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Soulmate! Jun

Summary: in which your soulmate’s first words are tattooed along your arm

part two

  • you’ve kind of given up on the whole dating scene
  • tbh you’re too busy finishing school and nobody really catches your eye
  • lowkey waiting for this whole ‘soulmate’ thing to happen 
  • but you really don’t know what the hell kinda situation you’d be in for them to say,
  • ‘that wouldn’t be great’
  • like man what did you do
  • but since the words were korean, you purposely applied to a college in SK
  • even though out of the large population, it’s a slim chance
  • but hey, fate is fate
  • you stay in a small apartment in Seoul with a decent view
  • your a photography major and the city’s very inspiring
  • so much to explore, from the gaffiti, to abandoned buildings, to the street vendors
  • your favorite place is probably this small, aesthetically pleasing, café down the street from your apartment
  • they’ve got food, caffeine, everything you need
  • and damn their wifi is really good
  • you’re a regular there, you often go for breakfast or lunch
  • and just sit there on your laptop doing school stuff
  • basically, you live there, even got permission to take pictures
  • you’re walking out of the café one day and notice a group of guys walking into the dance studio across the street
  • you don’t really pay them much attention, except they’re all really cute, even with their faces covered
  • its one of those moments where you can just tell when someone’s good looking
  • next day you see the café is hiring
  • and so you go for it, you’re a regular, know the menu by heart, and spend all your free time there
  • might as well make some money off of it, lord knows school isn’t gonna pay itself off
  • it’s really rainy one evening and you’re the last employee there 
  • so you decide to just put your music on blast in the café while cleaning up
  • and after your that, you’re just chillin there like, no one’s gonna come in
  • so when you see someone exit the dance studio and notice they don’t have an umbrella
  • you kind of feel bad but remembered that you have an extra in the back room
  • and however shy you normally are, you run to grab it
  • taking a risk of leaving the shop unattended kinda just slips your mind
  • opening your own umbrella, you step outside in the pouring rain
  • he watches as you walk over to him, with your cute little café apron still on and an extra umbrella clung firmly in your hand
  • he can’t help but watch you brave the rain storm just to give him an umbrella
  • “you’ll get sick if you stay drenched" 
  • you say passing him the black umbrella with a cute cartoon animal on the corner 
  • "that wouldn’t be great" 
  • he responds with a slight chuckle before widening his eyes
  • you process it too, even slower than usual with your foreigner mind
  • you both stand there all awkward for a nanosecond
  • “holy shit” 
  • you whisper on reflex
  • you cringe a little, praying he didn’t hear you
  • your like wtf did i just curse at my soulmate
  • his eyes crinkle into a smile
  • “I’m Junhui, Wen Junhui. but you can just call me Jun, for now” he chuckles brightly, eyes lighting up happily
  • “im y/n l/n” 
  • you laugh at the situation, but your eyes show your just as happy
  • “what are you doing out in the rain like this?”
  • he chuckles sheepishly and flips his hair to the side, small water droplets flying off
  • “i lost rock paper scissors with my group members, i’m supposed to get them coffee”
  • you ask him “group? coffee? at 10:00 at night?”
  • by then you guys decide it’s best to get out the rain and hey your running a cafe 
  • and so you make him his coffee, and the 12 other ones he needs
  • meanwhile you guys avidly get to know one another as much as possible
  • “i’m sorry you had to live with ‘that wouldn’t be great’ on your arm. especially when my members where saying how i must have a really sweet soulmate.”
  • he’s just casually leaning against the counter watching you with a small smile and his head titled a bit sideways
  • you laugh, “it’s alright. for most of my life, most people didn’t understand”
  • you learn of his beautiful confidence
  • “i’ve never listened to seventeen before but i’ll definitely give it a shot”
  • “i promise you. there’s no way you won’t like us”
  • and his eagerness to know you 
  • “your a photography major? that’s so cool! can i see your work?”
  • “i have a school project in my bag, ahh i show you when i’m done”
  • and somehow, everything just clicks
  • the conversation never lapses
  • you both can naturally laugh, like when he was teasing some members for not being able to drink coffee
  • and you can’t get over how sweet and light his laugh is
  • and for the first time, your heart flutters and there are butterflies in your stomach
  • when your done with the order, you kinda just stand and stare
  • until he blurts
  • “can I have your number?” 
  • with a blush dusting your cheeks, you type your contact in his phone, boldly labeling it as ‘soulmate y/n ;) <3′
  • and you hand him your phone and he puts ‘y/n’s soulmate<3’ as his contact name
  • you both feel a little disappointed as he’s about to leave, then his face lights up excitedly
  • “how about you just come to the studio! i’m sure the boys wouldn’t mind!”
  • it’s almost 11pm, but
  • is there any other answer besides yes?
  • he waits for you to close up, hang your apron up, and grab your bag
  • your about to open up your umbrella but he stops you, opening the one you gave him
  • “let’s share one” he says grinning cheekily, with a hint of shyness
  • so you both walk to the studio, each carrying a load of drinks
  • his hand grazing yours
  • which you’re both extremely aware of
  • and he barges into the studio, his hand around your wrist, stopping all conversation
  • “i brought your orders and guess what? i got a soulmate for free!” 
  • CHAOS EVERYWHERE jisoos christ save you
  • your not really understanding half of the gibberish the members are telling you
  • “i want to apologize in advance for his cheesiness”
  • “cook hyung lots of spicy food”
  • “take care of one of our mothers well”
  • “don’t be alarmed if his eyes are open when sleeping”
  • “maybe now he’ll call you the fairest of them all”
  • can I call you noona?“
  • eventually, somehow, the members back off
  • but you know they love junhui a lot and are ecstatic to meet his soulmate
  • they give you a moment alone, but unfortunately, he must go back to practice
  • he tells you to sit down comfortably and listen to the song
  • he winks,
  • “watch me and only me.”

