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Hidden Witch Tip

if you’re a witch who, for whatever reason, has to hide your practices and magical research, consider investing in a small eReader. I recommend a Kindle for this, or the (free) smartphone Kindle app. Then, you can read witchcraft-related books to your heart’s content without having them lying around waiting to be found, and nobody but you will ever see the covers! 

Also, Kindle books, particularly those about witchcraft, tend to be less expensive than their print counterparts. Most cost $10, whereas you’d likely spend at least $15 for the print copy. If you actually get an actual eReader or Kindle, it’ll be a bit more expensive to get started with this, but there’s also the apps for smartphones, which are usually free.

I think this is a great way to maintain privacy and save money. With my Kindle I would read all kinds of books about alchemy, witchcraft, and ceremonial magick. If anyone asked what I was reading, I’d just say, “Oh, Hunger Games,” or “Lord of the Rings!” Right now, my library is almost entirely digital because what physical books I had are in storage in Ohio since I moved to Poland.

I realize not everyone likes eBooks, and that’s okay, too, but I personally think they’re great and quite useful. Either way, do what works for you, but consider this option if you’ve got to be secretive!


On sale on Amazon Kindle for 0.99. Give it a read = )

You can also download the !free!Amazon Kindle App to MAC, PC, and Smartphone to read the novel, if you do not have a kindle.


After the death of his mother, Devin Maxwell joins Titan Force, an organization that collects supernatural artifacts using super powered agents. Devin quickly rises to become a brash, yet successful agent under the field name: Streetslam. He forms a pseudo family with his friends and fellow agents at Titan Force.

Devin’s allegiances are put to the test after an enigmatic billionaire offers him the chance to revive his mother, but only if he turns on his new family and steals a mysterious item from the Titan Force vault.

From our latest 5 star review:

“StreetSlam is action packed to the point of rollercoaster and I love it. Where does the fight scene take place? Literally everywhere, also I think you mean fight scenes. Palatial mansion, on the open highway, a mall. The real question is where doesn’t a fight take place. The one thing I’ll say is that the fight scenes can get long. The fight scenes strike me as very anime in their style, they’re the kind of fight scenes you might find in an anime/manga like Naruto and the weapons like something out of Final Fantasy 7.

As much as I loved the fight scenes, my favorite parts of the book was the characters. They were so amazingly developed and diverse. I mean, just take a glance at the cover to get an idea. It’s a stellar cast of characters and I promise you’ll come out with at least three characters that you adore. “


Hey world, 

My name is Leon Langford, I recently published a book of poetry that explores the triumphs and struggles of  African- Americans

I was hoping you could help with just a simple reblog.

Available on Amazon Kindle for 3.00  at

You can also download the !free!Amazon Kindle App to MAC, PC, and Smartphone to read the novel, if you do not have a kindle.

Available in Paperback 6.00 at

Summary: Shades of Brown is a series of poems dedicated to personifying the “black experience” through spoken word. A collection of poems that shed light on the troubles seen and unseen, in not just the black community, but the world itself. From slavery to Jim Crow to police shootings, the trials and tribulations of “Black America” are laid bare and explored. Captured between two worlds, African-Americans have little recollection of their genetic or cultural makeup and yet must contend with a history of oppression. 

All shades of pain, victory, death, and resurrection – in all shades of brown .

Thanks for all the support!


You know how I enter a lot of contests to win free books? Yeah, this time I hit the jackpot. Not only did I win the three Kat Martin books there (an author I’ve been meaning to get around to checking out for awhile now) but ::drum roll:: the even bigger prize was the Amazon Fire/Kindle thingamabob there.

After holding out against ebooks for a long time I finally decided to at least give it a chance upon learning one could download a free Kindle app to one’s PC. And then I discovered there were free ebooks, and might a well be free ones, not to mention giveaways… And I wound up with a whole batch of them, and acquiring an appreciation for ebooks purely on the basis of space-saving if nothing else.

There was one problem, however. I hate reading on this laptop. I can manage fic but for whatever reason–the impossibility of curling up with a laptop springs to mind–reading anything else has been a pain. So I developed a hankering for a Kindle. Figuring they could’t cost that much, I went and checked…. And promptly filed that idea under Yeah, That Ain’t Gonna Happen.

And then here came this contest, with this doohickey as part of the prize package. Me being me, I didn’t even realize it was kind of more than just a Kindle, and when the winning notification arrived in my inbox it almost got deleted because of me thinking it must be evil spam.

Anyway, I’m still not entirely sure what I’ve got, but it looks like everything on that Kindle app is now in the library of this whatsit, so that’s something.

The 1% has now been officially released to the public!

Buy the 1% for your own personal collection. Enjoy the unpublished chapters and bonus content. In the back of the book you can even choose to the read the entries chronologically!

If you do not have an ereader, you can use Amazon’s free kindle app for your computer:

This is my first novel, and I have worked insanely hard on it.  I want to thank everyone who pre-ordered and everyone who has helped me finish this beast!