so happy since you entered his life. I am so thankful you are his babysitter” he said while stroking you leg now.
“He has always been a happy boy even when his mom left; he was too young to realize but he still smiled and even more when you came. He knows his mom left him because I had to tell him and I was so sad that he remembers her somewhat and has to go through the pain of his mom not wanting him. I had to tell him because all his friends at school had mothers. But he comforted me and told me I was the best dad ever. He is caring and i love him but.. I wish he had a motherly figure. You’re so motherly to him. Ever since I met you in September… I have to admit that I.. I think you are the most mature woman I have ever met. You handle every situation delicately and carefully. I admire that. I can’t just ask you to be his mother but I just want to admit this now. After tonight I realized how much I enjoy your company and how grateful I am to have you in our lives.”
You hesitated and were surprised by his ramblings.
“I have grown to admire and adore Jaehyun and I have always admired you as my boss and teacher.” you said to JB.

You both sat in silence and JB suddenly spoke with a quiver in his tone.

“I know I can’t say this but I think you’re… charming and such a great supporter and I.. I think you… I really like…I.”

He kept stuttering trying to think of what to say exactly.

“Thank you Mr. Im I like you as a teacher and a boss too. I really want to care for Jaehyun because he deserves the world” you said quickly. You only thought that’s what he meant. But he really meant he had grown to like you.

“No… I don’t think you understand. I like your personality. I like the way you ask about my shitty day. I want to… get to know you. You’re funny and you are always interested about my boring life shorty… it makes me feel important. I love teasing you too. I must sound like a loser but I haven’t had such affection in a long time. You’re petite and so cute. I call you shorty but I really like your face when I tease you. I shouldn’t be telling you this but I have been feeling this for quite some time.”

Was he drunk? He has been rambling for a long time since he came back and now he’s saying he liked you? What has gotten into him? This is your dream -for him to like you- but it was not a reality you felt. You looked into his eyes to see if you could tell if he had any signs that he was intoxicated. He looked normal and then you inched closer to his mouth to see if you could smell any alcohol and you thought maybe you would kiss him again in this silence. JB looked into your eyes to see if you had any approval but you had a questionable look. He grabs your small hand and puts his left arm around your back and harshly but urgently kisses you. But it was gentle. You are a bit late to respond. He’s kissing you now? How? He likes you? You kiss him back at this point and press yourself closer, wanting to feel more of his heavenly lips. His hand moves back and forth against your back and he dips his tongue inside your mouth and your tongues dance with each other. He explores your cavern for the first time and grabs your waist.. He kisses the side of your lips and then begins to move down your jaw and starts kissing the nape of your neck. It sends a shiver down your spine. No one has ever kissed you there before. He lightly bites the area and you were afraid it would leave a mark.

“I… I can’t do this. It’s wrong. I am your student” you said in a hushed whisper.

“I have been controlling myself since the beginning of the school year… I can’t control myself” He said while sliding his hands up your shirt. He pulled away from you and just stared at your eyes.

“I want to be with you… But wouldn’t that affect our relationship?” you said. You finally got what you wanted: your teacher returning his crush for you. But it felt wrong. You were scared.

He twirls your hair in his fingers and leans closer to you lips and whispers right above them “I want you.”

You realized that he was being serious. Your teacher actually likes you back. You completely gave in.
“So take me Mr. Im. I’m all yours.” you said as you captured his Iips.

The snowball PART 2!

Okay so I don’t write heaps but I did find it within myself to write a Feysand fic ages ago and thanks to people being persistent, that one shot is now getting another chapter, so thanks to anyone who reblogged, favourited, or messaged me because if not for you I would never have made my brain attempt to write again.

Feyre woke up early that morning, the cold air seeming to find her even underneath her mountain of quilts. She stretched out sleepily seeking Tamlin’s warmth, only to find his side of the bed stone cold empty. Again.

She didn’t know why she was surprised. Already knowing when she opened her eyes there would be new paint, or canvas, or painting references gifted for her at the end of the bed. This repetitive pattern had become her life, no matter how close it was to Christmas. Tamlin’s job was very important which Feyre knew all too well due to the constant lectures she'd received whenever she brought up to Tamlin her unease at him being away so much.