part two

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


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SAVE on Textbooks!

Since summer is over and it’s almost time for university, here are a few tips for saving on textbooks that, as a fourth year, I have accumulated. Just remember, you DO NOT need to buy the full price at the bookstore, it’s a scam - your wallet will thank you. 

  • Older Versions
    • A lot of the time, you can get away with using the older version of the textbooks - which is always cheaper. Like I said, buying textbooks at the full price is a SCAM! The difference in textbook editions are usually some editing in wording and pictures… THATS IT! The content is completely the same, so why would you pay more?
  • Criaglists/Ebay/Amazon/Kijiji etc.
    • There are ALWAYS cheaper alternatives… trust me. Yes, it might be faster to buy it at the bookstore and there might not be a shipping cost but seriously, if you want to save money for rent you might want to consider these options
  • Borrow with friends
    • Why buy one for yourself and pay the full price when you can share with your best friend and split it? Or even with a group of friends?
  • Rent instead of Buy
    • Some bookstores allow you to rent the textbook instead of purchasing them. They are much cheaper than actually buying it and lets be real… would you seriously want to keep stacks of textbooks you will never use again?
  • PDF online
    • Especially for popular first or second year books, you could easily find a PDF copy of it online. Here are some resources curtesy of our fellow Tumblr users :) X X X X X 
  • The Library
    • The library is an amazing resource, they would usually have the textbooks that students would need on hand, ready to borrow, and absolutely free! 
    • What I would recommend is take your syllabus, borrow the textbook, and take pictures of all the pages that are required for reading assignments. This might be tedious but it’s not hard and saves you a lot of money :)
  • Google
    • If you don’t understand something in class or need more practice problems, do a quick Google search. Everything is on the Internet! If it’s supposed to be in your textbook, it sure will be on the Internet
  • Youtube
    • Same thing goes for Youtube!
  • Don’t Buy Anything
    • I have found throughout the years that there are textbooks that I never opened once during the course. Unless the prof explicitly says that there are parts in the textbook that will be on the test that they don’t teach in class, most of the time, the prof will teach everything you need.
    • If there is a concept you don’t understand, like I said, Google is your friend. Or you could even meet with your prof to ask them to explain things to you again

Good luck everyone! :)

fat people shouldn't be in healthcare positions

They 100% shouldn’t along with smokers because they take up valuable time, resources, and are shit workers. My source? I work in the fucking field now.

My job is strictly infant related and I was hired on with a small planet:

