free macbook

I’m writing to you now to give you some really good news just as you asked me to. Are you sitting down? ON SUNDAY I HAVE BEEN CALLED UP FOR THE FIRST TEAM FOR A FRIENDLY AGAINST OPORTO OF PORTUGAL. THIS INFORMATION IS GOING TO COST YOU. GET MY PRESENT READY. HAHAHA. Well, I hope you’re still alive after this piece of news. I love you very much. Pray for me and wish me luck. Ciao, a kiss.
—  Email from Leo Messi to a friend telling him of his call-up to the Barcelona first team (2003), from Messi by Guillem Balague
So uh,

I’m getting a free 2011 macbook pro from one of my best friends as a grad gift..

I have NO IDEA how to use a macbook. My only knowledge of how to use apple products are ipods and iphones..  :|

Someone teach me how to use a macbook :D 

I’m gonna end up game nerding on it most of the time.

Mabinogi. <3