But Feyre could never push too hard. Complain too much. Because Tamlin was one of the most important people in her life, and he was also the man sending money back to her family a few towns over. Family who never came to visit, or ask where Feyre was getting all their money from, so long as she continued to send it. Even if her family wasn’t grateful for Tamlin, Feyre was. Which was why she was so sad about his constant disappearances.

Lying in bed all day left Feyre impatient and eventually she shrugged on an old hoodie of Tamlin’s and some fuzzy slippers, grabbing her car keys in search of some good coffee. Outside her old, but in surprisingly good condition, car sat waiting for her. Tamlin had gotten it for her from a “friend” he had claimed had no need of it and gave him a good price. Just another thing that Feyre was grateful for.

Driving slowly because of the recent snow, Feyre went looking for the closest Starbucks. Just a few blocks down she saw the line outside the coffee shop before the actual store. She parked nearby but the second Feyre stepped outside she knew it was too cold to wait around outside in line for a damn coffee, and she needed caffeine now.

Across the road she noticed a small and dark café advertising “hot coffee, better than those jerks at Starbucks” on a small chalkboard outside. The sign made Feyre laugh but more than anything, the lack of an outside line lured her in.

The shop was called ‘Coffee For Mor’ and Feyre wasn’t sure if there was a secret meaning she was missing out on but all of that was forgotten when she went inside. The place was dark with just enough lighting on each table for reading and plenty of concealed booths and couches plagued with a healthy amount of young people. The entire back wall had been painted with a chalkboard like substance and had been decorated by customers with everything from cute little doodles, to crude drawings of… well doodles.

But best of all it was warm and smelt amazing.

Feyre was greeted by a beautiful and chirpy blonde haired woman at the counter.

“Morning! Bit cold today, hey? Felt like my nipples were gonna put holes in my shirt just walking to work!” The woman laughed.

Feyre’s taken aback look just made the woman laugh more.

“Haven’t seen you around in here before. What’s your order, and what’s your name?” She said sweetly, maybe trying to not scare Feyre out of the shop altogether.

“Um, I’m Feyre. And I’ll grab a large anything, as long as it’s got caffeine in it.”

“Feyre huh? You look like you could grab a large anything hey?” The woman said with a wink before outstretching her arm for a handshake, “I’m Mor. Nice to meet a new face.”

Feyre had to hold back her laugh as she shook Mor’s hand.

“so are you the owner of this place then?” Feyre said, noting the familiar name.

“Yes Mam. Started this place with the help of my cousin although he never sticks around to actually help, the bastard,” Mor laughed. “Anyway, I’ll make you one of the house specials, just because I like you. It’ll be $5.”

Feyre started scrounging through her purse counting out small change, and recounting it. $4.95 was all she had. She looked up to tell Mor to change her order but to her horror the drink was already in front of her in a take away cup, name on it and all, surrounded by a love heart.

“Uhm, I’m so sorry but I’m 5 cents short. Is it too late to ask for a medium?”

Mor looked her over, “No card?”

“Um no. My boyfriend normally just gives me cash when I need it, but he’s out of town right now.”

Mor looked her over once more. A hard gleam in her gaze. Feyre felt like she was about to be chased out of the coffee shop.

“Tell your boyfriend to let you have access to your own money whenever you want it. This one’s on the house. Don’t sweat it hun.”

“Oh my god are you sure? You can take all the change. It’s not my money anyway, it’s all my boyfriend’s,” Feyre said, pushing the heap of coins at Mor, only to have it pushed back into her hands.

“Seriously Feyre it’s fine. Consider it my condolences for your piss weak boyfriend. You shouldn’t have to rely on someone else for money, that’s when you lose your control,” Mor smiled sweetly.

Feyre accepted the money sheepishly, before taking a sip of her coffee. It was so good she actually moaned. Mor laughed.

“Now there’s a girl who loves her coffee. Say, why don’t you come work for me a couple times a week? Then you can have your own money,” She beamed.

“Oh. Uhh. Thank you so much! It’s just I don’t think Tamlin would like that.”

At Tamlin’s name Mor’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Do, do you know Tamlin?” Feyre stammered.

“Not really. Just heard of him. Now I really think you should take the job, just to piss off that tool.”