  • She’s one of those ’I’m so quirky and nerdy’ types that wears glasses because it makes her look “nerdy” for her husband UwU that she married straight outta high school (she’s 23) whereas I actually need the fuckers to see thanks to my double vision
  • boasts that she’s so “nerdy” and that’s why she was able to finish college before me (no, its called wealth privilege you fat sow-unlike you my parents didn’t have the funds to send me to college and I have X amount of time between my work/family obligations/school to research ways to get get “free” money) 
  • Is taller than me (I’m 5 foot) and even has cheekbones but NOOOOOO she’s got all that fat making her look like a lopsided moon. She’s at the right height to where she can fit everything provided she lost 140 lbs and didn’t have a second pair of “boobs”
  • Thinks that she’s the shit and thinks that I have an eating disorder
  • Thinks that the reason that I’m not married at 27 is because I’m not “curvy” enough to get a man when its really because I’m not settling for a fat fuck like her hubby (obese planet even with his 5'6 height-how they have sex I never want to know)
  • Is constantly calling out of work because she’s sick with her “conditions” that are completely not health related
  • Almost never finishes her share of babies meaning I have to take on her share when I have another job and obligations
  • has left work for her “conditions” that are so “mysterious” like why is she out of breath? Why is her heart beating so fast? Is it anxiety? A stroke? She NEEDS a doctor!
  • Also always late to work which means that I have to do all the paperwork before she gets here
  • swears she needs to have a parking spot just for her on the 2nd or 3rd floor AND take the elevator each time while I park on the 5th or 6th and always take the stairs. She is actively petitioning for a permanent parking space (we do no such thing its first come first serve) on a floor meant for visitors and emergency surgeons.
  • takes frequent breaks because apparently walking around to rooms to check on our babies is too much work??? We usually don’t have more than 9 rooms a piece and they’re all pretty close together
  • Spends more time on her makeup than her paperwork which(surprise!surprise!) I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF SO WE HAVE A CORRECT CENSUS. PUT THE BRUSH DOWN AND DO YOUR PAPERWORK!
  • Steals food from nourishment meant for the newborn mothers which I’m documenting to get her fired
  • Eats on the job and not the small stuff like a protein bar but fucking M&M’s, Skittles, muffins, doughnuts, etc.
  • Gets complaints from other newborn mother’s about her crashing into people/things in the rooms because she’s so fat. She’s already crushed some new father’s foot with our equipment
  • Upsets the mothers with her “I’m a model” attitude 
  • Just generally a shit person and will take anything that isn’t praise as an “attitude”

Anyway I really dislike her but unfortunately until I can document it all and present it to my boss  small planet stays but she’s not the only one that’s clogging up the medical field. 

  • A good 3/4th of the staff on hand is either overweight or obese leaving me with the other human sized people that small ¼.
  • They complain loudly about our patients (in FUCKING DAYLIGHT WHILE THEY’RE STILL WITH US).
  • They take up all of the small space that we have on the floor to take care of the babies.
  • They bitch about us normal sized people (which lol, like I give a fuck) but do so without infamy while if I say one thing about their bodies I’m “creating a hostile work environment.“ 
  • They eat on the job like my porker coworker but like full meals which you’re not supposed to do on the floor.
  • They constantly seem to be on break which means most of the new mothers are begging me for things because their fat ass nurses can’t be bothered to cover someone shifts. I’m not supposed to do more for newborn moms other than get them juice or ice water but some of them are crying for their scheduled dose Motrin so I have to call around for any doctor on the floor above and below for help because I’m not authorized for this. 
  • Slow as fuck when it comes to processing paperwork that should’ve been done in 5 minutes.
  • always trying to leave early
  • never on the floor and hiding somewhere in the nourishment room

I just don’t fucking understand why the fuck the hospital hires them!

They’re just as productive as smokers but they cost the hospital so much in the way of resources and reputation!

Do you know how many surveys cite me, someone that only deals with infants as the one person who made their stay bearable because the actual ham nurse supposed to be assigned to them was like a fucking ghost?

62. 62 moms and dads that above all the other medical professionals on deck think I’m the one that is the most "human” and “welcoming” person on the floor with maybe one or 5 other human sized nurses (also mostly infant related and not meant to take care of mommy) that haven’t let ourselves be destroyed by beetus.

Fat people should be given an ultimatum to lose weight or find new work just like smokers because they are doing shit for our reviews and less than that for the work that they get paid out the wazoo to do. 

They’re just so lazy as fuck!

Disclaimer: The above is an anonymous submission.

what the kids would be doing if they actually went to highschool, pt. 2

jane is a fucking DECA god: wins state and then finals at nationals in sophomore year, offers free tutoring in economics & math, uses her family’s money to improve school facilities like bathrooms and buses, basically strongarms admin into lowering the cost of lunches and SAT prep courses

roxy co-captains the robotics team when dirk isn’t there, (is better at programming than him tbh), sleeps through class but can explain anything better than the teacher can, volunteers at the humane society, publishes her short stories under a pseudonym in rose’s newspaper

dirk captains the robotics team but spreads himself so thin he’s rarely there; fences for his PE credit and brags about how it’s a “sophisticated sport”; diehard speech and debate kid; failing all of his AP classes despite being the smartest one in them

jake plays football, basketball, and soccer, somehow the best player on all 3 teams; has trouble paying attention in class & misses a lot due to sports, so his friends take turns giving him catch-up study sessions; joins the GSA when he thinks he’s straight and ends up coming out by the end of the year

Lemonade Mouth was so wild from start to end.  Like just think about it.

