free market ideas

Be friends with people who disagree with you.

Don’t get me wrong here, don’t be friends with people BECAUSE they disagree with you. I’ve cut people out of my life over disagreements. I’d imagine most of you have. It’s normal and it’s bound to happen.

What I’m trying to say is that you CAN disagree with people on big issues and still be friends. You SHOULD still be friends. After all, don’t we have some common ground as human beings? Can’t we see some sense in opinions that contradict our own? Can’t we look into an opponent and see the same good intentions that we have? What if you’re wrong?

Diversity of opinions is a beautiful thing. I’m not saying you should support people spreading hate speech, harassing people, stuff like that. I’m saying you should support your friends whose only mistake is having a different opinion than the one you have. They may be genuinely wrong in what they believe. They may be genuinely stupid. Who the hell cares?

If someone is doing nothing wrong, but simply THINKING something wrong, I don’t think that is grounds to ditch your friendship. Again, I understand that shit fucking happens. Just don’t deprive yourself of a good friend and that TRUE diversity in the free market of opinions over your ego.

After going through seven years of Magic: The Gathering forum threads I’ve come to the conclusion that fandoms actually do function much better not when “everyone’s opinions can be heard uwu” but when shitheads with shitty beliefs are immediately burned out of the fandom as quickly as possible.

The benefits to ideological tyranny are so obviously enormous, whereas the downsides are basically nonexistent as far as I can see. Literally the only downside is that some people are going to whine about how you don’t support freeze peach. So if you don’t mind dealing with that annoyance, you’re golden.

I’m sorry but there’s just zero evidence that an alternate conception of fandom spaces works. Nada. Zip. Zilch. We just have this obsessive belief that forums and fandom spaces should be principled on a free market of ideas, even though there’s nothing on earth to back that claim up.

In the absence of moderators given the ability to make those calls of COURSE we have a culture based in callouts. I mean @staff won’t even ban actual neonazis from this website SO OF COURSE PEOPLE TAKE MATTERS INTO THEIR OWN FUCKING HANDS. Pretending like that isn’t the structural reality of this website and complaining about callout culture in the abstract as though it developed out of nowhere just plays into reactionary narratives and encourages people to be belligerent shitheads.