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hey!! would it be ok if u could suggest free/cheap games for demons ?? ty !


an empty bliss beyond the woods is currently a free demo of a game centered on grayscale scenery, getting lost in the woods and running into demons that live there. as far as i know it is for windows and mac!

diviner is a free poetry-generating game, full of haunting aesthetics and possibly haunting words. it is available for windows!

video horror story is a free first-person horror game where you can alter the camera to show the environment or the creatures within it, but only one at once. general warnings for jumpscares and seizure warnings! this is for mac and windows!

i hope these work! if you’d like something more specific feel free to ask again!!

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darkdragonfloof  asked:

Free dragon games?


dragon documentary is an unfinished, free alpha. you play as a dragon that’s woken up to find your valley filled with settlements and people! i’ve played this one myself and the flight physics are gorgeous. available on windows and mac!

choice of the dragon is a text-based browser game where you customize and play as a dragon. it follows various narratives depending on which choices you make, and its pretty fun for being free!

hope these work! 

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HAPPY 2017!!!!!
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Let me tell you about

One Note!

It’s free, available on Mac or PC, has an app for your phone and is fucking amazing.

It’s all the fun of an old school binder, including tabs, sub pages and images, entirely in a digital easy to edit space.
It’s great for people who want to keep large campaign binders but ink is expensive yo, and this is available to edit and make changes at any point throughout your day.

I’ve got an example here of my section for the world map of my campaign setting, and the individual pages for the individual locations.
Then I’ve got the faction page I made with each faction’s individual page and symbol.
Then you’re shown a look at a individual faction page as an example.

You can also password protect sections you don’t want anyone besides yourself, the DM, to have access to meaning you’re free to share this binder freely with your players.

Your players can have your entire campaign setting, where they’ve been, the npcs, the factions, etc. available at their finger times that updates in real time.
It can sync between all your devices too.

I can not recommend one note any more highly for D&D prep and planning. It is seriously a life saver.

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Hiya! It would be lovely if you could do free/cheap games for fairies! Thank you!

hello, im so sorry for the wait!! 

red trees is a short, free rpgmaker game about a sleepy town and the rumor in it as people and animals start going missing. i feel the pastel aesthetic may be something youd enjoy!! (warning for horror elements!)

moonlight crossing is a free visual novel about a moth fairy who dreams of exploring the stars! a human ship lands, and she sets about fixing it. there’s only one ending, but the art is gorgeous! it is available on windows and mac!

seven doorways is a free experimental exploration game, which gives a new environment depending on the day of the week you play! this doesn’t directly correlate to fairies, but it has some scenery i feel you may enjoy or feel at home in! it is available on windows, mac and linux!

i hope one of those is appealing!! there’s an awful shortage of directly-fae related games. if you want to send another request with some of your interests (assuming these recommendations didnt hit their mark ;v;) youre welcome to!! 

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Whut’s the plan, Rob?“ said one of them.
"Okay, lads, this is what we’ll do. As soon as we see somethin’, we’ll attack it. Right?”
This caused a cheer.
“Ach, ‘tis a good plan,” said Daft Wullie.
—  Terry Pratchett - The Wee Free Men

okay so unpopular opinion but like.. i dont get it when people dont like macdennis solely bc its toxic like.. yall realize that EVERY member of the gang is toxic? and a bad person? like yes, macdennis is toxic but even if mac got into a relationship w another man it would still likely be toxic and bad bc guess what.. hes not that good of a man himself