Feyre bristled slightly. If Mor didn’t really know Tamlin she had no right to make fun of him like that, especially with all that he had done for Feyre’s family. But it would be nice for Feyre to get out of the house and have her own money. She knew Tamlin loved buying her things. He would never deny her anything, money wise. but it wasn’t the same as having her own money.

Mor seemed to sense her hesitation, “All employees get free coffee,” she teased.


The two shook hands again, as the door was blasted open and a tall man shouldered his way inside, shaking snow off his boots. Feyre froze when violet eyes met hers from the open doorway.

Dumplings Part 1

Because the issue of the dumplings was never resolved, and I’m terrible shipper trash.

This ended up being so long that I had to split it into three parts because I can’t resist making things complicated, apparently.

Also I wasn’t lazy and actually did research on regional foods of the Kyushu region where Ikitsuki island is, since I’m assuming they parted ways at the end of the anime somewhere around there. Tsuke-age are basically fish cakes. Writing this made me hungry.

Also, I’m assuming Fuu is 16 when they end their journey in the show, otherwise my math concerning the number of dumplings consumed wouldn’t work if she was still 15.

Shout-out to roolph for being my beta for these! She’s a fantastic artist, go check out her stuff!

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- So you could have met him at a Gala, or a party, or through work, or even through his children.

- But you probably met him like this….

- Earlier that particular week, Bruce had told Alfred he would do the shopping for this week, allowing the butler some much needed free time.

- He walks in with one of those big reusable canvas bags, and a piece of paper with Alfred’s handwriting on it.

- You bump into him in the water/soda aisle. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm in the middle of a crisis & I need an advice, could you please help me? I just graduated as an accountant & I realized I hate it. I feel like I wasted the last 5 years of my life I don't know what to do :( thank you in advance if you answer

Hello love,

Thanks for your message, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a bit of a rough time. I do know exactly how you feel though. 

Because Oxford and Cambridge are Oxford and Cambridge in your final year you begin to receive invitations to all sorts of events and drinks parties and even dinners with huge corporations within the UK. It doesn’t matter what you studied, a lot of these companies just head hunt students from Oxbridge universities based on the university alone. For that reason I was THISCLOSE to choosing between working for a huge bank in London or taking a training contract with one of the biggest corporate law firms in London (and the world) when I was graduating. I didn’t particularly want to do either of these jobs, but it’s what I thought I should do. 

My best friend (Ben from the book) had graduated before me and taken a corporate job in London which he hated and while I was telling him about these job prospects and how dull they seemed he was like, “Don’t do it. You’ll hate it and you’re too creative to work in a bank.” I had a good friend who I’d known since I was a child working at the law firm I had the offer from and she took me out for drinks shortly after this conversation with Ben and told me all about her job and how she basically did a lot of research and paperwork for anywhere from 80-90 hours a week and that it paid really well but that she didn’t have much time off. So I asked her finally if she liked her job and she said, “Well, I wouldn’t call it soul satisfying.” 

I don’t come from a particularly affluent background, despite my education. I think one of the greatest lessons I was ever taught was by my mum who told me that because of our economic background that I would always have to work, so if I was going to have to work I needed to at least enjoy what I was doing. That’s why my first job was dog walking when I was ten. I’ve kind of carried that over into my adult life, which is why the idea of a job that wasn’t “soul satisfying” solidified my apprehension towards the job. Sure I’ve had jobs that I didn’t love, but later on I found myself in a career that I hated two years ago and thought about what would happen if I stayed in that particular job and it was just kind of depressing to think that I knew exactly where I would be and what I would be doing for the foreseeable future. So I started interning at a radio station in my spare time and going to music festivals to interview bands and realised that what I really wanted to do was write and listen to music (I mean…who doesn’t?) So eventually I saved enough money to quit my job and start freelance writing and here I am, publishing two books and still getting free passes to festivals to write about music. 

I was the managing director and head sales trainer for a company once and we used to ask every applicant to choose what was the most important thing to them from the four F’s - family, fame, fortune or freedom. The answer for me has always easily been freedom, but if it’s fortune you want you’d take a totally different path. Similarly, if your priority is a family the whole boho living month to month and travelling all the time lifestyle I’ve built probably won’t work for an entire family, and fame-wise…I wouldn’t call myself famous, but I think attention in the media was actually the easiest thing that ever came to me which I know isn’t normal, but I had more newspaper articles written about me than actual blog posts when the Sex At Oxbridge blog first went viral so I think the fame thing really just made me realise that I could use my writing to achieve the kind of freedom I wanted. 

