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THE PACK MEMBERS + seven heavenly virtues and deadly sins
(3/?) →  Leah Clearwater

I’ll get out of your way. I’ll do whatever you want, except go back to Sam’s pack and be the pathetic ex-girlfriend he can’t get away from.

  • SNL season finale: sends off three cast members, reboots some of their best sketches and characters, brings back David S. Pumpkins
  • some of y'all: kate was in fewer sketches than normal?????? I feel so attacked?????????????????
The Songs that Sirens Sing

Of course, these songs were chosen because they merely reminded me of the sirens of legend. Feel free to contribute!

I got to play mermaid today for the first time in too long! 😭🙌🏼👏🏼

@jordanchristie5 went with me to make sure I still knew how to swim 🐳🐬💦

but also peep my new savage swim brodhi bottoms! reversible with draw string so these babies stay on no matter what! use code leahwest at and design your own custom pair ☀️☀️☀️

5 Things

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okay, here’s my stuffs
5 things you’ll find in my bag: (probably more)
- Some food/water
- Pencil case
- iPad Mini
- Some medicine
- Folding headphone

5 things you’ll find in my room:
- My computer
- Textbooks
- Tabletop games
- Iron (lol, but rarely used)

- Some random papers

5 things that make me feel happy:
- Playing games
- Listening to music

- Free time
- Creative
- Leah (from Stardew Valley)

5 things I’m currently into:
- Fanart of any sort/media.
- Game dev
- Indie games

- Watching multiplayer Let’s Play’s
- Study in college

5 things on my to-do list:
- Assignments
- Doing art prompt
- Self development
- Doing portfolio
- Learning

5 people I tag: