free kiska


Kiska has never had a pulpectomy and it has been said she has the worst teeth of any captive orca.

Meaning- She has never had the nerves drilled out of her teeth like almost all other captive orcas eventually have to go through. Therefore, almost every single one of the nerves in Kiska’s “teeth” are constantly exposed. …

Can you imagine the pain she must be in every single day? If we even have 1 tooth ache, the pain is excruciating. …


The depression behind Kiska’s blowhole has gotten worse. When an orca has what some call “peanut head” it generally means they are severely underweight, sickly or near death. Something is seriously wrong with Kiska.

Please take some time to call the following to voice your concerns and to report suspected animal abuse:
Ontario SPCA: 310-SPCA(7722) or email:

Plus on Wednesday August 6th between 10am to 5pm there will be a demo outside the OSPCA at 16586 Woodbine Ave. RR3, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 4W1


#FreeKiska demo today outside of Marineland in Niagara Falls. Great little turn out. Went with a new friend from right here on tumblr town, Tokitee.

Remember why we do these things, it’s raise awareness about captivity and how it effects these magnificent animals.

Lets keep it going (The last two pics aren’t mine, the one on the left is Tokitee’s and the other is a group shot that ended up on Facebook and I have no idea who took it, but it’s a great shot).


So this has been in the works for a couple months now…the new campaign for Kiska is to try and get her home, to a seapen in Iceland. Here is the announcement being made at the Free Kiska demo. 
This plan is going to take a LOT of effort, a LOT of awareness, and a LOT of fundraising….but it is possible.