Regardless of what you choose to do, if you want to be great at your job it requires a massive amount of work. I read a Korean proverb that said “Hard work will never betray you” so when I want something I just keep working until I get it and I don’t know if I’m just lucky or if I just have an extremely aggressive work ethic, but I have never not gotten something that I’ve put all of my effort into getting - from sports, to what university I wanted to go to, to publishing my book. 

In my experience, freedom and happiness are directly correlated for me. Money does afford you a lot of freedom, and not having it can definitely make you feel trapped but I’ve never felt like I’m too good for a job and last year I was working in a pub whilst trying to sort out other plans because realistically you can’t just not work if you don’t have a trust fund or a massive amount of savings. The temporary nature of the job made me much happier than the bleak possibility that I could be sitting at a desk for the rest of my life, and I got to talk to people and listen to music all day which is what makes me happiest, but it’s really a personal thing. 

Anyway, that’s my story and hopefully a good example of how getting out of something you hate can work out for the best. I think it’s a good idea to consider your options - 1. You stay in this job you hate and ultimately you might be okay with it but it’s kind of like settling or 2. You do literally anything else and regardless of what it is at least you’re not stuck with option no. 1…The last five years are gone, you can’t get that back, but hopefully you learned something even if that something is that you do not want to be an accountant. The only thing you can control is what happens now, so there’s no use in mourning what you could’ve done in the last five years because that will never change. What you can change is what happens next.

If there’s one thing I learned from growing up poor it’s that the easiest thing to get if you really need it is money. Whether it’s working in a pub or selling stuff on eBay…if you need money you can always find a way which is why I’ve never been motivated or driven by money. You can’t buy the feeling of freedom and happiness I had lying out by a pond in Hyde Park writing a book yesterday and if I have to sacrifice bi-weekly shellac manicures (which I only really needed for the sake of appearances for my job) for groceries then I think it’s a fair trade. 

I hope this helps! Feel free to dm me or email me at if you want to talk in private xx

Exam Season (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: Hoseok thinks exam season is great and Yoongi would beg to differ. So he bets his free cookies on it. It doesn’t take him long to figure out he likes it too.

Free cookies.

That’s all it took.

Oh and a free Americano on the job. Hoseok had never seen someone so excited about free cookies and Americanos until he told his roommate, Min Yoongi, there was an opening at his workplace. Well Yoongi might’ve also been excited because the only other jobs that were calling out to him were a couple crappy offers in retail and one as a waiting room receptionist.

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Dragon Age: Favorites

I joined the Dragon Age fandom only a few months before Dragon Age: Inquisition was set to release. I finally had an Xbox 360 on which I could play games (shoutout to AT&T for giving me a free one for using their internet services) and it seemed a good idea to look into the game franchise that had the grouchy, pointy elf I’d seen all over Tumblr in 2011. I downloaded Dragon Age: Origins and that was more or less the end of it all.

Since sometime in September 2014, I have devoured as much media surrounding the games as possible, and consider myself a veritable treasure trove of lore knowledge. There’s very little in Thedas that I don’t know about; what I don’t know, I can look up. I adore the franchise, and look forward to where Bioware can go from here.

The general standard of thinking puts both Origins and Inquisition as the pinnacles of the franchise thus far. Origins, as the flagship, set the standard with a compelling narrative and decision-making that impacted the game. Inquisition, the recipient of many Game of the Year awards across many different awarding venues, with its massive scope and incredible attention to detail, has raised the bar even further. It is then a wonder, with two amazing games bookending the franchise, that my favorite game of the current saga is Dragon Age II.

[Image: gif of Alistair incredulously asking “What?”]

I know, huh?

Forgone as the absolute middle child of the franchise, Dragon Age II gets glossed over in favor of Origins and Inquisition quite frequently. While there are those like myself who ardently love the game, the general reaction to Dragon Age II is either fervent hatred or apathetic indifference. Considered a filler game between two epics of storytelling, it flies under the radar, swept aside as people applaud Origins for paving the way and Inquisition for leading the pack.
And it’s an absolute injustice that it doesn’t receive nearly the love it deserves.