-It starts with a teacher yelling then does the equivalent of record scratch freeze frame with a not so annoying way of doing that trope.

-Each character got detention for reasons that make sense

-Olivia got caught because she was eating an apple while reading and knocked over some mops, and the principal doesn’t even help her he just gives her a detention slip then closes the door

-Wen called his teacher an idiot because his dad’s girlfriend exists but insulting teachers is frowned upon

-Charlie got in trouble because he is garbage at sports and accidentally hit the coach with a soccer ball on accident

-Mo tries to skip class and almost cries when the principal picks up the phone to call her dad


-They all bond through music like losers

-They flip a coin to see if they should make a band or not while Stella is yammering about how it’s fate that they all get detention that same day and all drink lemonade and all pick up on the song

-Stella takes control of everything

-Everyone kind of rolls with it because Stella was obviously in charge from the very beginning but sometimes Olivia has to calm everyone down because Stella

-Their first performance is literally a protest and we all know it was 100% Stella’s idea to do it because who else would say “We should definitely write a song about how shitty it is that we have to listen to the authoritarian tyranny of Principal Branigan and his love of sports while everyone else is treated like garbage so let’s channel our anger but also mention the lemonade machine downstairs because I’m pissed that we’re losing that.” 

-Also, they literally pass out hundreds of lemonades which means that they bought all of that lemonade from the lemonade machine, and it was probably just Stella, let’s face it

-They keep going and are making a point but also actually become friends and tell each other their insecurities

-”My dad’s in jail” real quote from lemonade mouth, thanks Olivia

-They don’t save the lemonade machine but save their friendship while in a holding cell

-Also think about how awful it must have felt for Olivia “my dad’s in jail” White to find herself in a jail cell thinking this is the end i bet i’ll be stuck in the same spot as my dad from this day forward because Stella had to protest in the rain after I ruined my voice what cruel irony this world has laid upon my life

-They all work everything out with their family, and Mo’s made me cry back in the day every single time

-Stella’s dad brought her guitar for her how cool

-Everything goes to shit but everyone loves them so it’s chill

-Stella fucking saves the music program and the lemonade machine because she accidentally sat next to the Mel of Mel’s Lemonade and the principal suddenly thinks she’s a good student

-Nice try Stanley Branigan we all know she’s good in your book because she got the school a lot of free money I bet you don’t even actually like lemonade

-They become famous but they let Scott join for whatever reason, just because he helped them like sorry Scott that shouldn’t make up for it

-Mo took Scott back for whatever reason?!?!?!


-The only one of the band that doesn’t have a weird romance fueled sidestory is Stella and it’s because Disney didn’t know how to write her a love interest because they were like shit, we wrote her gay we can’t show that in 2011 so yeah

Overall, Lemonade Mouth was such a quality movie, and I adore it.  

There’s this thing that I’ve discovered various schools do to do with how “efficient” various practices are, which basically works by thinking of something that might improve performance, looking at the evidence for whether it does and if so how much, and then comparing that to the monetary cost.

Homework always comes high on the list. Not because it’s shown to have much effect on how well students do (it’s pretty minor), but because it’s completely free. Which really shows how flawed the whole system is.

Homework is “free” only in the sense that the school doesn’t pay any money for it. It’s not free in terms of the time students have to do other things, and it’s not free in terms of teachers workloads. In fact with that considered I’d say it’s a pretty terrible way of improving performance.

These things have to be considered not just in terms of the ratio of money spent to academic achievement, but also in terms of their broader impacts on everyone involved.

Same goes for NHS efficiency, etc.


why do adults want me to plan for college & a career & life now but when i say i don’t want kids it’s “you’re only 17 it’d be strange if you wanted kids”

like it’s not strange that i’m settling in on 4+ years of school in order to specialize in a field/career path that will literally define my life (where i settle, how much money i will make, what opportunities i will have), but deciding consciously now not to spend over 245K to raise some little fucker is the weird part

6. Two Phones

Summary: In which Namjoon and you talk about becoming drug dealers… to pay for college.
TW: mention of drugs (well..)

a/n:Its been a bit of a minute since I’ve written any sort of drabble or anything, so here we goOOOooOOoo. Gettin my feet wet a lil. /// This is based on an actual conversation I’ve had with my friends bc fafsa sucks bootyhole. enjoy.

*efc= expected family contribution aka how much money fafsa expects you to pay for college*

*FAFSA = free application for federal student aid aka free money/loans from the government for post-secondary schooling*

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