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Denna is in love with Kvothe

Denna is in love with Kvothe. The hate I see for Denna is now old news, I haven’t seen any for a while, but I remember one of the common claims was that Denna did not love Kvothe and she was leading him on. So I’m going to find textual evidence saying she does. These quotes form a larger picture of the admiration, care, respect, trust, and love Denna has for Kvothe.

Also, thanks to @alenaska for the help. Her page numbers are from the hard copy of the book and her comments are italicized. (Some of this may be repetitive, but that’s because we have very similar interpretations of the text.) (Also, I apologize for the randomness of this, it’s not very professional.)

(We found 24 quotes, btw)

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I have always loved animals, as a kid,  I wanted to become a veterinarian. I grew up and even though that dream never came true it didn’t die. I knew at some point in my life I would be involved with animals somehow.

As many of you, I wasn’t born as a vegan. I used to eat meat, cheese, eggs, all kind of animal products. It was normal, you know, since you’re in elementary school they teach you this classic song about farm animals and how wonderful their lives are… “Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O”. Then you see these TV commercials where cows run free, the cow on the milk’s carton is smiling, McDonald’s showing how happily their chickens live..and so on. You never get to think about where your food comes from, your clothes, everything you buy; we have been programmed to forget about those things so a few people can make a ridiculous amount of money, no matter the cost.

My change started the day I watched ‘Food Matters’. They explain with scientific evidence how eating animals is destroying you, but not only that, how media, governments, and industries fool you to think the contrary, that you need them to survive. It also shows you how they lie to you, that even being sick is considered as something normal nowadays due to all the brainwashing. Think about it, if you don’t feel ok is because your body is out of balance, isn’t’ it? but then pharmacies come and give you this ‘magic pills’ and you think that the problem is gone, instead of attacking the root of the problem we are drawing on pills. Industries like animal products and pharmacies depend on you to be sick, to think that being sick is something normal. It’s something to think about.

A week after watching Food Matters, I ran into this video on Youtube called “The Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear”, some of you already might know which video I’m referring to. I started watching it, without expecting that, that particular day my life was going to change for good.

As long as I was listening to the speech, this guy named Gary Yourofsky caught my attention with every word he was saying. He challenges all your beliefs and then you realize how brainwashed you are; not only from watching TV and believing all the propaganda you see but also from almost everything your parents have taught you.

I remember that I always received signature petitions to stop the dog meat Industry in Asia, I could barely watch the videos, there was too much violence, too much cruelty, I wanted to cry because I knew that I couldn’t do anything to help. Why do people in Asia are so cruel with cats and dogs just to have their meat? Yes, I asked myself that question a lot, and the only response I came with was: “Because it’s their culture, their tradition, they eat cats and dogs while here in America we eat pigs, cows, and chickens, I thought back then that it was just a cultural difference and that we had to respect each other’s culture.

But how wrong I was! I always knew somehow that the animals we eat suffer every day, but since everything you see in advertisements is: “Have some more meat”, “Drink your milk to get your calcium” etc… I always thought that eating animals was a must for a healthy and balanced living, that eating them was actually necessary for my survival.

On the other hand, we go to the supermarket and ask for some ribs, chicken wings, some stakes, mozzarella cheese and some eggs…but how do those products got there? That’s the main reason why people still consume animal products; people believe they come from happy animals who were so pleased to be killed for their meat, and that milk is from glad cows who enjoy being milked…just because humans need them to survive. Is a big fat lie.

Once you see the cruelty behind the animal products industry you start to question yourself about everything else. Why if animals are so lovely, pure, so noble and they don’t do any harm to anybody…they have to suffer just because humans think they need them to survive? And this is the most important thing to understand. As Gary mentioned in his speech: “Every year in America, without mercy, we murder 10 billion land animals and 18 billion marine animals. Not for health, survival, sustenance or self-defense. People eat meat, cheese, milk, and eggs for 4 reasons: Habit, Tradition, Convenience, and Taste.” If you really compare the human body as a whole with a true carnivore you’ll see that the differences are more than the similarities…

So, if we don’t really need animal products, why do we consume them? Why in 2016 are we destroying the planet just because we like how meat and cheese tastes? Why do we not care about our planet? Is not only the cruelty of enslaved animals but all the other consequences product of it: Waste of water, deforestation, global warming, starvation…just to mention a few.

Once you understand that you don’t need to exploit animals to live, everything else falls into the right place. We live in an era of absolute planetary crisis that is rapidly worsening. The future that was promised to us is dark nor bright yet is frightening, not inspiring, despite what the profits of progress told us that would be. The perfect storm for catastrophe and social and environmental collapse is proceeding ahead rapidly due to the convergence of a number of factors: population growth, globalization, modernization, and industrialization; environmental degradation and resource scarcity.

As you can see is more than animal cruelty, they are supposed to be free living beings as we are (as we think we are), they are not here for us, they are here with us; the fact that they don’t speak the same language as us, doesn’t mean they can’t communicate, or can’t feel or don’t want to be respected. Animal exploitation and cruelty are leading to the devastation of this planet. Do you really want to leave to your future generations a fucked up world? Did you know that is estimated that by 2048 all fish in the sea will be extinct?

I have been vegan since July 1st, 2013. This has been the best decision I have ever made. I have changed a lot, not only my perspective of life but my own personality too. I have passed many stages through all this time, I started hating everything, but I have been improving since then. I do believe that everything is connected, that we are more than just humans destroying a planet, filled with selfishness, hate, and greed. I think that we got lost on our way, but we can fix that, by raising consciousness and awareness, by spreading good vibes and positivity; by educating people, I refuse to think that nothing can be done to improve ourselves.

You can be the change that you want to see in the world, you can make a difference and make this earth a good place for all not just for some.

Go Ⓥegan

Ken ga Kimi: Enishi

Finished my second route in the game yesterday~ So today I want to talk about him a bit. I will not be summarizing Enishi’s route as much as I did for Kuroba because uh he’s not my husbando. :’D SO MUCH FOR THAT LMFAO THIS IS LONG AS HELL However I did end up enjoying this route a lot more than I expected to so I did want to get some words in.

Spoiler-free impressions: once again, the route went in a different direction from what I was expecting. In a good way, of course! I had my suspicions about Enishi based on some hints from the common route and Kuroba’s route, but I was still pretty surprised at some of the things that happened and I ended up getting much more attached to Enishi than I wanted to. XD Okiayu’s voice-acting was great! Enishi shows a lot of range in emotion throughout his route and yet Okiayu was able to portray all those subtle (or not-so-subtle) shifts in tone and emotion very well. I did feel that for Enishi, the Ken route was better than the Kimi route even if the endings were sadder. To me they made more sense and I enjoyed them a lot more. Ending his playthrough on the “best end” felt really jarring to me because I felt the character development was more rushed there. But overall I did enjoy the route quite a bit, which is great considering I had very low expectations and only wanted to get this character out of the way since he wasn’t my type. (this always happens to me lmao)

SPOILER TIME from here on out!. There will be some CG spoilers in here, too, so tread carefully if you haven’t played this route yet.

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Authors are Real People

The authors you think are so “big” that they have become celebrities– they’re real people. They have real lives and real pain, just like you do. Please remember this when you interact with authors either in real life or online.

When authors see a nasty review, they cry real tears. They remember nasty reviews, too, so if you ever meet an author who you have reamed in public, don’t expect to be greeted kindly. It’s not because the author is rude. It’s because you hurt them, and they are a human being with feelings.

When you imagine that life changes suddenly with publication, think again. Authors still have to wake up every morning, make their own breakfast, and do the laundry. No author I know of has au pairs, live-in housekeepers, or other staff. Some–the very biggest–have assistants to deal with fan mail or organizing appearances. They don’t have live-in masseuses and they don’t have anyone who writes for them. They really don’t. All those words they have to put on the page themselves.

Authors have family problems. Their children/spouses/parents/siblings aren’t perfect and they have to deal with all of that on a regular basis, in addition to being an author. While you are complaining about the ending of their last book, remember that author may be dealing with a suicidal child or a parent with Alzheimer’s or a sibling in rehab for the sixth time.

Author’s families don’t suddenly love them more because they were published. Most of the time, their families don’t care even one little bit about publication. And possibly, that’s the way it should be. But it means that authors aren’t treated like royalty regularly. They may have stains on their clothes and they buy off the clearance rack. They like a kind word like anyone else.

Published authors deal with all of the same fears that unpublished authors do, and most of them are magnified by a factor of ten. The fear of the blank page, the fear of not meeting publisher/editor/agent/audience expectations, the fear of embarrassing yourself. These fears can be absolutely crippling. They can prevent the books you want to read from being written at all. I guarantee you, the author in question is a lot more upset about this than you are, no matter how much you love their books.

When you figure that you can get an illegal download of an author’s next book, you are hurting their bottom line enough that they might not get to write the book after that in the series. Telling an author they can self-publish doesn’t really help, either. They may or may not want to learn how to do that, be able to afford the upfront costs involved in self-publishing. And if they weren’t making money off books because people were downloading illegally before, why should that change if they self-publish?

The amount of money you think authors are making, divide by a factor of about a hundred. That’s how much they’re really making. And they have to pay a lot of expenses out of that you aren’t even thinking about. Agent fees, the cost of office space, the copies of their own book they bought in hopes it would be worth it, a tax accountant, travel expenses, cost of membership in organizations that your business pays for you, cell phone bills, and on and on.

When you are thinking about selling the ARC you scored on ebay, remember that the author made no money on that book. Authors typically make about $1 on the sale of a hardback (possibly $2, depending on terms and the price you pay). For a paperback, the cost per book is less than 50 cents most of the time. Scholastic book sales may sound like a great thing, but authors sometimes make less than 5 cents per copy there. It’s a great deal for you, but consider the author, as well. B&N and amazon sales often mean the author makes a lot less, as well.

Authors sometimes have a day job and sometimes don’t have a day job. If they have a day job, they are fitting in writing around the time that normal people simply relax and watch television. If they don’t have a day job, they are constantly worried about money.

Authors don’t get paid on the same time schedule that you do. Normally, they see royalty checks once every six months. They may get an advance once every other year–if they are lucky. Many books go out of print these days within a year or so. This means that authors don’t know how much they will make and often have to assume they won’t make anything more than the advance.

When you ask an author to make an appearance for free–because you are selling their books or are allowing them to promote themselves–imagine if you had to make free appearances for your job. Maybe you do it and maybe you don’t, because you have to to keep it. But how happy are you about it?

When you make fun of an author’s appearance (particularly a female author), be aware that this person looks at herself in the mirror every day and hates what she sees. She knows already that she doesn’t look like a model. That’s why she went into a profession that was supposed to allow her to stay invisible. She isn’t invulnerable to criticism and her feelings are hurt. She may decide never to do an appearance again. She may decide never to write again.

Authors whose books are made into TV shows or movies likely do not get any say in the adaptation. Complaining to them is not only hurtful, but useless. They also probably didn’t get as much money as you think. Hollywood treats writers terribly for the most part.

Authors are real people, just like you. They are good at some things and bad at some things. They got into the writing gig because they are good at writing. They may be bad at a lot of other things, including meeting strangers in large numbers, speaking to a crowd or a small group, making small talk, doing their own taxes, selling their own books and figuring out the change you’re supposed to get from a $20 bill, eating well, exercising, dancing, playing with small children (even if they are children’s authors), or smiling.

feralkith  asked:

Sometimes Padmé comes across as too perfect so I like your description of her as being a little bourgeois and out of touch with suffering of others (even if she wishes to help). I feel that, in spite of her charmed childhood, Leia is a bit better at checking her privilege. She just seems more capable of putting herself in others' shoes. Would you put this down to the context of her upbringing or differences in Leia's and her mother's personalities?

I can’t specifically remember where I described her as that, but yes, that’s exactly what I think! I think it’s a little less … bourgeois than it is an inability to truly understand the struggles of some people/groups of people (DESPITE her very good intentions) because she’s honestly just never experienced anything like those. Padme’s always come across to me as someone who really, really really wants to help, but is often hindered by her privilege. She canonically spends a lot of time doing relief work, yes, and bless her for that - bless her for wanting to fight for justice and democracy etc so bad and help the downtrodden get back up on their feet, but I guess it comes back to that Real World Issue of wanting to advocate for a marginalized group without, er, letting that group do the talking. Or fully understanding the things that said group has experienced. She’ a little naive, I’d say; despite her best interests, I don’t think that Padme really gets the extreme degrees of hardship in some parts of the galaxy. She’s never lived without food or shelter, never been treated as less because of her species, never been owned - I mean, I think Anakin and Padme would actually struggle a lot when it comes to their different definitions of certain concepts, because Anakin has experienced many of the things Padme (and some of her colleagues - all very, very good people who are trying their hardest to help) talks about in the abstract (slavery, for example. I mean Padme would see/does see the presence of a dictatorship as a form of slavery, because the individual does not have the right to make decisions about their own galaxy, they’re just told what to do. For Anakin, that’s … probably almost insulting. That’s nothing. That doesn’t mean that on one level Padme isn’t right, that people can be enslaved in ways that aren’t physical, or even literally mental/emotion (this is star wars, mind-control is a thing), but in focusing on the issue in the abstract, as this broad all-encompassing idea that applies to all beings, she sort of ends up accidentally glossing over the really very real, very awful, literal, physical slavery that’s going on in the galaxy as of The Now. Once again, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t think that that’s very bad and doesn’t want to help, and she’s probably that person who sees orphans on the streets and wants to feed all of them (remember the fic I wrote, where she runs in to bby Han? Yeah), but on a certain level she doesn’t and, because of her untimely death, never will truly understand the reality of some of these issues.) 

Not that it’s entirely her fault. She has lived a very privileged upbringing, and even in adulthood (which, you know, for how long was she really an Adult/Of Age? six-eight years, tops), the context in which she’s operating doesn’t really provide the opportunity to experience, or really become exposed to That Kind Of Suffering. Even though they’re in a war, she’s still living with privilege. And within the context of the senate, I think it’d be difficult to really discuss some of those issues without dealing with them in the abstract/general. if that makes sense? I mean, I highly doubt that anyone would be willing to focus on the specific circumstances of, say, orphaned or homeless children on planet x and the reasons for their bad conditions in the middle of a civil war. She kind of has to stay in her comfort zone and deal with the issues as “bad things that are happening that I need to help”. If that makes sense.

Now, on to Leia. I think that Leia’s ability to empathize with those who have undergone certain types of suffering is greater for a number of reasons. First, that Leia’s personality is inherently a lot more …. emotional. Than her mother’s. Not to say that Padme wasn’t emotional, but Leia feels in a way we don’t see Padme feel. I think that Padme very much grew up without a childhood, not because of suffering but because she was a goddamn queen at the age of fourteen, and then a senator immediately afterwards, and that doesn’t really give room for emotional growth, as needed by a teenage child. In many ways, Padme doesn’t know how to deal with certain emotions in a mature fashion, so she sort of … doesn’t. Deal with them, that is. (Add this to Anakin’s complete goddamn mess of an emotional upbringing and the large amounts of time spent away from each other what do you get, you get Disaster with the capitalistest of Ds.) Leia, on the other hand, while she did grow up with privilege and in a palace setting, probably had a much more stable, normal childhood than either of her parents. She did have responsibilities, yes, but she was still allowed to be a girl, growing up. From what I can see, she had loving parents and friends and it wasn’t until her later teens that she really got immersed in the Rebellion and the senate and the huge amounts of responsibility that followed. So there’s that.

Second: I’ve always really liked the idea that the Rebellion itself had very few hierarchical/class privilege/rank privilege boundaries. 

[the rest under the cut because this got ridiculously long]

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            Most of you know that I’ve written some metas recently that are kind of (really) critical of Dean Winchester and his actions. And some people have taken that to mean that I hate Dean Winchester.

            I do not now nor have I ever hated Dean Winchester. I think Dean has a lot of problems. I think Dean needs to do some “growing up,” so to speak, and to learn to treat his brother as he himself expects to be treated. I think Dean needs to let go of a lot of the controlling, my-way-or-the-highway, abusive, asshole tendencies he learned from his father. But I don’t hate him.

            Here’s the thing. Have you ever sees the “tragic backstory explains actions but does not excuse them” post? I have, and I buy that argument. I like that argument, and I use it. With the lurking thought of, “yeah, except when it does.”

            Or, at least, sort of does.

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